Ben Eagle: Stuntman to TikTok martial arts master, owner of the top 1 Youtube channel in Vietnam

Bút MựcMay 26, 2024 at 19:48

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Ben Eagle, real name Trinh Cong Tuan, is a martial arts master and action director specializing in training martial arts, action acting and stunt actors. He was born in Bac Ninh, then moved with his parents to Binh Duong. During his school years, Tuan had a small b.ody, spindly arms and legs, and was often bullied by others.

"Back then, I didn't know how to do it. I wrote many people's names so it was easy to be hated. One time I was stopped by a group of friends. A group of about 20 people. At that time, I didn't know martial arts so I just tried to run" - he recalls.

Ben Eagle: Stuntman to TikTok martial arts master, owner of the top 1 Youtube channel in Vietnam - Photo 1

After that, he started learning martial arts to protect himself. From a shy and weak b.oy, Tuan's b.ody became stronger, more active, and more confident when communicating. Thanks to martial arts, Tuan began to change himself and represented Binh Duong province in competitions, w.inning many titles. "When I practice martial arts, I never think about fighting anyone, I'm very gentle.

It was through martial arts that changed me. I don't know about social evils, I can stay away from everything thanks to studying martial arts, I'm very grateful to martial arts and decided to follow martial arts in my life," Tuan said.

Going to college according to his father's wishes and then switching to acting, he said it was not an easy journey. Ben Eagle confided: "My parents wanted me to go to school, get a university degree and apply for a job at a company with a stable salary. In the beginning, my family and I no longer had a common voice. I decided to leave. leave home to pursue my passion.

Ben Eagle: Stuntman to TikTok martial arts master, owner of the top 1 Youtube channel in Vietnam - Photo 2

At that time, I had no m.oney to rent, so I lived at a friend's house for several months. Then I applied for a job. Two years later, when everything gradually stabilized, I began to continue pursuing martial arts. Once I got my first action roles in movies, I stopped worrying. I pursued my passion from scratch and it took me 10 years to prove that passion was right."

Sharing about the joys and sorrows of the stuntman profession, Ben Eagle said that this is a profession that "gives the glory" to others because the audience will not know the actor's face even though they contribute to the film with action scenes. beautiful and dangerous.

Ben Eagle: Stuntman to TikTok martial arts master, owner of the top 1 Youtube channel in Vietnam - Photo 3

"From life to d.eath, most of my b.ody is full of scars and this profession cannot avoid injuries. But for me, it's okay, if I'm passionate, everything is easy. For me every day on set is Being able to race and do somersaults makes me feel very happy," he shared.

Tuan's first stunt roles were in short f.ight scenes of movies on YouTube. The remuneration he receives after each film is about 200,000 VND, just enough to eat instant noodles for the day. Pursuing his passion with empty hands and lacking support from relatives, what makes martial arts director Ben Eagle never want to stop is his dream.

Ben Eagle: Stuntman to TikTok martial arts master, owner of the top 1 Youtube channel in Vietnam - Photo 4

After that, the stuntman was invited to participate in a few movies such as: Dear mother, Thirteen sister... After many years of working as a stuntman, from network films, television to movies, Tuan has fulfilled his dream of directing martial arts for movies. He is in charge of directing martial arts for film crews. He also opened acting training classes for stunt enthusiasts and drafted stunt training lesson plans in 3 languages: Vietnamese, English and Chinese.

Having gone through difficult days, Ben confided: "If I hadn't decided to leave home, I would still be an incompetent person right now. I don't regret what I chose. Proud of myself, I have never used martial arts to solve my own problems. It was only through going out into society that I was able to grow up. That pressure kept me from falling and achieving my goal."

Ben Eagle: Stuntman to TikTok martial arts master, owner of the top 1 Youtube channel in Vietnam - Photo 5

In addition, he is also a content creator on social networks. Talking about fate, Tuan said that he built his personal page when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out. At that time everything stood still, he wanted to do something to keep himself active, creating content in the style of self-defense instructions and humorous martial arts stories. Unexpectedly, his YouTube and TikTok channels are well received by many young people.

Currently, his Youtube Channel "Ben Eagle" has reached 22.9 million registrations, surpassing many famous YouTuber names such as Cris Devil Gamer, Lam Vlog, NTN... to become a YouTube channel with many people. most registered in Vietnam.

Ben Eagle: Stuntman to TikTok martial arts master, owner of the top 1 Youtube channel in Vietnam - Photo 6

Before that, he also achieved the achievement of reaching the silver button after 3 months, reaching the gold button after 9 months with more than 1 million registrations, it only took 2 years to reach 10 million subs and achieve the YouTube Diamond button. Ben Eagle also became Vietnam's representative among 6 successful content creators in Asia Pacific introduced by YouTube on the platform's Blog page. In addition, he also has a Tik Tok channel with 6.2 million followers.

Ben Eagle: Stuntman to TikTok martial arts master, owner of the top 1 Youtube channel in Vietnam - Photo 7

Through social networks, Ben Eagle wants to build a humane, happy and positive community. There, there is no drama or behavior contrary to morals, ethics or good customs, but just a playground to help people interact, learn, and practice martial arts together. In addition, he also wants to go from the internet to real life, using his martial arts knowledge to open free classes and share self-defense experiences with today's young people.

Ben Eagle: Stuntman to TikTok martial arts master, owner of the top 1 Youtube channel in Vietnam - Photo 8

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