Will Rosé (BLACKPINK) sing the theme song of the survival show Hanbin (Tempest) once participated in?

Mẫn NhiMar 29, 2024 at 10:06

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Korean media reported that Rosé (BLACKPINK) will be the singer to perform the theme song of the survival show I-LAND 2, the program in which the Vietnamese male idol - Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung once participated.

On the morning of March 28, Korean media News1 reported exclusively that Rosé (BLACKPINK) will participate in singing the theme song for Mnet I-LAND season 2's K-pop g.irl group launch project.

Will Rosé (BLACKPINK) sing the theme song of the survival show Hanbin (Tempest) once participated in? - Photo 1

Accordingly, if this song is released, this will also be Rosé's solo comeback after 3 years since her solo album R released in March 2021.

The song that Rosé will take on is called "Final Love Song", produced by Teddy, along with familiar producers who have produced music for Blackpink such as VVN, 24.

Will Rosé (BLACKPINK) sing the theme song of the survival show Hanbin (Tempest) once participated in? - Photo 2

The song Rosé performs will be sampled from Europe's song "The Final Countdown", containing a strong message, portraying the passion of people who are willing to part with what they love to achieve their goals.

Rosé's presence on the show is considered understandable by fans because she is close to "music wizard" Teddy Park - founder of The Black Label. He is the "father" of the group's famous hits such as Ddu-du Ddu-du, How You Like That ...

Will Rosé (BLACKPINK) sing the theme song of the survival show Hanbin (Tempest) once participated in? - Photo 3

"Final Love Song" is expected to be released on April 4, and Mnet's "'I-LAND 2" will premiere on the evening of April 18.

Rosé's participation in the song from I-LAND season 2 made fans excited because they have been waiting for the solo song of the "Australian rose" for so long. Although it is not a product that marks Rosé's official solo comeback on the music circuit, Final Love Song is still highly anticipated by fans.

Will Rosé (BLACKPINK) sing the theme song of the survival show Hanbin (Tempest) once participated in? - Photo 4

I-LAND is known as a Korean survival entertainment program, co-organized by two major companies, Big Hit Entertainment and CJ E&M. This is the program that 'gave birth' to ENHYPEN - one of K-pop's typical 4th generation male groups. Particularly for Vietnamese audiences, I-LAND is also of interest because of the appearance of Vietnamese trainee Ngo Ngoc Hung, also known by his stage name Hanbin.

Will Rosé (BLACKPINK) sing the theme song of the survival show Hanbin (Tempest) once participated in? - Photo 5

With the success of the group ENHYPEN after the end of season 1, I-LAND continued to produce season 2, attracting strong attention from the public.

In season 2, the program will search for talent from female trainees, with the goal of creating a new Gen 5 g.irl group. Mnet decided to collaborate with producer Teddy and his entertainment company, The Black Labels.

Will Rosé (BLACKPINK) sing the theme song of the survival show Hanbin (Tempest) once participated in? - Photo 6

Many people hope that the g.irl group that the show is about to debut can create a new breakthrough. Currently, season 2 is in the process of filming and is expected to air in April 2024.

Not only Korean contestants, this survival program promises to have a large number of foreign contestants. Today, there are many young people from all over the world - including Vietnam - dreaming of the K-Pop dream, and that dream is no longer as far away as they imagine.

In 2020, the survival show I-LAND surprised the Vietnamese K-Pop fan community when the show featured a Vietnamese contestant named Ngo Ngoc Hung (stage name Hanbin). Although he was eliminated before the Finals to the regret of the audience, he still received a lot of support thanks to his talent and impressive performance throughout the program.

Will Rosé (BLACKPINK) sing the theme song of the survival show Hanbin (Tempest) once participated in? - Photo 7

After two years, Hanbin debuted in the land of Kimchi with the group Tempest. The group has achieved much success and won the Best New Artist a.ward at the 2022 Genie Music Awards.

Will Rosé (BLACKPINK) sing the theme song of the survival show Hanbin (Tempest) once participated in? - Photo 8

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