Pham Bang Bang and Pham Thua Thua have an unrecognized relationship for nearly 20 years

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The representative of Hoa Nghi company once revealed that Pham Bang Bang's younger brother is the stepchild between her and a martial arts superstar surnamed Hong. Because the beauty wants to be backed by "older brother Hong", she is not afraid to sneak in and out of his room.

Showbiz Chinese inherently has many secrets, but what the public is most interested in is the background and outside relationships of celebrities. In particular, whether Pham Bang Bang's younger brother is the c.hild she gave birth to is still a h.ot topic of discussion on social networks.

Before becoming a powerful star of the Chinese entertainment industry, Pham Bang Bang's name was always associated with the four words "queen of thi Phi".

She has an extensive list of relationships with about 20 men between the ages of U30 and U70. In which the love affair with "Kim owner" Hong Kim Bao is said to be the most complicated, the most mysterious and still rumored to date.

In 1998, when he acted in Hoan Chau, although he received a lot of attention, the character Kim Toa was not big enough to help Pham Bang Bang become famous.

Therefore, in order to develop and expand her career to the land of Fragrant Port, the actress began to cooperate with Hong Kim Bao - the cult martial arts star who is also the eldest brother of Hong Kong cinema. The two often appear together. He is known as her "adoptive father", she is referred to as his "adopted daughter". Rumors that Pham Thua Thua is the c.hild of both arose since then.

Pham Bang Bang and Pham Thua Thua have an unrecognized relationship for nearly 20 years - Photo 1

Pham Thua Thua was born in 2000, 19 years younger than her sister. But just at this age gap, it is not difficult for people to imagine that Pham Gia became a mother that year. Rumors also spread when netizens compared the childhood photos of Pham Thua Thua and Hong Kim Bao to find out the similarities in the so-called "father and son".

Because the relationship between Hong Kim Bao and Pham Bang Bang is quite private, there are very few pictures of the two shoulder to shoulder. However, rumors about them abound.

The representative of Hoa Nghi company once revealed that Pham Bang Bang's younger brother is the stepchild between her and a martial arts superstar surnamed Hong. Because the beauty wants to be backed by "older brother Hong", she is not afraid to sneak in and out of his room.

Even the corridor source revealed that the two used to live together in the Three Emperors apartment in Shanghai and a high-class apartment in Beijing. The house in the Soho complex owned by Pham Bang Bang is also a star that the Hong family bought for.

A netizen who lives on the same floor as the Pham family also said that when they moved in, they heard that the apartment was bought by Hong Kim Bao. In addition, a film producer while drunk also accidentally said that Pham Thua Thua is the stepchild of a martial arts star.

Pham Bang Bang and Pham Thua Thua have an unrecognized relationship for nearly 20 years - Photo 2

Rumors followed rumors, all over Chinese-language online newspapers were full of "legendaries" about Pham Bang Bang's 29-year-old love. Not stopping there, the Chinese reporter also went to Pham Thua Thua's classmates, they said that even though he was the younger brother of the "entertainment queen", Thua Thua had never been picked up by her sister.

Not to mention, Pham Thua Thua's appearance is not as elite as his sister, he is not as handsome as his biological father, so from internal rumors to general external assessment, it is believed that Thua Thua has a "special" relationship. separate" from Pham Gia.

In 2007, during a movie promotion, for the first time, Pham Bang Bang publicly revealed her 19-year-old younger brother Pham Thua Thua in front of the press. This immediately like a whirlwind appeared on many online forums and newspapers.

Pham Bang Bang and Pham Thua Thua have an unrecognized relationship for nearly 20 years - Photo 3

A lot of the public is constantly pouring doubts about the b.oy's real identity. The problem created great pressure, so Pham Bang Bang had to accept the media interview.

She confirmed that Pham Thua Thua is really her younger brother, the son of her mother - Truong Truyen My - personally born in her hometown of Qingdao.

Pham Bang Bang shared, after filming the TV series Hoan Chau how, her mother became her manager. But in 1999, because she did not want to be restrained by her mother's development path due to her somewhat conservative personality, Pham Gia immediately advised her to keep the b.aby when she heard that she was pregnant unexpectedly. This is just so that the family has a new member that she can find a more suitable manager.

On June 16, 2000, Truong Truyen My was 46 years old, Pham Thua Thua was born. Pham Gia's maternal grandfather confirmed that this is the son born to Mrs. My.

However, many people think that this is just a play by Pham Gia to cover up the secret birth in Qingdao. Because at that time her career was experiencing momentum. As a rising star, she could not "cut off the road" to fame.

In December 2017, Pham Thua Thua brought a suitcase home after a 3-month internship at an idol training company from the land of Kimchi. The 17-year-old b.oy had a spectacular makeover when he appeared with a perfect appearance. From eyes, nose, hairstyle or fashion style, all give Thua Thua a different look: more modern, more attractive.

