Afraid of little Mai's 4kg lard mukbang, fans grimaced, fearfully criticizing her lack of charm

PinkyMar 16, 2024 at 12:08

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The online community is extremely confused over the mukbang scene that is considered the most horrifying ever, when the 'holy eater' b.aby Mai made the challenge to eat 4kg of lard. The plate of lard on air made many people look at it in horror.

Fatty meat is one of the dishes that few people like to eat the most. Certainly there are people who can eat fatty meat because when eating meat or some other dish, if there is a little fat, the dish will feel less dry, but eating a large piece of fat by itself is clearly not simple. Yet recently, the fatty meat mukbang trend is spreading across social networks with competition clips with prizes. Typically, the lard mukbang challenge of two eating saints, Yen and Mai, made the online community "wince their faces".

Afraid of little Mais 4kg lard mukbang, fans grimaced, fearfully criticizing her lack of charm - Photo 1

B.aby Yen and b.aby Mai are young people who have emerged as internet phenomena thanks to their ability to "eat from a barrel and drink from a jar". According to the clip, both girls will take on the challenge of eating 4kg of boiled lard within 20 minutes. Whoever finishes their tray of lard will receive a reward of 1 million 500 thousand VND, on the contrary, the loser will only receive The reward is 500 thousand VND.

Afraid of little Mais 4kg lard mukbang, fans grimaced, fearfully criticizing her lack of charm - Photo 2

Although the challenge of eating with prizes is no longer new, lard is the issue that makes the online community stir. Many people felt awed by these two girls because the pieces of fat without any trace of lean meat were brought up and sunk into their teeth... That action made many people feel "shivered" just looking at them. " or "so chilled", even the clip owner commented in the video that he couldn't eat this dish.

Besides the food, the way the two girls eat in the clip also makes people argue. Some people think that Yen (the g.irl in the white shirt) has a neat and slow way of eating. Even though she is eating fat, it still makes viewers feel comfortable.

Afraid of little Mais 4kg lard mukbang, fans grimaced, fearfully criticizing her lack of charm - Photo 3

Meanwhile, little Mai, who is nicknamed "the god of food" by netizens, receives many criticisms that her eating style is too hasty, even though she has the advantage of having a larger mouth. The way Mai gave her a thick piece of fat and calmly bit it with her teeth was very unsympathetic.

Afraid of little Mais 4kg lard mukbang, fans grimaced, fearfully criticizing her lack of charm - Photo 4

There are also people who realize that even though this is a competition, players must eat as quickly as possible, but they can take multiple bites continuously and do not necessarily have to put such a large amount in their mouth. In addition, below the clip there are a number of comments expressing the opinion that although each person's eating style is different, the two girls still eat regardless to win prizes, and consume a large amount of fat during their time. Short period of time greatly affects health.

Afraid of little Mais 4kg lard mukbang, fans grimaced, fearfully criticizing her lack of charm - Photo 5

B.aby Mai (born in 2005), is from Binh Minh town, Vinh Long province. Currently, the young g.irl is a student majoring in Pharmacy at Tra Vinh University. It is known that Mai had previously intended to participate in the challenge at a few restaurants when she learned about this information on social networks. During a visit to Can Tho, because I was curious about the challenges and wanted to test myself to see if I could overcome the limit or not. Mai signed up to participate in a restaurant's challenge and ate a huge bowl of spicy noodles, then received a prize of 1 million VND. Seeing that, Mai continued to participate in the challenge of drinking 13 cans of beer within 60 minutes, but after only 15 minutes, the 2005 f.emale s.tudent successfully completed the test.

Afraid of little Mais 4kg lard mukbang, fans grimaced, fearfully criticizing her lack of charm - Photo 6

The biggest prize Mai ever received was a reward worth 30 million VND after eating 2 bowls of jellyfish noodles weighing 4.4kg and drinking 2 bottles of soft drink within 80 minutes. Mai is also the first person to win the top prize since the shop organized this contest. In the shared video, Mai was very proud of overcoming her limits and thought that the 30 million VND reward was worthy of her efforts. Mai also said she only felt a little upset after completing this difficult task.

Afraid of little Mais 4kg lard mukbang, fans grimaced, fearfully criticizing her lack of charm - Photo 7

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