Hong Kim Bao - "Great Brother of the Martial Arts Village" and his wheelchair in the late afternoon

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All his life, he only fought and lost to Bruce Lee, the once famous martial arts star Hong Kim Bao now even lifts his feet and becomes a "burden".

Hong Kim Bao - Big Brother of Vo Lang and his wheelchair in the late afternoon - Picture 1

Hong Kim Bao's real name is Hong Tam Mao, born in 1952 in a family with artistic traditions in Hong Kong. His maternal grandmother is Qian Ziying - a famous martial arts actress in the early days of Chinese cinema.

At the age of 9, Hong Kim Bao began studying under Master Vu Chiem Nguyen at the Hong Kong Academy of Drama. "I liked fighting in the street when I was young. So my parents sent me to Peking Opera School to learn the art of fighting and acting," he shared.

During the years of studying here, he was the leader of the group of young actors That Tieu Phuc with the stage name Nguyen Long. Later, this group also had the participation of many famous names such as Jackie Chan, Nguyen Biao, Nguyen Hoa.

Hong Kim Bao and Jackie Chan become friends. Intimate and deep bond both on film and in real life, always supporting each other when needed. However, understanding the plight of younger brother Jackie Chan, Hong Kim Bao happily accepted Jackie Chan's decision to quit the role.

"We greeted each other with slightly vulgar words, perhaps, with Jackie Chan, I wouldn't have scolded him," the martial arts star shared.

Fate with cinema and idol Ly Tieu Long

At the age of 14, Hong Kim Bao was sent by his master to act as a stunt double for a movie Dai Tuy Hiep directed by Ho Kim Thuyen.

The film featured the screen star of that time Trinh Phoi Phoi. This is also the opportunity that led him to the artistic path later.

Also thanks to this chance gave Hong Kim Bao a memory that he could never forget for the rest of his life: meeting the legendary Bruce Lee.

That day, Bruce visited Gia Hoa studio - where Hong Kim Bao and some martial arts actors were practicing fighting. Meeting the idol was an incomparable happiness of the b.oy Kim Bao at that time.

He immediately ran in front of Bruce and said: "Nice to meet you. I watched the movie and saw that your moves are very quick."

Hearing that, the martial arts star misunderstood that this b.oy was challenging him: "You think I can stand a few seconds on the ring" and the two f.ight.

"My foot hasn't reached Bruce's hip yet, Bruce's foot has already hit my face, he's amazing," Hong Kim Bao recounted.

It is also this misunderstanding that makes Hong Kim Bao understand the true ability of the idol, learn many things and is also the reason why he later appeared in the movie "Dragon Tiger Fighting" by Bruce Lee.

At the age of 16, due to an unfortunate accident, he had to miss school and was bedridden for a long time. This is also the reason why his b.ody gradually became fat.

In 1970, when Golden Harvest film studio was established, Hong Kim Bao was invited to act as a martial arts director.

His first two films were Devil's Wrath (1970), Hiep Nu (1971). In addition, he and action star Jackie Chan played two small roles in the film "Dragon Tiger Avoiding Fighting" (1973) by the legendary Bruce Lee.

In 1973, he and his friend Jackie Chan were invited to play a supporting role in Bruce Lee's Long F.ight Tiger. In the film, Hong Kim Bao plays a disciple of the Shaolin Temple and has a martial arts scene in the stands with his elder cousin Li. The martial arts scene didn't last long, but it was enough for Hong Kim Bao to be proud to act with Bruce Lee.

Hong Kim Bao - The Great Brother of Vo Lang and his wheelchair in the late afternoon - Picture 2

A special thing is that it was Bruce who actively invited him to participate in the movie Long Fighting Tigers, then took on the role of martial arts assistant for the movie D.eath and Travel (1973).

Due to the sudden d.eath of Bruce Lee, Hong Kim Bao was promoted to the role of martial arts director, performing the unfinished part of this work.

