Song Hye Kyo "prevails" Song Joong Ki, doing something that her "ex-husband" has not been able to do?

Tiểu TrúcNov 11, 2023 at 20:23

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Recently, Korean social networks spread the news that Song Hye Kyo had officially "won over" Song Joong Ki, doing something that her "ex-husband" had not been able to do, surprising the audience.

Recently, experts in the film industry together voted for the best Korean television actors of 2023. Contributing to the top are the screen stars who won the highest number of votes. The face is so familiar to audiences across Asia.

Song Hye Kyo prevails Song Joong Ki, doing something that her ex-husband has not been able to do? - Photo 1

The most interesting and awaited champion belongs to Song Hye Kyo. For the first time trying out a psychologically heavy role like Moon Dong Eun in the movie The Glory, Song Hye Kyo proved to the audience the diversity and flexibility of her acting skills, without any hesitation. As before, people often complain. With the role of Moon Dong Eun, Song Hye Kyo excellently won the Outstanding Lead Actress a.ward in the Television category at Baeksang 2023.

Accordingly, the role of "grandfather" Lee Sung Min of the Tycoon's Youngest B.oy stopped at the top 2 of the table. Surprisingly, the male lead Song Joong Ki was not mentioned in the top 10 votes this time. Many viewers believe that the actor was "completely defeated" in the movie arena by his "ex-wife" Song Hye Kyo.

Song Hye Kyo prevails Song Joong Ki, doing something that her ex-husband has not been able to do? - Photo 2

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo had a noisy marriage that lasted nearly 2 years. They fell in love with the Descendants of the Sun project, got married in 2017 and divorced in 2019.

After the divorce, Song Joong Ki confirmed his marriage to former actress Katy Louise Saunders earlier this year after disclosing their relationship to Korean media. The couple is said to have secretly dated for several years before getting married. They fell in love during a joint collaboration when Katy was Song Joong Ki's foreign language teacher.

Song Hye Kyo prevails Song Joong Ki, doing something that her ex-husband has not been able to do? - Photo 3

Talking about his foreign partner, Song Joong Ki always has the sweetest words. He affirmed that Katy brings positive energy to his life and helps him improve. In particular, the appearance of their first son makes the love between them stronger and sweeter.

Katy gave birth to a son in Italy last June. Up to now, Song Joong Ki has not publicly revealed the image of his c.hild's face, but only posted a photo of his c.hild's beautiful little hands on his personal page. He wants to protect his children from aggressive audiences.

The Korean actor confided that children are great happiness and great luck in the couple's life. In a recent interview, Song Joong Ki revealed a photo of his son on his personal phone with reporters. The person who saw the photo described that the Descendants of the Sun actor's son has big round eyes and a lovely smile just like his father.

Song Hye Kyo prevails Song Joong Ki, doing something that her ex-husband has not been able to do? - Photo 4

As for Song Hye Kyo, the actress maintains a single life after divorcing actor Song Joong Ki. She focuses on her career, enjoys personal hobbies, travels and meets friends.

The beauty also reaped new achievements in her career with an impressive role in the project The Glory (Glory in Hatred). With her reputation in Asia, Song Hye Kyo was chosen by many international brands as an advertising face.

Song Hye Kyo prevails Song Joong Ki, doing something that her ex-husband has not been able to do? - Photo 5

The Korean beauty often interacts with fans through her personal page on Instagram. She posts pictures of her personal life or information related to her work. However, Song Hye Kyo blocked the comment function on her personal page as a way to protect herself from aggressive audiences.

The female lead of Descendants of the Sun confided that after her forties, she no longer hurts or thinks about what others say about her. The beauty realized that the important thing is to enjoy life happily and completely.

Song Hye Kyo prevails Song Joong Ki, doing something that her ex-husband has not been able to do? - Photo 6

Song Hye Kyo's change in image received many compliments. Many viewers believe that at the age of 42 and returning to single life, Song Hye Kyo is increasingly improving in beauty.

Song Hye Kyo once left a mark on the audience: Autumn in My Heart, One for All, Happy Home, That Winter's Wind, Descendants of the Sun... Recently, she made an impressive comeback and had a remarkable performance. b.ody in The Glory project.

Song Hye Kyo prevails Song Joong Ki, doing something that her ex-husband has not been able to do? - Photo 7

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