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Kim Jong Kook - A tearful career with Turbo and a contrasting personality "tiger brother" Running Man

team youtuber11:17:32 22/04/2021
Kim Jong Kook - the name is so familiar to Asian fans. Competent person, Sparta Kook or Tiger is the nickname many people use to call him because in Running Man, he always appears with a strong and fastidious image. Having an advantage in appearance when possessing good health and a muscular b.ody like a bodybuilder

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Son Ye Jin reappeared with Joen mi Do in "Thirty is not the end" of the Korean version, playing the role of Giang So Anh?

team youtuber09:29:52 18/04/2021
Recently, Korean tradition simultaneously reported that Son Ye Jin had accepted to audition for the role. for the drama 39. The actress' management company MSTeam Entertainment also confirmed: She has received an offer to play the lead role in 39 and is actively considering it. Previously, Jeon Mi Do was an actress who made an impression

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Seo Ye Ji was "disgusted" by an old friend in Spain for blatant fraud

team youtuber11:38:33 16/04/2021
Until April 15, a story from an old friend of Seo Ye Ji while studying abroad in Spain made people severe s.hock. This person accused Seo Ye Ji of being fake, unable to get into the university, and even... cheated m.oney. This friend has attached photos taken with the actress as proof. The case of Seo Ye Ji manipulation

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Lee Na Young - The most beautiful beauty in Korea is confused with Bae Yong Joon but full with Won Bin

team youtuber11:21:07 18/03/2021
Many years ago, Lee Na Young was voted as the beauty with the most beautiful face in Korea. The Plan B star has an elegant face, a bright smile, and bright eyes. Beauty centers also confirm that she has a face with a golden ratio. Referring to Lee Na Young, a beauty born in 1979, people will immediately think

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Everything from az about Shin Se Kyung: Korean 'faceless queen'

team youtuber12:00:06 07/11/2020
It is surprising that despite being criticized for her acting, Shin Se Kyung is still regularly invited to play the main roles in the drama that airs in the prime time slot. Many people think that she is favored by filmmakers just because of her appearance and background, but...

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Lee Min Ho, the prince of the land of Kimchi

team youtuber09:16:08 27/08/2020
The role of Gu Jun Pyo in Meteor Garden not only brought Lee Min Ho a number of prestigious awards, including the Best New Actor a.ward at the show. The 45th Baeksang Arts Awards but also helped the actor's popularity explode throughout Asia. Lee Min Ho is a famous Korean actor and singer

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Song Ji Hyo "Aces" Running Man

team youtuber11:30:02 24/08/2020
If you've ever watched Running Man, no one can forget Ace Song Ji Hyo, who brought an image that is both gentle, courageous and smart. mine. Is a famous actor, model and presenter in South Korea. Not only succeeding in her acting career, Song Ji Hyo's name is also known

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Hwang Jung Min “King of the box office”

team youtuber10:00:53 23/08/2020
Hwang Jung Min. He is one of the highest-grossing actors in Korea and the third actor to join the 100 Million Viewers Club in Chungmuro. From an early age, Hwang Jung Min showed his passion for movies. He decided to pursue an acting career after seeing the musical

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Kim Ji Won The muse of Korean cinema

team youtuber19:00:08 20/08/2020
Kim Ji Won is known as the muse of Korean cinema because of her pure, pure appearance and natural and attractive acting, that's what made her a star of the Hallyu wave. Kim Ji Won is a famous Korean actress, she has achieved a lot of success and

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National MC Yoo Jae Suk

team youtuber11:00:00 20/08/2020
Yoo Jae Suk is a famous Korean artist, he is widely known as a comedian and host in popular TV shows. Dubbed the National MC. The male artist is one of the few people who have won great love from audiences both at home and abroad thanks to

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The group "Unruly Rookie" is full of "Kings and Queens" of K-Pop

team youtuber21:00:03 13/08/2020
Audience asserts that only artists with status like kings and queens in showbiz like Lee Hyori, Bi Rain Or does Yoo Jae Suk have the ability to defiantly do as he pleases but still be loved and supported by the public. The unruly rookie is the nickname that fans give to the group SSAK3 The group just debuted today

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TIMES TIMES OF STARS OF LOOKING FOR SUFFERENCE AND WISHING TO SUIT s.uicide because of being bullied by friends in the same group

team youtuber17:00:08 08/07/2020
In the past time, there have been a series of suicides that shook the Korean showbiz. Behind the cohesive, always smiling appearance of the idols, there are many members who are depressed because of being bullied by their own colleagues, even willing to use v.iolence against each other. Korean stars have fans

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