After this work, the career of the "fat man in the martial arts village" began to flourish with the Four Great Sects. When Jackie Chan became a big star with the movie "Tai boxing" (1978), Hong Kim Bao was also known as a martial arts star with the 1979 film Lam The Vinh.

As an actor, Hong Kim Bao is impressed by her lovely, fat appearance, completely different from the martial arts stars of the same time but extremely flexible and creative in martial arts performances.

He won the a.ward for Best Actor at the 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards with the film "Precaution of the cottage" (1982) and the 7th with the film "Seven Little Blessings" (1988).

In particular, he continued to open up a new genre for Hong Kong cinema that is horror - action, horror - action - comedy.

Eating rice for such a long time, but most of Hong Kim Bao played the main role, until 2005, he first played the villain role in Sa Pa Lang, paired with martial arts star Donnie Yen.

The film is considered one of the best action films of the year. The martial arts competition scene of Hong Kim Bao and Donnie Yen is considered a classic.

After that, he played the role of a gangster in the second part of Sat Pha Lang as Dat Soai, co-starring Lu Tung Hien. In the same year, he participated in the Three Kingdoms War, along with Luu Duc Hoa, Ly My Ky,...

Rescuing Jackie Chan when he was chased by 50 people

Referring to Jackie Chan, many Vietnamese viewers immediately think of the top martial arts star of the Chinese-language entertainment industry. Not only famous in China, Jackie Chan's reputation also extends to Asia and Hollywood with many excellent movie works such as 12 Zodiacs, Rush Hour, ... As a cult star, but the life of Thanh Long experienced quite a lot of ups and downs. Sina reported, Jackie Chan shared that in the 1980s, he himself experienced many births and deaths.

The martial arts star said that at that time, the underworld in Hong Kong was very strong and the police could not control it all. But it was also a period of prosperity for Hong Kong cinema. With many hit works recognized worldwide, the film industry in Hong Kong is very profitable, because the gangster world also wants to have a "share" in this industry. Therefore, the gangsters often threaten Hong Kong artists to make films and Jackie Chan is one of the most targeted names.

One day, when Jackie Chan and his friend were eating, 50 people with knives rushed in to chase him. Despite being a very good martial artist, with 50 aggressive men and weapons rushing in, Jackie Chan was very scared and ran away. But at that time, everyone fled and no one dared to help Jackie Chan. Only one person stayed to help the martial arts star, Hong Kim Bao.

When the matter was resolved, Jackie Chan was very emotional and bowed his head to thank his big brother. Jackie Chan also said that in this life, Hong Kim Bao is his benefactor and let the boss of the surname Hong bully for the rest of his life. The 65-year-old actor also praised his senior for being a person of good character, morality and willingness to help and support juniors.

Hong Kim Bao - Big Brother of Vo Village and his wheelchair in the late afternoon - Picture 3

The famous and affectionate big brother of the Chinese language

For a long time in the Chinese entertainment industry, Hong Kim Bao is still mentioned with the title "big brother of martial arts", or "showbiz tycoon". He is one of the most prestigious and prestigious actors, martial arts directors and directors in Cbiz.

Hong Kim Bao is also the creator of the Hong Gia Ban empire. Under his command are countless veteran names such as Nguyen Biao, Nghe Tinh, Tien Gia Lac, Dich Uy, Nguyen Khue, Nguyen Hoa, and Tang Chi Vy.

It can be said that the power and voice of Hong Kim Bao in the world, including Jackie Chan, Huong Hoa Cuong, Ly Lien Kiet.... also have to respect and be afraid.

Not only is the famous big brother Cbiz, Hong Kim Bao is also famous for his love. In his life, he was married twice but had countless noisy love scandals with beautiful beauties.

When he was young, Hong Kim Bao married a Korean woman named Jo Yun Ok. They have 4 children together. For 10 years, Ms. Jo Yun Ok patiently lived with her husband, forgiving his amorousness over and over again.

