Funeral of Duc Tien: Thuy Nga saw many strange things, the deceased smiled at her?

Bảo NamJun 03, 2024 at 14:50

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Duc Tien died suddenly at the age of 44, causing everyone to be shocked and mourned. On May 29 (local time), his family, colleagues and friends attended his funeral in the United States.

It is known that the actor was buried in a large cemetery in California.

Recently, Thuy Nga has a post on her personal page that attracted the attention of people when recounting the story of visiting Duc Tien as well as recalling good memories with the late actor.

Funeral of Duc Tien: Thuy Nga saw many strange things, the deceased smiled at her? - Photo 1

Specifically, the comedian shared an image of Duc Tien when he was born that impressed and liked her the most. In addition, she added how she felt when visiting colleagues:

"On the day of the funeral, I saw Duc Tien smiling softly, I saw so many strange things that I felt rather than writing them down! In the middle of the night without sleep, accidentally scrolling through your phone, seeing the pictures posted here is like a memory of your existence."

Funeral of Duc Tien: Thuy Nga saw many strange things, the deceased smiled at her? - Photo 2

Besides, Thuy Nga also told the story of singer Kim Ngan asking to attend Duc Tien's funeral. "That meal, Kim Ngan also asked to go to the funeral one or two. It was crowded, and she was afraid of screaming suddenly. Thankfully, she was quiet and gentle. Along the way, I also told the styles, so it seemed that I was receptive and listened to my instructions," the actress shared.

Funeral of Duc Tien: Thuy Nga saw many strange things, the deceased smiled at her? - Photo 3

In addition, in the clip posted by Thuy Nga, the most poignant image is the scene of German Kitten Tien trying to look at her father's grave again. The image of the l.ittle g.irl standing still with a sad face touched many people.

After that, the mother of Cat - Miss Binh Phuong came to pull her daughter's hand away but she refused to go because she was still attached to her father. The Cat walked around the property for a while longer, then returned.

Comedian Thuy Nga also shared her feelings about her daughter Duc Tien during the two days of the funeral.

Funeral of Duc Tien: Thuy Nga saw many strange things, the deceased smiled at her? - Photo 4

The comedian says:

"The image that touched me during the two days of the funeral was Duc Tien's daughter. Little Cat is carefree, but children, I can't blame. Every time I see a picture of Cat, I ache. It's not just me, everyone loves Cat."

Because she was so young, Duc Tien's daughter still innocently played at the funeral. This left some viewers who didn't understand the reproach. But when they saw these last images, everyone had to mourn.

Mother Bang Kieu and artist Liu Nga, despite being in their 80s, still attended the funeral and burst into tears. It is known that Duc Tien when he was still alive often came to her house to eat. Every time she cooks pho or has a party, she invites Duc Tien to eat.

Funeral of Duc Tien: Thuy Nga saw many strange things, the deceased smiled at her? - Photo 5

At the time of his life, the actor was considered by many to be gentle, kind, kind to his friends, so when he lay down, many colleagues joined hands to support the funeral to take place properly and solemnly.

Earlier, Thuy Nga said that many artists contributed to Duc Tien's funeral as well as created a fund to support the actor's 4-year-old daughter.

Funeral of Duc Tien: Thuy Nga saw many strange things, the deceased smiled at her? - Photo 6

"Other artists also contributed and helped Duc Tien's funeral such as Tram Huong, Thanh Mai ... Each person contributed a little m.oney.

Many people kept asking me if I had contributed anything to the funeral, if I had contributed some m.oney, but I didn't say it. A friend of mine also asked me to send $200 to Duc Tien's family," Thuy Nga said.

Previously, a close friend of Duc Tien shared on his personal page about the contributions of artists when the actor lay down.

Funeral of Duc Tien: Thuy Nga saw many strange things, the deceased smiled at her? - Photo 7

After paying for funeral expenses, the remaining m.oney will be put into a fund to support the actor's young daughter. "To carry the luggage my daughter carries on the next journey is everyone's love for the Cat's Dad," Duc Tien's friend shared.

Funeral of Duc Tien: Thuy Nga saw many strange things, the deceased smiled at her? - Photo 8

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