Why did Mai Phuong miss the top 12 Miss World despite having many skills?

Phượng VũMar 10, 2024 at 18:33

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The 71st season of Miss World ended, the Vietnamese representative stopped at the Top 40 position full of regret. Even though she had many skills, Mai Phuong had to deal with too strong opponents so she couldn't go further.

On the evening of March 9, Miss Mai Phuong and 111 contestants entered the final night of Miss World 2024 in Mumbai, India. Here, the Vietnamese representative was announced as the winner of the Multimedia challenge and was one of 13 contestants who won a ticket to enter the Top 40 directly.

Why did Mai Phuong miss the top 12 Miss World despite having many skills? - Photo 1

Opening the final night, the queen from Dong Nai and the contestants performed evening gowns. After being announced in the top 40, Vietnam representatives and 12 beauties won the host country's national costume performance awards.

When it came to calling names for the Top 12, Mai Phuong was absent, perhaps due to a lack of luck because this year's competition chooses the top by continent. And in the final Top 12, there are 2 representatives from each continent entering. With this format, the audience believes that it is difficult for beauties born in 1999 to compete when the Asian region has many strong competitors.

Why did Mai Phuong miss the top 12 Miss World despite having many skills? - Photo 2

Even bright candidates like Türkiye and Indonesia cannot reach the top. Even before that, highly rated contestants like the Philippines and Thailand were not named in the Top 40. So Mai Phuong's early stop is not too difficult to understand.

However, during the journey lasting more than 20 days in India, the queen did well as a Vietnamese representative in the oldest beauty playground on the planet. With the advantage of good English (IELTS 8.0) and sharp communication and behavior skills, she interacted and connected with contestants as well as members of the organizing committee.

Why did Mai Phuong miss the top 12 Miss World despite having many skills? - Photo 3

However, with her small figure, Mai Phuong was affected quite a lot while participating in the contest. Like many other Asian beauties participating in international competitions, she is inferior in physical strength and flexibility compared to European, American and African contestants.

Right from the moment she arrived in India, the 9X beauty had health problems. With a weak physical condition, beauty fans commented that she only contributed to the Sports competition and had no chance of reaching the top. Similarly, many viewers commented that it was difficult for her to reach the top of the Fashion Beauty contest because of her physical limitations.

Why did Mai Phuong miss the top 12 Miss World despite having many skills? - Photo 4

At the talent contest, Mai Phuong and her crew were carefully prepared with a clear strategy. She brought the song "Pray" which was written specifically, with a unique rap part. The beauty also plans to share with the judges the meaning behind the song in her competition.

However, poor health affected her performance. The queen from Dong Nai couldn't even perform the whole song. Even though she sang 2 other songs, she still could not score points in this competition.

Why did Mai Phuong miss the top 12 Miss World despite having many skills? - Photo 5

Humanity Beauty and Head to Head Challenge are two competitions where the audience expected Mai Phuong to shine, but the results were not as expected. To explain this result, many people think that her opponent is too strong.

Besides, the organizers' constant format changes in announcing the top sub-competitions also greatly affected the results of Mai Phuong as well as other contestants.

Why did Mai Phuong miss the top 12 Miss World despite having many skills? - Photo 6

Even though she missed most of the supporting awards, the Vietnamese representative was still highly appreciated by many beauty pages. In Missosology's most recent prediction table, Mai Phuong was ranked 15th. Even before that, Pageanthology predicted her to be crowned.

From there, it can be seen that the beauty born in 1999 has done well in the role of connecting and communicating and received attention from many beauty pages as well as the media.

Why did Mai Phuong miss the top 12 Miss World despite having many skills? - Photo 7

True to the spirit of young people being proud of their homeland, Mai Phuong brought the country's unique cultural features to introduce to international friends. She introduces Vietnamese dishes, meals, dances... to everyone through her social networking platform.

Mai Phuong's journey at the 71st Miss World has ended, but it was a beautiful mark in her youth.

Why did Mai Phuong miss the top 12 Miss World despite having many skills? - Photo 8

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