Do Ha frankly responded very sweetly to fans when suspected of "plastic surgery" intervention.

Minh NgọcNov 28, 2023 at 18:19

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Recently, Do Ha frankly responded to questions when someone said she had her chin corrected after the coronation. Because with her past image, the current queen has changed, becoming more attractive and feminine.

On the evening of November 27, on her personal TikTok, Do Ha posted pictures of herself from when she was a c.hild on social networks. The queen also humorously shared a status line with the content: "To celebrate 1 million followers, a shocking video is indispensable." In the photo, the Thanh Hoa beauty impresses with her tall figure and white skin. In the past, Do Ha impressed with her tall figure and white skin. But after being crowned, the beauty of the Thanh Hoa-born queen gradually improved and transformed to become more attractive and mature.

Do Ha frankly responded very sweetly to fans when suspected of plastic surgery intervention. - Photo 1

In addition to the comments praising the beauty of Miss Vietnam 2020, there are still a few people who expressed doubts about Do Ha's face, questioning the beauty queen's "surgical intervention". Specifically, the comment read: "Did you fix your chin? I think the first photo is a bit different from now."

To answer this audience's question, Do Ha quickly responded: "The photo I have now has photoshop, but in the past I didn't." The queen's charm and a bit of humor received a rain of compliments. Not only smart and skillful, but also very gentle and a little cute.

Do Ha frankly responded very sweetly to fans when suspected of plastic surgery intervention. - Photo 2

Do Ha was crowned Miss Vietnam 2020 at the age of 19. Her term ended at the end of 2022. After being crowned Miss Vietnam 2020, Do Thi Ha continued to f.ight on the world beauty pageant. . The beauty reached the top 27 of the talent competition, the top 16 of Head to Head Challenge, the top 13 of Top Model and ended up in the top 13 overall at Miss World 2021. Recently, Do Thi Ha is also a familiar face, appearing Currently there are fashion shows by famous designers.

Do Ha frankly responded very sweetly to fans when suspected of plastic surgery intervention. - Photo 3

The beauty born in 2001 said that before participating in the contest, she impressed everyone around her because of her outstanding height. However, Do Ha is always self-conscious and shy.

Do Ha shared: "Actually, since middle school, I have been very tall. You can call it tall, people in the village often jokingly call me the beauty of the neighborhood. When I was in high school, I started to love social events. Miss pageant, but because I live in a small province, I don't have many opportunities to interact with live beauty pageants. I only watch it on TV. When I turn 18, I take the university entrance exam and go to Hanoi to study. I never thought about going to a beauty contest because my life at that time was very boring, just revolving around going to school, coming home, cooking and even h.anging out with friends."

Do Ha frankly responded very sweetly to fans when suspected of plastic surgery intervention. - Photo 4

Do Ha said she does not think the title Miss comes with "rich". She wants to become her own "giant". For that reason, right after graduating from university, Do Ha started his business.

Do Ha frankly responded very sweetly to fans when suspected of plastic surgery intervention. - Photo 5

Recently, Do Ha officially graduated from Business Law at National Economics University. After graduating, Do Ha plans to become a businessman in the beauty field in parallel with showbiz activities. Do Ha takes on the role of CEO, Co-founder and Brand Ambassador. She is also preparing to continue studying for a Master's degree to equip herself with more knowledge on her career path.

Do Ha frankly responded very sweetly to fans when suspected of plastic surgery intervention. - Photo 6

The work and study schedule is quite busy, but Do Ha has officially become the co-founder of a 5-star international spa - beauty salon brand in Hanoi.

Do Ha frankly responded very sweetly to fans when suspected of plastic surgery intervention. - Photo 7

"Many people always think of the title beauty queen with accompanying negative phrases such as "tycoon", "young master", "daughter-in-law of a wealthy family"... As for me, I want to become a tycoon. family, becoming a rich woman in my own life. Once in that position, I am ready to walk alongside men who have nothing in their hands" - The beauty from Thanh shared about the reason for starting a business.

Do Ha frankly responded very sweetly to fans when suspected of plastic surgery intervention. - Photo 8

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