Quang Linh Vlog "heartbroken" because Thuy Tien claimed to only see as a brother, fans pushing boats need to stay awake?

Thảo MaiAug 12, 2023 at 14:56

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The reunion of Miss Thuy Tien and Quang Linh Vlogs has been of interest to netizens throughout the past days. In addition to being "pushing the boat" because they are so beautiful, many people admire the humane deeds that the two bring to the community.

Accordingly, after Quang Linh Vlogs returned to Vietnam, he and Thuy Tien were together in Ha Giang to complete the volunteer project as previously planned.

Quang Linh Vlog heartbroken because Thuy Tien claimed to only see as a brother, fans pushing boats need to stay awake? - Photo 1

After this trip, Miss Thuy Tien had her experiences about encountering difficulties and incidents in the process of charity work in remote areas. After all, Miss Thuy Tien also had special feelings when meeting Quang Linh Vlogs in Vietnam.

"Tien did fall while moving, but only really panicked when a brother carrying him fell and slipped. Thankfully, everyone is safe after this trip, it is really an unforgettable memory", Thuy Tien shared about the incident when going to charity.

Talking about her companion Quang Linh, the former Miss Grand International has many winged words, but she insists that they are still just good brothers.

She shared: "Mr. Quang Linh, as well as other members of the Vietnamese-African team, are all brothers that Tien loves very much when he brings the ideal of love and helps people. Especially when everyone has worked together before, Tien and the Vietnamese-African team somewhat have chemistry and understand each other. Hopefully, with that, I and the Vietnamese-African team will accompany each other more so that more community projects can be implemented."

Quang Linh Vlog heartbroken because Thuy Tien claimed to only see as a brother, fans pushing boats need to stay awake? - Photo 2

The queen's sharing made some fans feel disappointed because they always wanted Thuy Tien and Quang Linh to be a couple. However, there is also an opinion that pushing the boat is not bad but should not go over the limit. Let both of you have your own lives and choices.

Quang Linh Vlog heartbroken because Thuy Tien claimed to only see as a brother, fans pushing boats need to stay awake? - Photo 3

This is not the first time that Miss Thuy Tien and YouTuber Quang Linh have been enthusiastically "pushed the boat" by netizens.

In July 2022, Miss Thuy Tien and her team had a trip to Angola, combined with Quang Linh to build 2 clean water wells to help 300 poor households here.

Recently, videos and images with interaction between Thuy Tien and Quang Linh have "caused a fever" on social networks.

Quang Linh Vlog heartbroken because Thuy Tien claimed to only see as a brother, fans pushing boats need to stay awake? - Photo 4

Many fans commented, Thuy Tien and Quang Linh have something in common such as friendly and simple personalities. Thanks to their comfort and honesty, the two work well together in charity activities.

Earlier, sharing with reporter Dan Tri, Miss Thuy Tien said that she and Quang Linh knew each other before a charity trip to Angola last year, because both are shareholders of the same company.

Talking about being "pushed the boat" with YouTuber by netizens, Thuy Tien said that she was very happy, because this proved that the two received a lot of love and attention from the public.

Quang Linh Vlog heartbroken because Thuy Tien claimed to only see as a brother, fans pushing boats need to stay awake? - Photo 5

The audience not only loved the couple by saying they should be charmed, the fans also saw Thuy Tien and Quang Linh as the extremely adorable "groom - bride".

Every time Quang Vlog and Miss Thuy Tien meet, people are excited about "pushing the boat". Throughout the journey, the two have had many shy and happy expressions such as the newlywed couple who made people "ship to ship" on social media.

Many people love the couple so much that they took the time to sit down to build a "super product" with 1001 different photos.

Occupying the most spotlight is probably the wedding photo series released by "big fans" while Quang Linh is dashing in an elegant suit, and Thuy Tien turns into a muse in a stark white wedding dress.

The funny pictures on forums are getting a lot of attention from the public, making everyone excited. Many opinions expressed their wish that the Linh-Tien "boat" would soon arrive as expected by everyone.

Quang Linh Vlog heartbroken because Thuy Tien claimed to only see as a brother, fans pushing boats need to stay awake? - Photo 6

Since the charity trip in Angola, Thuy Tien - Quang Linh Vlogs are one of the couples that fans "push the boat" fiercely.

Thuy Tien is loved by the audience because of her sociable and friendly personality. She regularly interacts with her audience on social media and is not afraid to share playful situations.

Quang Linh Vlog heartbroken because Thuy Tien claimed to only see as a brother, fans pushing boats need to stay awake? - Photo 7

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