Pham Bang Bang and Pham Thua Thua have an unrecognized relationship for nearly 20 years - Photo 4

And this is the mark that makes Pham Thua Thua's name appear all over the newspapers. People do not stop being surprised at the growth of the younger brother of the Chinese-language star.

Praises are uttered, comments begin to form and the past is also dug up: Pham Thua Thua is still said to be Pham Bang Bang's "stepchild".

The reason why this statement has not changed in the past 17 years is partly because of Hong Kim Bao. In August 2017, when giving an interview on a TV program, the star born in 1952 suddenly said, "In the entertainment world, true and false rumors are inevitable. pay attention to those rumors, because in this world anything can happen."

The official statement became the spark that sparked a series of speculations. Many people think that he still holds the secret of love for 20 years, there must be hidden love. And this further confirmed that the hidden love was true when Hong Kim Bao answered the rumor of having a b.aby with Pham Bang Bang: "Even if it's true, I won't admit it".

Two famous star sisters once had to sue a blog owner, Moc Sam, to the court, because this person once posted an article online with the content that Pham Thua Thua was the c.hild of Pham Bang Bang and Hong Kim. Tell. Along with that is a picture of the actress breastfeeding (actually a picture taken from a movie by Fan Bingbing). This has seriously affected and offended the image of Pham Bang Bang and Pham Thua Thua. Based on the evidence and the household registration book proving that Pham Dao is the head of the household, Pham Bang Bang is the eldest daughter, Pham Thua Thua and the head of the household have a father-son relationship, the court decided that the two cousins Pham won the case.

An unconvincing proof is that in 2018 there was a person claiming to be the old neighbor of Pham Bang Bang's family. This person confirmed that Pham Thua Thua is Pham Bang Bang's younger brother. At that time, Pham Bang Bang's mother, Truong Truyen My, was pregnant with a large belly to attend the wedding party. At that time, people also teased Mr. Pham Dao, who was old, still wanted to continue to have children. At that time, Ms. Truong Truyen My had to go to the committee to pay a fine of 13,000 yuan (44 million dong) for giving birth to two children, carrying a suitcase of cash and asking the staff if this was enough m.oney.

Pham Bang Bang and Pham Thua Thua have an unrecognized relationship for nearly 20 years - Photo 5

That neighbor also expressed that at that time, all the neighbors knew that Mrs. Truong Truyen My was pregnant, so Pham Thua Thua could not be Pham Bang Bang's stepchild. What's more, Pham Thua Thua was born in June 2000, the time when Ms. Truong Truyen My became pregnant in September 1999.

At this time, Pham Bang Bang was constantly on the set to shoot two films Trung Quan village Phong Van with Tieu Ly Phi Dao. Thus, Pham Bang Bang had to work continuously during that time, with such a heavy labor intensity, it was impossible to get pregnant and give birth without anyone knowing.

Pham Bang Bang's representative said: "When she gave birth to Thua Thua, Pham Bang Bang's mother was 45 years old. Many people may not believe it, but it is true, if Pham Bang Bang worked on a full schedule in the 2000s, it would not. there may be a story that she is hiding to give birth. This is completely made up news."

Wholeheartedly support my brother in showbiz

When it was announced that Pham Thua Thua would participate in the Chinese version of Produce 101, also known as Idol Producer, to find the opportunity to debut as a music idol, Pham Bang Bang wholeheartedly supported. The Chinese star immediately changed his profile picture to his younger brother and told the media, please pay attention to Pham Thua Thua.

As for the 18-year-old b.oy, he said he wanted to participate in the contest to prove his ability as well as get rid of the big shadow of his sister. Pham Thua Thua affirmed: "In the future, I will be more famous than my sisters, earn more m.oney than my sisters. All the m.oney I earn will be given to my mother to keep, just like sisters now. I have to be filial. with mother and sister".

However, right from the first performance to divide the class, Pham Thua Thua did not perform well due to too much stress. He was allowed to perform a rap but kept forgetting the lyrics. Pham Thua Thua then cried when being interviewed and shared: "I'm very afraid that others won't see my ability, but only say that I rely on my sister. I prepared a lot but couldn't show it. It's like growing vegetables until they are harvested, but they are stolen."

When she heard that her brother was crying because she did not perform well, Pham Bang Bang not only went to her personal page to support Pham Thua Thua, but also called her brother to encourage him not to be stressed and to feel free to express himself.

Finally, Pham Thua Thua officially debuted in the entertainment industry with 3rd place overall. Pham Bang Bang, because of his brother's success, burst into tears. With such a high starting point, in addition to having an extremely outstanding sister, Pham Thua Thua is considered to have an extremely bright future.

Pham Bang Bang and Pham Thua Thua have an unrecognized relationship for nearly 20 years - Photo 6

Pham Bang Bang and Pham Thua Thua have an unrecognized relationship for nearly 20 years - Photo 7

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