But in the end, she still had to sign the divorce petition because Hong Kim Bao was determined to marry Miss Hong Kong - Gao Le Hong as his wife. Possessing two Australian and Chinese bloodlines, Gao Le Hong possesses a charming hybrid beauty. Her beauty captivated Hong Kim Bao to the point of brutally leaving her long-time wife.

At that time, the love affair of Hong Kim Bao and Gao Le Hong encountered fierce criticism. Despite public pressure, Miss Hong Kong is still committed to volunteering to marry the martial arts superstar. She even accepted to give up the aura of the stage to retire to help her husband in the role of assistant cum secretary.

Gao Le Hong also decided not to have children to avoid being criticized by outsiders about her stepmother and son-in-law. She devoted all her heart to taking care of Hong Kim Bao's 4 stepchildren, one-handedly nurturing family affection.

However, despite many sacrifices, Gao Le Hong still could not hold onto Hong Kim Bao's heart. After getting married, the actor surnamed Hong continued to be entangled in many love scandals.

In the 2000s, Hong Kim Bao was often caught h.anging out in all the entertainment venues. The great martial arts boss admitted that once, because he was busy having fun at the bar, he was suddenly beaten by his girlfriend's boyfriend, and until now, the wound still leaves a scar.

In 2012, Hong Kim Bao was exposed to evidence overnight at the hotel with 21-year-old long legs Vuong Tham Nghi. Their dating image once caused a stir in public opinion. However, before her husband's a.dultery scandal, Gao Le Hong just calmly replied, "I trust him".

Hong Kim Bao - Big Brother of Vo Lang and his wheelchair in the late afternoon - Picture 4

In the late afternoon, I went to the market in a wheelchair to buy vegetables for my wife

After many years of rolling around in the martial arts world, Hong Kim Bao is now in the late afternoon. Because he has undergone many surgeries on his legs, he now often has to use a cane or a wheelchair to move around.

When his health declined day by day, even if he was the big brother who "screamed fire", Hong Kim Bao still had to rely a lot on his wife and children, and the love affairs of the wind and snow moon also fell into the past.

Although her husband had done many wrong things in the past, Gao Le Hong was always there to take care of him. Touched by his wife's heart, Hong Kim Bao confessed that he is always grateful to her. "Once, Hong Kim Bao even told Gao Le Hong about her regret at not having a c.hild together. It made her very emotional," a source shared.

In recent years, Hong Kim Bao has also changed his personality compared to before. He no longer likes to hang out with friends at discos and restaurants.

Instead, the martial arts superstar spends time with his family when not filming. He also respects and pampers his wife. Her opinion now carries a lot of weight to him, something that has never happened before.

Hong Kim Bao was seen many times with Cao Le Hong shopping and walking on the street. He is even willing to go to the market to buy vegetables for his wife and family despite his status as a "notorious tycoon".

Recently, the actor surnamed Hong continued to appear at a popular market. "Because it is not convenient to travel, Hong Kim Bao guides the shop owner to choose vegetables for him, with an experienced look, as if he has gone to the market to buy vegetables for his wife many times. still exudes the domineering aura of an illustrious big brother", the QQ page wrote.

In an interview, when sharing about his marriage with Gao Le Hong, Hong Kim Bao said that he was a hot-tempered person, had many bad habits, often spoke sloppy, chatty, or cursed at others. both his wife, but she was patient.

On the contrary, there are points of dissatisfaction with Cao Le Hong, the 68-year-old actor also puts himself in his wife's situation to find out the cause.

"No one has perfect beauty. The important thing in married life is to be humble and accept each other's shortcomings," Hong Kim Bao concluded.

Hong Kim Bao - Big Brother of Vo Lang and his wheelchair in the late afternoon - Picture 5

Hong Kim Bao - Big Brother of Vo Lang and his wheelchair in the late afternoon - Picture 6

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