Pham Van Phuong - "Tieu Long Nu" revealed a stiff and oily face, disappointing

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The role of "Tieu Long Nu" by Singaporean actress Pham Van Phuong is always considered as one of the most successful versions of "The Condor Heroes". After nearly 30 years of joining the entertainment industry, Pham Van Phuong still makes fans admire by her beautiful beauty and is called by the nickname "Beauty without age".

Pham Van Phuong - "Tieu Long Nu" revealed a stiff and oily face, disappointing - Photo 1

However, recently, "Tieu Long Nu" made the public shocked when she appeared with a different appearance in an event organized by a famous brand. Pham Van Phuong appeared as a special guest.

Although she did not appear next to her husband Ly Minh Thuan, the beauty still attracted the attention of the public thanks to her youthful and charming appearance. Pham Van Phuong wears a two-string short dress showing off her round 1 and s.exy bare shoulders.

However, in close-up photos, Pham Van Phuong accidentally revealed a stiff and oily face. This makes the actress's beauty more degraded than before. The U50 actress also revealed many clear wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. Many viewers think that the previous magazine images have been carefully photoshopped, so Pham Van Phuong is so sparkling.

Pham Van Phuong - "Tieu Long Nu" revealed a stiff and oily face, disappointing - Photo 2

Although not appreciated by the public for her beauty in yesterday's event, Pham Van Phuong received a super sweet compliment from her husband Ly Minh Thuan. The actor asserted that his wife was the most beautiful in the world, making people jealous.

This is not the first time Ly Minh Thuan has expressed his love for his wife. He once shared with the media: "From the beginning, we thought of each other as lovers. When I got married, I still considered her as my girlfriend. So don't ask if we're bored with each other or not. Even though my head is gray, I still love her."

In an interview, when asked about how to maintain a happy marriage, Pham Van Phuong confided: "Both have been friends and have been married for a long time, but Ly Minh Thuan has always remained friends. caring and giving me sweet gestures like when I was in love. Therefore, every day I always live in his love. Moreover, we not only see each other as husband and wife, but also as husband and wife. close friends to understand and share difficulties faced in life".

Pham Van Phuong - "Tieu Long Nu" revealed a stiff and oily face, disappointing - Photo 3

Pham Van Phuong is known as "the pearl of Singapore". She is a rare artist of the famous "lion island" throughout Asia. In addition to a successful career, a happy family with no problems, the actress is also loved for her philanthropy. Every year, Pham Van Phuong goes to charity many times, she participates in activities for the elderly and children in her hometown.

Currently, the two artists still maintain a good reputation and love of the public. However, Pham Van Phuong is less active in art. The actress only accepted to act in advertisements and attend events to have time to nurture her family. Meanwhile, Ly Minh Thuan is still hard at work filming, he also encroached on the director. Not only famous in his hometown of Singapore, Ly Minh Thuan is also invited to participate in film projects in Hong Kong, Taiwan.

Pham Van Phuong was born in 1971 in Singapore, she is one of the favorite ancient beauties in many Asian countries. The famous films of the actress can be mentioned such as The Condor Heroes, Thanh Sa Bach Snake, Hang Nga Bon Nguyet, Phuc Loc Tho Tam Tinh Bao Hy, Lieu Trai Ky Tu Chi Lien Thanh ... In which , her role as Tieu Long Nu in The Condor Heroes is still marked in the hearts of the audience.

After the movie The Condor Heroes, she and "Duong Qua" Ly Minh Thuan made the public c.razy. The wedding ceremony of the two is considered the wedding of the century of the Singapore entertainment industry that year and is a rare entertainment event televised live in the lion island nation.

Pham Van Phuong - "Tieu Long Nu" revealed a stiff and oily face, disappointing - Photo 4

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