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Pham Bang Bang and Pham Thua Thua have an unrecognized relationship for nearly 20 years

team youtuber11:52:10 26/03/2021
The representative of Hoa Nghi company once revealed that Pham Bang Bang's younger brother is the stepchild between her and a martial arts superstar surnamed Hong. Because the beauty wants to be backed by "older brother Hong", she is not afraid to sneak in and out of his room...

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Jet Li: "Kungfu King" miserable career because of mafia

team youtuber19:30:01 07/07/2020
Beginning martial arts at an early age, Ly Lien Kiet quickly became a famous martial arts genius of the country of billions of people. Entering hollywood, the actor surnamed Ly is known as the King of Kungfu. Jet Li is one of the most famous martial arts superstars in China. His name is associated with beautiful titles like

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