Miss Mai Phuong received the Miss World sash, 1 special character appeared

Phương ThảoFeb 04, 2024 at 13:30

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At the ceremony of awarding the sash to Miss Mai Phuong to officially become the representative of Vietnam to f.ight Miss World (Miss World) 2024. The event gathered the Flowers, the runner-up of the Golden Lotus House and a special character.

After the delay, Miss World has made an official announcement about the time, place and schedule of this year's pageant. Accordingly, Miss Mai Phuong - representing Vietnam at Miss World 2024 - will officially go to India to compete with international beauties on February 16 (i.e. the 7th day of the lunar calendar).

Miss Mai Phuong received the Miss World sash, 1 special character appeared - Photo 1

On February 3, the sash awarding ceremony for Miss Mai Phuong to attend the 71st Miss World contest was held in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. After more than 1 year of practice and preparation, the Miss World organization officially confirmed the time, place and schedule of the pageant. The information received a lot of attention from fans.

Miss Mai Phuong received the Miss World sash, 1 special character appeared - Photo 2

The ceremony was attended by many Hoa, runners-up and many other Vbiz stars such as: Do Thi Ha, Doan Thien An, Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc, Phuong Nhi, Thanh Thuy, Minh Kien and Phuong My Chi, DTAP,.... In particular, Miss Mai Phuong's mother also returned to Vietnam from the US, rarely attending the event to support her daughter's spirit. Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai - Miss Mother shared : "I myself am very honored to appear today, very touched to see that my daughter has gone through a long journey to go to the international arena. Many thanks to the company, the team, and especially to the daughter herself for always burning hard, doing everything for her passion."

Miss Mai Phuong received the Miss World sash, 1 special character appeared - Photo 3

In the presence of the public and fans, Miss Do Ha handed over the sash to her "successor" Mai Phuong. In this special moment, Mai Phuong could not help but be touched and shared with a spirit full of enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunities that came her way.

Miss Mai Phuong received the Miss World sash, 1 special character appeared - Photo 4

"I feel incredibly happy and grateful. I believe in miracles — as individuals we create miracles, give each other opportunities. Let us continue to be grateful, try with what we have to spread love, be responsible for work and family,.... As much as everyone loves me, there's no reason why I feel the wait for Miss World is so long. Every day that passes I feel so grateful and appreciative. I will try my best in the Miss World arena so that everyone can be assured of a Vietnamese girl", Mai Phuong emotionally shared.

Miss Mai Phuong received the Miss World sash, 1 special character appeared - Photo 5

Mai Phuong has had a long journey to prepare and practice for the upcoming Miss World. She is highly appreciated by the media and fans for her beauty, skills, experience and always tries to improve herself, devoting herself to volunteer activities for the community.

Mai Phuong also announced the options for designs that will accompany her in important parts such as Top Model competition, Evening Gown costumes for the finale.

With careful investment for nearly 2 years, Miss Mai Phuong and designer Pham Dang Anh Thu launched 5 impressive evening dresses.

Miss Mai Phuong received the Miss World sash, 1 special character appeared - Photo 6

Accordingly, costumes for the Top Model contest were announced with 2 designs. In particular, a green design inspired by the beautiful mountain forests of Vietnam. On the contrary, the other dress is designed based on the pure beauty of pearls from the sea.

The 3 evening gown dresses for the finale did not disappoint either. Accordingly, the dress models are designed with luxurious and arrogant fishtail dresses.

However, all are meticulously and sophisticatedly attached with many types of high-quality needles. In particular, Mai Phuong has announced that the official song "Pray" will be the song that Hau chooses for her talent contest at the upcoming Miss World.

Miss Mai Phuong received the Miss World sash, 1 special character appeared - Photo 7

The performance was performed by Hau at the send-off and staged with the children at the Angel shelter, which she visited with the Yako by Mai Phuong Foundation this past Christmas.

Miss Mai Phuong received the Miss World sash, 1 special character appeared - Photo 8

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