Jessica Jung - "Ice Princess" kicked out of SNSD and past scandals

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"Ice Queen" Jessica was forced to leave the SNSD group in 2014. After that, she no longer participated in artistic activities but only focused on business. Recently, Jessica has just returned with a reality show.

Jessica Jung is one of the most interested and searched idols in Korean showbiz from 2016 to 2021. She is also a former member of SNSD. After leaving the group, Jessica was very successful with her solo activities. Currently, she is working under the management of Coridel Entertainment.

Jessica Jung - "Ice Princess" kicked out of SNSD and past scandals - Photo 1

Jessica also owns the 5th most beautiful beauty in the list of 100 most beautiful people. Besides her successful singing career, she is also a successful fashion designer and entrepreneur with her personal brand Blanc & Eclare and also a famous model for brands such as: Cartier, Hyundai. Motors...

A career with many scandals

Jessica Jung was born and raised in San Francisco, joined SM Entertainment (SNSD's management company) as a trainee in 2000. She was chosen as one of the 9 members of SNSD and debuted in 2007. In 2014, SM Entertainment and Jessica Jung confirmed that she was no longer a member of SNSD after 7 years of activities.

Jessica Jung - "Ice Princess" kicked out of SNSD and past scandals - Photo 2

After being fired, Jessica ended her contract with SM Entertainment and signed with Coridel Entertainment in 2016. Not long after that, she released her debut solo album With Love, J. After that, she released many more. other music products. However, the female singer did not appear on TV shows or music shows to promote the product.

During a fanmeeting to promote her single Wonderland, Jessica received a question about her reasons for not participating in TV shows. The female singer replied, "I also want to participate in music programs. If I say this, do you understand what I mean?". Since then, the audience has not seen Jessica perform on musical stages. The public thinks that after leaving SM Entertainment, Jessica was blacklisted by this company and that's why she could not perform on Korean television stations.

Jessica Jung - "Ice Princess" kicked out of SNSD and past scandals - Photo 3

Mix Nine on JTBC or Beauty Bible are rare shows she has appeared on over the years.

During many years of leaving SNSD, Jessica also had many troubles. Coridel Capital Management has contracted with two management companies to promote Jessica's activities in China. In 2019, the two companies mentioned above filed in a Beijing court to ask Jessica for compensation for not complying with the contract. Jessica's side decided to transfer the case to the Korean court. However, the Korean Supreme Court dismissed the case. She lost the lawsuit and had to pay $ 1.6 million.

In October 2020, Jessica released the novel Shine. The book tells the story of Rachel Kim, a Korean-American. Rachel Kim has an arduous journey to become a star at the famous entertainment company DB Entertainment.

Jessica Jung - "Ice Princess" kicked out of SNSD and past scandals - Photo 4

It's interesting that the former member of one of the most popular K-pop g.irl groups turns to writing. But what makes the reader more curious is that her debut novel is filled with similarities to SNSD and SM Entertainment. The main character is the same as Jessica. They are all Korean-American and trained for 7 years. Jessica even told Time Magazine: "Rachel is of course my mirror image, because this novel was inspired by my own life."

Jessica's book caused a heated debate among SNSD fans. The English version of the novel, released in the US, depicts Rachel as an innocent g.irl, full of hope, dreams and passion. While the other members of SNSD are described as always jealous of her. As the book also contained negative stories about DB Entertainment, some SNSD fans claimed that Jessica "sabotaged" the group and SM Entertainment.

Audiences criticized the novel as "an irresponsible act of not caring about the members of the group" or "using the past to promote themselves". After the debate between the two sides became increasingly tense, Shine's PR team removed the autobiographical word from the advertising content. SM Entertainment declined to comment on the matter.

Jessica Jung - "Ice Princess" kicked out of SNSD and past scandals - Photo 5

After leaving SNSD, Jessica focused more on running the fashion brand Blanc&Eclare. Blanc&Eclare was founded by Jessica and the company CEO who is also the boyfriend of the singer, Tyler Kwon, in 2014, shortly after she left SNSD. The brand is growing and now has more than 60 locations worldwide. The company announced that Blanc&Eclare achieved sales of 20 billion won in 2019.

In January 2021, Jessica opened her first food store called Clareau. The store is located in a building in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. This is a famous luxury, expensive area in Korea.

At the end of 2021, Osen reported that Blanc & Eclare was involved in a lawsuit worth 8 billion won (about 6.79 million USD) after failing to repay loans. Osen said that BLANC Group, which runs Blanc&Eclare, borrowed $3 million from Spectra SPC in October 2016 and another $1 million in May 2017. The loan was then transferred to Joyking Enterprise in August 2021. Joyking Enterprise has filed a lawsuit against Blanc&Eclare for failing to pay principal and interest totaling 8 billion won.

Jessica Jung - "Ice Princess" kicked out of SNSD and past scandals - Photo 6

At that time, speaking to Chosun newspaper, Tyler Kwon said that Jessica was not involved in the incident. The singer's boyfriend insists he has complied with the terms. However, in 2020, the situation was difficult because of Covid-19, so Tyler Kwon reached an agreement with Spectra SPC to extend the payment.

A series of attitude scandals in the past

"Ice princess" Jessica has many times been caught in scandals of love and bravado.

She was criticized for "claiming" in the event. Specifically, in 2014, a reporter from Sports Donga published an article titled "Why Jessica was abandoned?", to accuse the former SNSD member of having a cocky attitude towards the media. This person said, Jessica's fashion company - Blanc & Eclare - invited many journalists to attend the event to create buzz for the company.

Jessica Jung - "Ice Princess" kicked out of SNSD and past scandals - Photo 7

But instead of being serious and friendly with reporters, Jessica was very cocky. Not only was being late made the fan meeting start later than scheduled, but Jessica's company also made a "demand" that journalists were not allowed to take photos during the event, and only had 10 seconds to do so.

In July 2016, Jessica continued to be involved in a scandal of unprofessionalism in the way she worked when she was 15 minutes late to the autograph event of her own fashion brand. Things wouldn't have become a matter of debate if Jessica hadn't calmly strode lightly, engrossed in selfies even though she was late.

Jessica Jung - "Ice Princess" kicked out of SNSD and past scandals - Photo 8

Both before and after leaving SNSD, Jessica Jung was involved in many "strong hand" scandals with her group members. The gestures of p.ulling h.air, pressing shoulders, pressing heads of SNSD members suddenly became evidence that Jessica was mean. However, when reviewing other animations of the same event, the public can completely see that these are simply pranks of longtime close friends.

Trying to revive my career with reality shows

Recently, Jessica participated in the reality show of China Billionaire Billionaire. This is the first time the female singer performed on television in many years.

Korean media evaluated Jessica's participation in the program as an attempt to save her career after many years of silence because she was kicked out of SNSD. After being kicked out of SNSD in 2014, the female singer was not allowed to perform in music shows. Billionaires kicking the wind and turning waves is the first show Jessica performed in many years.

Jessica Jung - "Ice Princess" kicked out of SNSD and past scandals - Photo 9

Even Sport Chosun questioned whether Jessica joined the show because of a lawsuit worth 8 billion won. Sports Chosun titled the article: "Jessica appeared in the Chinese version of Produce. Is it because of the debt of 8 billion?".

Billionaires kicks the wind and turns waves is a reality TV show that selects g.irl groups made by Mango TV. In the program, female singers over 30 years old compete to get the public's attention again and debut in a 5-member project group. miss A's Fei and Jia were also on the show.

Jessica Jung - "Ice Princess" kicked out of SNSD and past scandals - Photo 10

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