The Ton brothers: Caused a fever among viewers with a strange script, mixing Hong Kong with America

Trí NhiJan 13, 2024 at 16:32

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The movie that is causing a storm on Netflix - The Ton Brothers has been well received and received positive feedback since its release. The film received a lot of love for its unique combination of Asian and American cultures.

Netflix's The Sun Brothers (T he Brot hers Sun ) revolves around the story of the Sun family - who runs the notorious Jade Dragon gang, the largest in Taiwan. One day, Elder Ton was suddenly and seriously injured by a mysterious enemy, forcing his eldest son Charles Ton to immediately fly to Los Angeles to protect his mother and younger brother who had been separated from him for 10 years. Meeting his younger brother Bruce Ton, Charles did not expect that his brother was quite weak and clumsy, while his mother Eileen was still very smart and resilient. The Ton brothers have the participation of Oscar-winning star Michelle Yeoh and are currently at the top of Netflix in many countries around the world.

The Ton brothers: Caused a fever among viewers with a strange script, mixing Hong Kong with America - Photo 1

If you are a die-hard fan of Hong Kong movies, you probably know movies like The Wanderer , Hero's Identity , or Infernal Affairs , then The Sun Brothers will almost remind us of those movies. that name, when the film's focus focuses on a gangster family with ultimate power, along with extremely dramatic and dramatic plots to compete for position and territory. Gangsters with extremely "aggressive" names, dressed in dashing suits and willing to risk their lives against opponents to protect their owners, appear in every corner of the film.

The Ton brothers: Caused a fever among viewers with a strange script, mixing Hong Kong with America - Photo 2

Therefore, it can be said that the director built the character Charles Ton as a typical gangster, always terrifying his enemies when he acts without hesitation, but his life principle is always to consider family first and see for himself. must bear the burden of the family's inheritance. However, The Ton Brothers create an interesting highlight when Charles Ton meets his younger brother Bruce - a naive young man living in America without knowing how notorious his family is. The two brothers' thoughts were somewhat in conflict, but they perfected each other after the events they encountered. Charles felt the freedom, carefree and pursuit of his younger brother's dream that he had always wanted. Thanks to his brother, Bruce was able to be more aware of his responsibility to the family and become a good man. useful.

The Ton brothers: Caused a fever among viewers with a strange script, mixing Hong Kong with America - Photo 3

Even though it is a gangster movie, The Ton Brothers are not too tense, the film also adds American humor and installs many other messages. Yeong Tu Quynh plays Eileen - a noble and respected wife, but is forced into a life of worshiping her husband, forcing her to give up her noble position, take her youngest son and run away and live a miserable life. in a foreign land.

The Ton brothers: Caused a fever among viewers with a strange script, mixing Hong Kong with America - Photo 4

The male-respecting ideology and patriarchal habits of Asian men have caused women like Eileen to fall into hardship, but when she saw her two sons being lost, she reassured herself to stay alert. , teaching them how to live properly.

The Ton brothers: Caused a fever among viewers with a strange script, mixing Hong Kong with America - Photo 5

However, it is difficult to say that the Sun Brothers do not have negative points, Michelle Yeoh's acting overwhelms and overshadows almost the entire cast, some details are also considered to be more rambling than necessary and It's also illogical, when the characters in the movie are always made to be unreasonably careless. Anyway, thanks to the eye-catching close combat and martial arts scenes, as well as depicting the typical Asian lifestyle and behavior, the Ton Brothers will still attract audiences. The film also has a lot of potential to make a second part.

The Ton brothers: Caused a fever among viewers with a strange script, mixing Hong Kong with America - Photo 6

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