Liu Yifei was once criticized by writer Kim Dung, but is now praised for her excellent acting

Bút BiJun 19, 2024 at 17:24

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Recently, Page 163 reported that the movie Rose Story starring Liu Yifei is ranked first on the Datawin and Vlinkage discussion index among screened movies.

The audience debated and discussed enthusiastically about the film's content, character building, and marketing. At the same time, there are also many compliments for Liu Yifei's progressive acting.

Liu Yifei was once criticized by writer Kim Dung, but is now praised for her excellent acting - Photo 1

Topics such as "Liu Yifei's acting", "Liu Yifei's first performance as a mother", "Liu Yifei at the library", scenes showing the psychological change of emotional maturity of the character Hoang Diec Mai,... has had tens of millions of reads. Among them, the keyword "Liu Yifei's acting" has a total of 890 million views. From previous articles criticizing the actress's performance for many shortcomings, to now it has been more emotional and transformed better. figure.

Liu Yifei was once criticized by writer Kim Dung, but is now praised for her excellent acting - Photo 2

This is Liu Yifei's first time acting in a childbirth scene, but the actress was praised for her realistic acting, each way she took a breath to push or the pain she expressed clearly. The feeling of joy when seeing your c.hild for the first time, or the letter sent to your beloved daughter, all touched the audience. Thanks to that, Liu Yifei's birth scene reached more than 70 million views.

Liu Yifei was once criticized by writer Kim Dung, but is now praised for her excellent acting - Photo 3

According to QQ, in the past, Liu Yifei was often criticized for being beautiful but soulless in her acting. Her classic roles are only praised for their beauty. In particular, the two roles of Vuong Ngu Yen in Thien Long Bat Bo (2003) and Tieu Long Nu in The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2006) left unforgettable memories for Liu Yifei's career.

Liu Yifei was once criticized by writer Kim Dung, but is now praised for her excellent acting - Photo 4

In her first collaboration, Liu Yifei played the role of Wang Yu Yen when she was 15-16 years old. She was highly praised by the late writer Kim Dung: "Meeting Liu Yifei, the audience will understand how I describe beauty. How real is Vuong Ngu Yen? If it wasn't Liu Yifei who played Vuong Ngu Yen, thousands and thousands of viewers would think Kim Dung was lying. After she acted, everyone in the world would know the truth There is such a lively beauty."

Liu Yifei was once criticized by writer Kim Dung, but is now praised for her excellent acting - Photo 5

However, in their second collaboration in The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2006), writer Kim Dung bluntly criticized Liu Yifei: "I feel Andy Lau and Tran Ngoc Lien played the best. But he ( director Truong Ky Trung) cast Liu Yifei to play Tieu Long Nu, but she was afraid of looking bad and didn't dare show her emotions. She said she was crying, but she refused to cry and just shed tears.

The late writer criticized Liu Yifei's poor acting and could not act in a crying scene. She failed filming so much that she was almost kicked out of the film crew. To this day, the image of her dripping eye drops is still spreading. Faced with Kim Dung's blunt criticism, the actress did not say a word of rebuttal.

Liu Yifei was once criticized by writer Kim Dung, but is now praised for her excellent acting - Photo 6

It is also understandable that Kim Dung is the "father" of the character Tieu Long Nu, so he is the one who understands his character better than anyone else. Not to mention he is also an influential person in the Chinese entertainment industry. And there is one more reason, that is Liu Yifei herself cannot deny that her acting is so bad because it is obvious to everyone.

Unlike Vuong Ngu Yen, who mainly shows off her fairy-like beauty, Tieu Long Nu's role is more complex, because she is the one who overcomes prejudices and moral rules to love Duong Qua, a c.hild many years younger than her. , no different from her students.

Liu Yifei was once criticized by writer Kim Dung, but is now praised for her excellent acting - Photo 7

Although Tieu Long Nu appears cold, in reality she is a delicate, sensitive and passionate person. Liu Yifei's immaturity does not match the complexity of the character's inner thoughts. The actress is beautiful and has good martial arts moves, but was criticized for many of her acting scenes.

In fact, crying scenes have always been Liu Yifei's weakness. According to 163, in the first movie of her career, Kim Phan The Gia, Liu Yifei could not cry, her acting was so poor that she repeatedly made filming errors, causing her co-star Tran Khon to go out angrily.

Liu Yifei was once criticized by writer Kim Dung, but is now praised for her excellent acting - Photo 8

In later films such as Tam Sinh Tam The: Thap Ly Dao Hoa, Lo Thuy Hong Nhan, Third Love, Going Where the Wind is... the beauty's crying scene is always ridiculed and has a scientific expression. swollen, bad senses, lack of emotions.

However, in recent years, the actress has shown more maturity in expressing character depth, especially in The Rose Story. Although she still has some small habits when acting, by the c.limax scene the audience can still sympathize with the character's mood.

Liu Yifei was once criticized by writer Kim Dung, but is now praised for her excellent acting - Photo 9

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