Song Hye Kyo and the loudest 'falls' in her career

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The controversy surrounding Song Hye Kyo for two decades.

Talented, beautiful and shining are words that people often describe when referring to Song Hye Kyo. Fans also favorably nicknamed her "National Bao Beauty" of Korea. However, recently, the actress's comeback with the movie Now, We are Breaking Up disappointed because of the safe and familiar role choice over the years.

Song Hye Kyo and the loudest 'falls' in her career - Photo 1

Before being criticized for "stagnation, one color" in the movie Now, We are Breaking Up, Song Hye Kyo was entangled in many controversies in her two-decade career.

"Box Office Poison"

Dubbed the drama rating queen, Song Hye Kyo is considered unlucky in the movie industry.

In 2005, The Lovely G.irl (My G.irl and I), Song Hye Kyo's first movie, was not as successful as expected because of the boring, boring story.

In 2011, the film A Reason to Love ranked ninth at the October box office in Korea. The film only screened in 220 theaters with 27,424 audiences. The public gave the film 8.16 points, but critics gave it 5.79 points.

Song Hye Kyo and the loudest 'falls' in her career - Photo 2

The heaviest failure belonged to Miss Hwang Jin Yi (2007). When compared to the TV version, Song Hye Kyo was criticized for her bad shape and acting as Ha Ji Won.

According to Sina, Hye Kyo that year went to more than 30 theater groups to exchange audiences with the hope of increasing ticket sales but failed. The film failed miserably, she was labeled "box office poison". This made the Korean star sad and cry.

"Falling a horse" on TV

Even in her "territory", Song Hye Kyo also had a time when "the name was not effective".

In 2008, the film The World They Live in received a cold beyond imagination from the public. China Times commented that Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo passionately acted in kiss scenes and "bed" could not save the movie's bottom rating.

Brands gradually withdrew advertising, creating a record of non-advertising films on Korean television. Song Hye Kyo was criticized for her acting, her voice was as awkward as a meatball. What makes the audience remember the most about the movie is the real love story of the main star couple.

Song Hye Kyo and the loudest 'falls' in her career - Photo 3

The actress calmly faced the comments: "Many people say that this trip Song Hye Kyo is over, Song Hye Kyo has failed. If it was the previous time, I would certainly be very sad, this time alone I do not have a feeling of contemplation. collapse.

Talking in an excited state is difficult to avoid blurring words. I welcome constructive comments from the audience. But for those who intentionally attack, I can't stand it."

In the last two movies, Song Hye Kyo fell into her own safety trap. She plays the same role of a woman outside of 30 career advancement, empty love, cold but weak personality.

In Encounter, she has an inappropriate image, a sluggish demeanor and lack of emotional connection with Park Bo Gum. In Now, We Are Breaking Up, she kept her beauty but was criticized for her lack of acting, clumsy French dialogue.

Export failed

Fetish (Make Yourself At Home) in 2008 is the first Hollywood project, also the most daring movie of Song Hye Kyo to date. Playing the role of an adulterous wife who plots to k.ill, she is praised for her fluent English, hard work for a series of h.ot scenes with the two male leads and a few intimate moments of homosexuality with the supporting woman.

The Hollywood Reporter evaluated Song Hye Kyo's one-sided, unconvincing performance and her character's absurd and offensive details. The film failed in the international market and was banned from showing in Korea because of many sensitive and religious scenes.

Song Hye Kyo and the loudest 'falls' in her career - Photo 4

Song Hye Kyo participated in four films in the Chinese market. In One Great Grandmaster, her role is beautiful but lackluster. For I Am Queen, she was praised for her beauty and good acting, but the film was criticized.

The two parts Taiping Lun earned 200 million and more than 5 million yuan respectively, despite being invested 400 million yuan. The word-of-mouth of the film is poor. Song Hye Kyo's acting is not lively and does not interact well with Huynh Xiaoming.

Tax evasion scandal

After several failed movies, Song Hye Kyo regained her position on television with The East Wind That Year (2013). But a year later, she revealed her tax evasion. Despite crying tears of apology, she was withdrawn many ads.

In July 2014, Song Hye Kyo was exposed by the National Tax Department for tax evasion. Specifically, during the period from 2009-2011, the Autumn Heart beauty was missing a total of 2.5 billion won (50 billion VND) in taxes.

Song Hye Kyo and the loudest 'falls' in her career - Photo 5

Because she didn't want the matter to be "blown up" further, making the public angry, right after that, she paid additional tax and officially explained. She said the law firm she used to hire did not declare clearly, causing unfortunate "misunderstandings". Despite this, this case is still considered the largest tax evasion case in Korean showbiz history. Song Hye Kyo's reputation was also greatly affected, from a female pearl to a criminal in the eyes of the public.

At that time, Korean people boycotted Japanese goods. A Japanese brand invited Song Hye Kyo to be a representative but she refused. This move helped her to be forgiven by the public and return to work.

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