Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy "adjusted" showbiz, advised colleagues not to "follow" to celebrate Phuong Hang's case

Nam PhươngMar 27, 2022 at 16:00

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Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy frankly gave her opinion on the fact that Phuong Hang was initiated. At the same time, give insightful advice to colleagues.

After nearly a year of causing waves with a series of shocking livestreams. From the topic of revealing the private life of Hoai Linh, the late singer Phi Nhung, to the charity of the couple Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien, Tran Thanh... It can be said that Phuong Hang is a bad omen for her. Vietnamese showbiz artist. That is why on March 24, information about a 1,000 billion female streamer was officially prosecuted and detained for the crime of abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the State, the rights and interests of individuals. many people are excited. Especially the characters who used to be aggressive with Phuong Hang.

Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy "adjusted" showbiz, advised colleagues not to "follow" to celebrate Phuong Hang's case - Photo 1

Do not choose to "celebrate" like colleagues on MXH. Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy thoughtfully commented on this drama. According to the actress, there is no winner or loser here, based on the law. Those who do wrong must be held accountable for their actions. Notably, the character of the stepmother in the movie "Love the copper perch" also advises juniors and colleagues not to celebrate or "drop water with the rain" to lash out at any character.

"No one wins and no one loses. It's just that the situation has changed a bit. No one wins or loses, so what is there to celebrate? No matter how wrong anyone is, they pay the price. Throwing water in the rain doesn't matter. good.

Also don't slander that touching someone makes it like that. This is a process, a long time, how many negative things accumulate enough to create the current results. This is not the end of the Dharma, but a transgression has occurred.

In accordance with the new law, the people are right, because the people are inherently five and seven streams. So conspiracy theories need to be viewed objectively without believing, not fabricating. My rice bowl is not full today. Let's go plow for food!".

Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy "adjusted" showbiz, advised colleagues not to "follow" to celebrate Phuong Hang's case - Photo 2

The status line of Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy immediately received many favorable responses because the artist had been too marketed in the past time. Don't choose the "tit-for-tat" way and leave a negative impression in the public eye.

Actors Thanh Binh and Quang Thao also left comments under the article: "Very good; Be alert before all information, aren't you, A Me."

Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy "adjusted" showbiz, advised colleagues not to "follow" to celebrate Phuong Hang's case - Photo 3

After receiving the settlement results of the prosecution of Ms. Phuong Hang, Vy Oanh expressed: "I am really happy because I live in a country where the law respects the law, does not leave criminals, creates confidence. absolute faith for myself and the people, has returned to me the purity that I have had to f.ight hard for the past 1 year, although there are also times when it is extremely painful when my children and family are injured. bring it out and trample it".

Talking to Thanh Nien, Vy Oanh's side said that this morning she and her representative lawyer were present at the Ho Chi Minh City Police Investigation Police Agency to receive the results. Lawyer Ngo Huynh Phuong Thao of the Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association told Thanh Nien the results of the settlement as follows: "Ms. Phuong Hang was prosecuted for the crime of 331. We are pleased to protect the legal rights of Ms. Vy Oanh. , creating a fresh, healthy social network environment, respecting the law. Above all in this story, Ms. Vy Oanh is a brave mother who protects her children."

Besides, Vy Oanh affirmed to those who still deliberately continue to smear her, despite the results of the investigation agency, she will continue to ask for legal intervention.

Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy "adjusted" showbiz, advised colleagues not to "follow" to celebrate Phuong Hang's case - Photo 4

Dam Vinh Hung played a big game to organize a luxurious party before the news that Phuong Hang was detained. Not to mention, Dam Vinh Hung and Vu Ha are also "coffee" through a very funny clip. Accordingly, Vu Ha has judged that this is the most beautiful day of the year, the whole country celebrates.

Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy "adjusted" showbiz, advised colleagues not to "follow" to celebrate Phuong Hang's case - Photo 5

On the afternoon of March 25, the Ho Chi Minh City Police said that they are taking the testimony of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang (SN 1971, General Director of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company), and at the same time expanding the investigation of the case. In Ms. Hang's livestreams, there are many people and technical teams participating to help when Ms. Hang is "on air".

"We will continue to clarify who abets, who provides documents for Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, who is the director, and the media script. In addition, it will clarify who builds supporting roles and roles. In these livestreams, there is a board to edit and direct the script for Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang to have material to talk about," a source said.

Regarding this issue, lawyer Vo Dan (Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association) said that the issue of legal responsibility for this businesswoman's team was also raised and the clarification of the role of This person is needed.

According to lawyer Vo Dan, the swearing, insulting, and untruthful statements were not only done by Ms. Hang but also received support from her team. Therefore, in order to have a basis to evaluate, consider and clearly determine the criminal behavior (if any) of each individual concerned, the competent agency will request and summon to work to take testimony. , confront, clearly identify the purpose, motive, role, sense of performing the behavior, thereby determining whether or not the criminal acts of these people.

Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy "adjusted" showbiz, advised colleagues not to "follow" to celebrate Phuong Hang's case - Photo 6

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