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Binh Phuong revealed that she and her husband planned to return home for embryo transfer to vote for the second time

Quỳnh Quỳnh09:00:57 12/06/2024
According to Miss Binh Phuong, she and her husband planned to have their second c.hild IVF in Vietnam. The late actress wanted her first daughter to have someone to play with, partly because she was old. However, before the plan was implemented, he passed away.

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Binh Phuong discovered a strange place where Duc Tien was buried, emotionally messaged her late husband

An Nhi07:15:35 08/06/2024
At Duc Tien's funeral, many people were heartbroken when they saw Binh Phuong grieving and depressed when her husband passed away suddenly. Recently, Duc Tien's wife recounted an unusual detail on the wreath right at the grave of the late actor.

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Duc Tien revealed the amount of m.oney for the eulogy, there was an envelope of 300 million, the birth mother was comforted

Bảo Nam18:03:37 04/06/2024
On May 30, the funeral ceremony of actor Duc Tien was held in the US by his wife Binh Phuong and some relatives and friends. Recently, relatives of the late artist announced the amount of satire.

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Funeral of Duc Tien: Thuy Nga saw many strange things, the deceased smiled at her?

Bảo Nam14:50:16 03/06/2024
Duc Tien died suddenly at the age of 44, causing everyone to be shocked and mourned. On May 29 (local time), his family, colleagues and friends attended his funeral in the United States.

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Duc Tien's close friend opens up about the most powerful person at the funeral, saying no one dares to argue

Hoàng Phúc17:28:58 01/06/2024
Recently, in a livestream, comedian Thuy Nga spoke out about why Duc Tien died more than a week before being buried. At the same time, she talked about Trizzie Phuong Trinh, the sister who arranged everything at the funeral.

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Funeral of Duc Tien: 1 mad beauty came to visit, the action shocked everyone

JLO07:00:27 01/06/2024
Recently, the funeral ceremony of actor and supermodel Duc Tien took place in the US. Many close friends and colleagues were present to see off the actor to his final resting place.

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Duc Tien's funeral: Vy Oanh was scolded for laughing and taking photos, Huong Lan was scolded

Keng17:15:17 31/05/2024
Recently, Duc Tien's funeral took place in the US. Many friends and colleagues of the ill-fated actor and supermodel were present to say goodbye to him and offer condolences to his family.

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Duc Tien revealed a rare photo taken with Phi Nhung during his lifetime, revealing even more heartbreaking details

Châu Anh15:30:07 31/05/2024
The photo of Duc Tien taken with Phi Nhung was shared by a friend, making many people feel sorry. Both are talented artists who passed away when they were quite young, with many unfinished ambitions.

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Duc Tien's funeral: Wife cried, was given hundreds of millions of m.oney, mother-in-law was 1 step slow

Đình Như07:18:10 31/05/2024
After 10 days of sudden d.eath at the age of 44, actor Duc Tien's funeral was held at a church in California, USA. At dawn on May 30 (Vietnam time), a funeral ceremony and a visitation ceremony for the late actor took place.

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Duc Tien's aunt protected her granddaughter-in-law, clarified the truth, and mentioned two family events

Nguyễn Kim19:51:49 30/05/2024
Passing away suddenly at the age of 44, Duc Tien surprised, shocked, and mourned many people. Many people do not believe that his passing is true. After the funeral and burial ceremony, a large number of writers, artists, relatives, and audiences came to visit Duc Tien.

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Duc Tien's wife sobbed because of her husband's wishes, and his friends declared that they would not discuss the three issues

Kim Lâm14:51:46 29/05/2024
Trizzie Phuong Trinh was authorized by Binh Phuong to take care of the funeral arrangements for actor Duc Tien. Recently, Bang Kieu's ex-wife shared something about the funeral issue that attracted many people's attention.

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Binh Phuong Highway stipulated the funeral of Duc Tien's husband, unable to pay the expensive costs

T.P09:34:43 29/05/2024
Miss Binh Phuong, the wife of late actor Duc Tien, is facing mental and material difficulties when the cost of organizing her husband's funeral in the US reached a huge number. Bang Kieu's ex-wife, after calling for support, now reveals more rules for the funeral.

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Duc Tien's wife was devastated, intending to "embrace her daughter with her husband", his close friend pleaded with public opinion

Châu Anh13:31:56 28/05/2024
After model Duc Tien passed away, information about his funeral attracted everyone's attention. With the support of friends, the actor's visitation ceremony was held in the US on May 29 (local time).

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Miss Binh Phuong was in dire straits after Duc Tien's husband passed away and had to accept donations

Thanh Phúc12:08:49 25/05/2024
Duc Tien's beauty queen wife has just been revealed by singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh about her difficult situation in America after her husband's sudden d.eath. Funeral costs here are not low, making it difficult for the family to manage. Bang Kieu's ex-wife spoke up to donate.

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Miss Binh Phuong, Duc Tien's wife, tearfully revealed something special 3 days after her husband passed away

Pinky13:34:39 23/05/2024
Miss Binh Phuong, Duc Tien's wife, just shared about her late husband, revealing the actor's special personality 3 days after her husband passed away. After hearing this, netizens were heartbroken and choked with grief.

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Duc Tien's daughter, who was not seen for the last three times, stood in front of the altar and asked a heartbreaking question

Nguyễn Kim14:30:17 22/05/2024
In America, Duc Tien's wife built an altar for her husband. She placed candles and flowers around very solemnly. The image of an innocent g.irl standing and burning incense for actor Duc Tien makes everyone who sees it feel sad.

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Duc Tien's family held a funeral in Ho Chi Minh City, his biological mother wanted to see her son's face one last time

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:04:02 21/05/2024
The news of Duc Tien's departure left behind sadness for those left behind. Duc Tien's biological mother built an altar for her son in Vietnam. The visitation ceremony for late model Duc Tien in Ho Chi Minh City begins on May 20.

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