Manager Ngo Kien Huy eliminated Trang Fa for eating too much, choosing Le Quyen as the champion

Đình NhưFeb 03, 2024 at 10:03

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As the first reality show to gather a cast of popular female stars, Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind Turn Wave became the hottest topic during the broadcast. Recently, manager Ngo Kien Huy made social media "buzz" with his own opinion post about "7 Beautiful Sister Squad".

Accordingly, as a seasoned person in the industry, the opinion of manager Ngo Kien Huy attracted attention, and there were mixed opinions. According to his personal post, he analyzed 7 beautiful sisters who debuted including: 2 big sisters My Linh - Le Quyen, 2 visual Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc - Huyen B.aby and vocal trio Uyen Linh - Phuong Vy and Giang Hong Ngoc. Besides, manager Ngo Kien Huy also mentioned why he did not choose Trang Fa - MLee and Ye Lam Anh in his top 7.

Manager Ngo Kien Huy eliminated Trang Fa for eating too much, choosing Le Quyen as the champion - Photo 1

"So I will think to myself the reason for not choosing these 3 sisters: Ms. MLee elected herself with 2 votes while the other sisters all elected 2 different people, Ms. Trang Fa ate too much, always felt like she was f.orced to film, but the top star is that they are very conscious of keeping the image and not chewing when filming. Ms. Ye Linying, after the show, the audience remembered that she danced beautifully...", manager Ngo Kien Huy wrote.

Manager Ngo Kien Huy eliminated Trang Fa for eating too much, choosing Le Quyen as the champion - Photo 2

After the post was "dissected" in the groups, netizens concurred who objected to manager Wu Kien Huy's opinion. Some people also reacted negatively to the idea of "Trang Fa ate too much in the program", "stoned" supporting Le Quyen in the top 7. Although it is only a personal sharing, the topic "7 Beautiful Sisters in Me" still makes people discuss vehemently, even becoming a "battle" on social media. Manager Ngo Kien Huy had to speak out again about his statements.

Manager Ngo Kien Huy eliminated Trang Fa for eating too much, choosing Le Quyen as the champion - Photo 3

On the morning of February 2, he shared a photo with Huyen B.aby 6 years ago, with a few words about how his own opinion is being "distorted" too much: "Writing in Vietnamese that I, stt below write about the 7th squad in me, there is no sentence that the 7th formation is required or exactly must be?..." Manager Ngo Kien Huy reaffirmed that the top 7 beautiful sisters are just subjective comments, sharing more perspectives with friends and relatives who follow. He does not mean to disparage any beautiful sisters or "factions" like netizens are spreading hands. This controversy is still noisy on community pages, showing no signs of abating.

Manager Ngo Kien Huy eliminated Trang Fa for eating too much, choosing Le Quyen as the champion - Photo 4

In just a few hours, the program "Beautiful Sister Turns the Wave" will end. 7 "beautiful sisters" will be revealed. Along with that, the "beautiful sisters" won individual awards.

The program has individual prizes for each "beautiful sister". According to the predictions of the audience on forums and social networks, the "beautiful sisters" are named for each a.ward as follows:

Y-Sister (Beautiful Sister of the Year) - This a.ward will be voted by the "beautiful sisters" themselves and awarded to those who dare to make spectacular breakthroughs, win challenges through each round of the Premiere, spread energy to teammates and inspire positive energy for everyone, My Linh.'

Manager Ngo Kien Huy eliminated Trang Fa for eating too much, choosing Le Quyen as the champion - Photo 5

Y-Pearl - This is an a.ward for someone who always shines, is optimistic in all circumstances to create beauty from within. "Beautiful sister shines" will contribute to spreading beautiful and positive thoughts to the life concept of all "beautiful sisters" in the program as well as of the audience, Huyen B.aby.

Y-Talent - This a.ward will be selected by the Advisory Board and awarded to those who have full ability in singing, dancing, performing, creativity and musical knowledge.

Manager Ngo Kien Huy eliminated Trang Fa for eating too much, choosing Le Quyen as the champion - Photo 6

The almighty beauty has dedicated herself to creating spectacular performances from vocals, choreography and musical production thinking. Their contribution made the stage explode with emotions that spread forever in the hearts of the audience of the show, Trang France.

Y-Energy - This a.ward honors the sweet "beautiful sister" with a sunny smile.

They have helped cultivate a happy and affectionate atmosphere and created positive values for the program, helping to soothe and heal the soul to the people around them: My Linh, Thu Phuong, Doan Trang.

Manager Ngo Kien Huy eliminated Trang Fa for eating too much, choosing Le Quyen as the champion - Photo 7

Y-Leader - This a.ward is given to the person who has led team members to win the most positions in the team formation.

The a.ward aims to honor the "beautiful sister" who leads in leadership, unites team members and brings a common vision, towards the most brilliant success for the group: Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc.

Y-Spirit, Inspiring Sister and Best Performance are expected to be awarded to Nguyen Ha, My Linh, and Trang Phap respectively.

Compared to the Chinese version, these individual awards are the innovation point of the Vietnamese version of Sister Beautiful.

Manager Ngo Kien Huy eliminated Trang Fa for eating too much, choosing Le Quyen as the champion - Photo 8

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