Rosé was silent amid BLACKPINK's rumbling "job explosion", career deadlock after leaving YG

Kim LâmFeb 04, 2024 at 14:30

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After leaving YG, the BLACKPINK members are having exciting solo activities. However, Rosé is the g.irl that many fans can't help but worry when she has been quite quiet recently.

Blackpink renewed their group contracts with YG Entertainment, but all 4 members' individual contracts (Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa) with the agency were not renewed after 7 years.

This means that, from now on, YG is only responsible for managing the group's overall activities (such as releasing group albums, organizing global tours, etc.), while each member's solo activities are up to them to decide.

Rosé was silent amid BLACKPINKs rumbling job explosion, career deadlock after leaving YG - Photo 1

Jennie has announced the creation of her own company OA. Jisoo is expected to join the company in South Korea led by his brother as CEO. But Rosé and Lisa have yet to officially r.eveal their personal direction.

Recently, Rosé sent a food truck to support Jisoo's crew but did not show up. Fans claim that Rosé is in the US through some leaked images on X and the location of her social media accounts.

After her personal contract with YG was terminated, Rosé stopped appearing in public. Rosé is taking a rare break after 7 years of activity with a tight schedule with Blackpink.

Rosé was silent amid BLACKPINKs rumbling job explosion, career deadlock after leaving YG - Photo 2

However, she is also hatching new plans. In early January, she posted a rare photo of her recording studio. According to Sports Kyunghyang, many famous European and American music producers have followed Rosé's Instagram account.

Music producer Cirkut – who co-produced and composed hits such as "Roar" and "Dark Horse" (Katy Perry), "Wrecking Ball" (Miley Cyrus) ...

Recently, American musician and music producer Rob Bisel, Gian Stone, Draci, Bart Schoudel, Delacey, Laura Sisk, Jack Antonoff who have worked with many international cult artists have also connected with Rosé on social media platforms.

Rosé was silent amid BLACKPINKs rumbling job explosion, career deadlock after leaving YG - Photo 3

Jisoo is the eldest sister of the group Blackpink. In 2023, while still under a personal contract with YG, Jisoo has managed to launch his solo product. Her hit "Flower" was recognized by the public for her visible progress in music and performance skills. It is expected that in 2024, she will continue to develop her new musical side.

In addition, in 2024, Jisoo will also encroach on acting. The idol also revealed to fans that she is eager for her new film. "Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint" that Jisoo participated in is a work that brings together a cult cast including Lee Min Ho, Ahn Hyo Seop, Chae so Bin, Shin Seung Ho, Nana, Park Ho San, Choi Young Joon...

Rosé was silent amid BLACKPINKs rumbling job explosion, career deadlock after leaving YG - Photo 4

According to Ten Asia, Lisa is a Thai idol, so her activities are expected to be primarily aimed at the international market, not Korea. This is because Lisa has no family in Korea, and her influence abroad is greater than in Korea.

For months, Lisa mostly stayed in Paris, France. It is rumored that Lisa will settle in France to be closer to her boyfriend Frédéric Arnault, CEO of the watch division of luxury group LVMH.

Rosé was silent amid BLACKPINKs rumbling job explosion, career deadlock after leaving YG - Photo 5

As for the case of Rosé – the singer holds dual Korean and New Zealand citizenship, so far, the public knows little about the news regarding her activities. Because Rosé herself has revealed little about her direction after her separation from YG.

At the end of 2023, Rosé said: "2023 is a year where I have proven myself. Earlier this year, I doubted whether I could make the right decisions responsibly and independently as a 26-year-old adult.

Looking back, I think I finally did well... At least for me personally, I proved myself by "listening to my own voice."

Rosé was silent amid BLACKPINKs rumbling job explosion, career deadlock after leaving YG - Photo 6

Previously, it was rumored that Rosé had re-signed her personal contract with YG, as she was the only member of the Blackpink group to make a photo shoot to welcome Christmas and New Year 2024, which was released late last year. But in the end the results were not as predicted.

Ten Asia said it was highly likely that Rosé would stand on her own through a company founded like Jennie's. But Rosé is still the Blackpink member with the most unpredictable future moves.

Rosé was silent amid BLACKPINKs rumbling job explosion, career deadlock after leaving YG - Photo 7

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