Mr. Nawat led his "darling" into the richest in Thai showbiz, surprising 11th

Phi YếnJan 08, 2024 at 16:56

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More than 1 decade of bringing the Miss Grand International contest to glory, Mr. Nawat has officially put his name on the list of the richest people in the entertainment industry of the golden pagoda; His "pet daughter" also featured.

Wealthy Thai newspaper recently published, the list of Top 15 richest people in Thai entertainment in 2023. The results of the ranking, based on the level of investment in the country's stock market last year by individuals operating in Tbiz.

Mr. Nawat led his darling into the richest in Thai showbiz, surprising 11th - Photo 1

It is known that their assets are compiled from the information source of the Stock Exchange of the land of the Golden Pagoda, using stock price information as of December 28, 2023.

The president of the Miss Grand International pageant - Nawat Israkraisil ranked 4th in the aforementioned ranking. According to statistics, the chairman holds shares of 2 companies AJA with 121,507,405 shares and MGI with 90 million shares. The total value is 1,731 million baht.

Mr. Nawat led his darling into the richest in Thai showbiz, surprising 11th - Photo 2

Miss Peace International is Thailand's and the world's first beauty playground listed on the stock exchange. This shows that the commercial value of the contest is immense, as well as Mr. Nawat's business acumen.

After only 11 years of existence and development, Miss Grand International quickly became one of the beauty contests of interest. The organization successfully built a name thanks to the monumental, thoughtful investment and focus on communication on social networks.

Mr. Nawat led his darling into the richest in Thai showbiz, surprising 11th - Photo 3

MGI President Nawat is said to have taken full advantage of the heat from the pageant as well as the beauties crowned Miss and Runner-up titles to make a profit.

The proof is that immediately after being crowned noble, they all have to participate in livestreams selling items produced by the chairman himself such as dried chicken, fish sauce, perfume, cosmetics ,... This practice has received much criticism from the public for making the image of queens commercialized.

Mr. Nawat led his darling into the richest in Thai showbiz, surprising 11th - Photo 4

Not only that, Mr. Nawat also orients the beauties to follow the path of singing, acting, participating in game shows, organizing ticket-selling off-fan sessions... All of these activities are highly profitable for the Miss Grand International organization. Despite many controversies, it is undeniable that his business strategy is really agile and diversified.

JKN Group Chairman and owner of the Miss Universe organization, transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatop, is 7 places behind the head of MGI. Although JKN Group is facing a financial crisis, Anne still holds 183,018,523 shares, with a total value of 91 million baht.

Mr. Nawat led his darling into the richest in Thai showbiz, surprising 11th - Photo 5

The 14th place in the list of the richest people in the Thai entertainment industry belongs to Miss Engfa Waraha. She holds 2 million MGI shares, with a total value of 38 million baht. Miss Grand Thailand 2022 5th runner-up Charlotte Austin also came in 15th.

In its initial public offering in December 2023, MGI launched 60 million shares at a value of 4.95 baht per share. Both Engfa and Charlotte own a sizable number of shares. It is known that the two have an extremely good relationship, since coming out of the beauty pageant they often perform at music nights and film together.

Mr. Nawat led his darling into the richest in Thai showbiz, surprising 11th - Photo 6

After more than a year of being crowned Miss Peace Thailand 2022, Engfa Waraha flourished in the field of singing and acting. She is loved by Mr. Nawat, President of Miss Grand International for bringing high revenue to the organization from artistic activities.

However, the queen's voice was not appreciated even as a professional singer before coming to the beauty arena. Many viewers commented that her voice was weak and thin, not ensuring the quality when performing live on stage.

Mr. Nawat led his darling into the richest in Thai showbiz, surprising 11th - Photo 7

Engfa Waraha was born in 1995, from Bangkok, owns a height of 1m70 and a measurement of 3 standard rings. The sweet beauty of the beauty also makes many people unable to take their eyes off. In 2022, she represented Thailand at Miss Grand International and placed 1st runner-up overall.

Mr. Nawat led his darling into the richest in Thai showbiz, surprising 11th - Photo 8

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