Rosé "separated" from BLACKPINK, did not establish a company, and ventured into a new "landing".

Nguyễn KimJun 17, 2024 at 17:03

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The news that Rosé did not open her own company but joined The Black Label surprised the public. With this move, all four BLACKPINK members have found a "landing" for their solo activities.

On June 17, Newsen reported that Rosé (BLACKPINK) is planning to join The Black Label company to develop personal projects in the future, after her personal contract with YG Entertainment expires. Immediately afterwards, The Black Label confirmed: "We are discussing an exclusive contract with Rosé."

Rosé separated from BLACKPINK, did not establish a company, and ventured into a new landing. - Photo 1

Since the end of last year, BLACKPINK members and YG Entertainment have come to an agreement that all 4 members will continue to sign contracts with the company but no one will renew their individual contracts. This means that group activities will still be managed by YG as before, but each person's personal activities will be decided by them.

Three members Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo have respectively announced the establishment of their own companies, including Odd Atelier (December 2023), LLOUD (February 2024) and Blissoo (February 2024). Therefore, the fact that Rosé joined a company close to YG Entertainment makes many people wonder the reason behind it.

Rosé separated from BLACKPINK, did not establish a company, and ventured into a new landing. - Photo 2

Currently, The Black Label was founded and run by Teddy, and is the "home" of Jeon Somi, Taeyang (Bigbang), Zion.T and Park Bo Gum. Previously, Teddy participated in producing most of BLACKPINK's songs and is highly respected by the members. He will continue to accompany Rosé on this new journey. Rosé even shared that Teddy is like the "fifth member" of BLACKPINK.

Rosé separated from BLACKPINK, did not establish a company, and ventured into a new landing. - Photo 3

In fact, the news of Rosé joining The Black Label caused fans to debate. The audience believes that joining The Black Label is a safe choice for Rosé, because Teddy is the producer who has always accompanied BLACKPINK's music for the past 8 years. He understands the members well so it will be easier for him to collaborate and produce music.

In addition, if Rosé does not establish her own company but signs a contract with a company other than YG, then The Black Label is the optimal choice when Rosé wants to easily maintain group activities with BLACKPINK.

Rosé separated from BLACKPINK, did not establish a company, and ventured into a new landing. - Photo 4

Rosé had a successful solo debut with hits like "On The Ground" and "Gone". A move to The Black Label could help her focus more on her solo career, with support from an experienced production and management team. The Black Label is capable of providing appropriate strategies and promotional plans to help Rosé grow even stronger.

The Black Label focuses not only on music but also on other aspects of arts and entertainment, including fashion and media. This opens up many new opportunities for Rosé in developing her personal image and expanding her scope of activities in the global entertainment industry.

Rosé separated from BLACKPINK, did not establish a company, and ventured into a new landing. - Photo 5

The company under Teddy's largest shareholder is YG Entertainment. In early 2024, The Black Label left the YG building and set up an office in a building in the Hannam neighborhood, Yongsan district, Seoul. Many people believe that The Black Label operates independently but is still more or less dominated by YG.

The artists under The Black Label do not have many outstanding activities. The only female artist is Somi who joined the company in 2018 but returned to the music track in small drops. Initially, she released many songs produced by Teddy that created a certain resonance such as Birthday, Dumb Dumb, What You Waiting For or XOXO. However, after 2021, Somi almost disappeared. It took 2 years for her to return with the new mini album Game Plan. Besides Somi, Taeyang or Zion.T, there are not many musical activities.

Rosé separated from BLACKPINK, did not establish a company, and ventured into a new landing. - Photo 6

Fans are worried that Rosé will fall into a similar situation if she signs with The Black Label. Unlike the three members who are still free to decide on personal activities, Rosé will depend on the new management company.

However, many people still put their trust in Teddy, expecting Rosé to be favored when joining the army because she is a member of the most famous g.irl group today. In addition, Teddy's music still creates hits and is popular with the masses, ensuring the quality of Rosé's solo products in the future.

Rosé separated from BLACKPINK, did not establish a company, and ventured into a new landing. - Photo 7

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