Tay Thi's 2,000-year injustice was resolved thanks to something found in Pham Lai's tomb!

Hoàng PhúcFeb 10, 2023 at 15:27

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When Pham Lai's tomb was excavated in Jiangsu, the unbelievable truth about Tay Thi was revealed. After all, have we really misunderstood this great beauty for the past 2,000 years?

Pink beauty and water painting

In 494 BC, after being defeated miserably in a struggle for hegemony with the Ngo state, Viet Vuong Gou Tien temporarily postponed his army to strengthen his forces.

Tay Thi's 2,000-year injustice was resolved thanks to something found in Pham Lai's tomb! - Photo 1

The courtiers under the command of Viet Vuong Cau Tien are to send beautiful women to Ngo country to find an opportunity to lower the will of King Ngo. With the beauty of "diving birds and flowers, shy moon", Tay Thi caught the eye of Viet Vuong Cau Tien and became a female spy sent to Ngo country to perform her "beautiful next" task.

Tay Thi's 2,000-year injustice was resolved thanks to something found in Pham Lai's tomb! - Photo 2

After undergoing rigorous training, Tay Thi was finally sent to the side of Ngo Phu Sai - the king of Wu at that time.

Regardless of the entrustment of Viet Vuong Gou Tien, she fulfilled her mission well, often using words to fascinate King Ngo, and at the same time provoked the relationship between King Ngo and his ministers, so that In the end, King Ngo had to fall into a state of treason.

Tay Thi's 2,000-year injustice was resolved thanks to something found in Pham Lai's tomb! - Photo 3

On the side of Viet Vuong Gou Tien, he never wavered in his desire to invade Wu. Therefore, he issued many policies that were beneficial to the lives and livelihoods of the centenarians. He also encouraged households to have more children, so within 20 years, the population of U Viet has increased significantly.

With that careful preparation, in 473 BC, Viet Vuong Gou Tien successfully captured the capital of Ngo state. But after all, no one has seen her figure, where is Tay Thi? And her disappearance became a great mystery in history!

Tay Thi's 2,000-year injustice was resolved thanks to something found in Pham Lai's tomb! - Photo 4

The injustice is resolved after 2000 years

A lot of speculations are made: There are rumors that Viet Vuong Cau Tien "crossed the bridge to draw the game" because he knew that his success was closely related to Tay Thi, so in order to avoid the world's tongue in the future. time, he fell in love with Tay Thi. It is also said that the sword has no eyes, she was mistakenly k.illed in the melee between the two armies.

Tay Thi's 2,000-year injustice was resolved thanks to something found in Pham Lai's tomb! - Photo 5

But the legend that appeared the most was that the disappearance of Tay Thi was related to Pham Lai - the favorite god of Viet Vuong Cau Tien.

Pham Lai (536-448 BC) was a famous politician in the late Spring and Autumn period. Although he was originally from Chu, but because he was dissatisfied with the dark politics of Chu Quoc, he later joined the army of Viet Vuong and was an effective hand to help Gou Tien regain his hegemony.

Tay Thi's 2,000-year injustice was resolved thanks to something found in Pham Lai's tomb! - Photo 6

Pham Lai and Tay Thi were originally a "couple of birds" who loved each other very much, but under the pressure of Viet Vuong Cau Tien, Pham Lai could not help but let her go to Ngo to fulfill the ambition of U Viet.

Although Pham Lai really loved Tay Thi, he was also a veteran politician and a wise businessman. He knew what to do to leave a safe escape route for himself.

Therefore, Pham Lai temporarily suppressed the feelings of men and women and chose to sacrifice Tay Thi.

It was not until 2014, that a bamboo letter was unearthed from ancient tombs in Hongshan town, Wuxi, Jiangsu province, that posterity discovered more stories about these two people.

Tay Thi's 2,000-year injustice was resolved thanks to something found in Pham Lai's tomb! - Photo 7

"Loi and Thi had a mutual relationship, the first three years they came to Ngo country. Using Ngon Nhi Dinh as a hostage, Thi could not help but do it" - The inscription on this letter said that Pham Lai threatened Tay Thi with her c.hild. Between two people named Ngon Nhi Dinh, so she was f.orced to go to the country of Ngo and resisted to complete her mission.

The shape and scale of this ancient tomb is very similar to the tombs of nobles of the Spring and Autumn period, so after investigating, most experts have determined that this is the tomb of a famous politician of the Spring and Autumn period. at that time - Pham Lai.

Tay Thi's 2,000-year injustice was resolved thanks to something found in Pham Lai's tomb! - Photo 8

It is true that the fall of Wu has something to do with Tay Thi, but she is also just a mother who wants to protect her children and is f.orced to become a spy. Experts also commented that "Hong Nhan painted water" may not be right for her, we have wrongly accused Tay Thi for the past 2,000 years.

Not only the mysterious disappearance, so far, whether Tay Thi is real or just a fictional character is still a controversial topic for posterity, historians also have no solution.

Although there is a theory that Tay Thi is not a proper name but just a word created to refer to the beauties of the past. However, people still find in many historical books that many descriptions of Tay Thi are recorded. Whether detailed or simply a few lines of description, these evidences have partly demonstrated her presence in the history of mankind.

Specifically, according to "Ku Tien plotting an extra story" in "Ngo Viet Spring and Autumn", it was written that when it was recorded that "Viet Vuong found two great beauties, Tay Thi and Trinh Dan, and then ordered the doctor to be Van Chung. bring it to Ngo Vuong Phu Sai". After that, there were many books mentioning Tay Thi, one of which is the famous book called "Viet Tuong Thu".

Tay Thi's 2,000-year injustice was resolved thanks to something found in Pham Lai's tomb! - Photo 9

In addition, in many famous poetic works, writers also spend a lot of effort praising the beauty of Tay Thi as well as expressing mourning for her fate such as " Tay Thi Than" by Thoi Dao Dung, "The beauty of Ngo Vuong sells drugs" by Ly Bach or "Tay Thi bay" by Thi Phat Vuong Duy... Even the epic novel "Dong Chu listed the nation" has mentioning Tay Thi in the 81st act called "Tay Thi enchanted King Ngo, Tu Cong traveled to teach countries".

From the tragic story of the great beauty Tay Thi, we can see that whether she is a spy or a "national painter", everything she does comes from her love for her children, for others. I love.

With great sacrifice, to protect her children without worrying about danger, Tay Thi still deserves to be a character praised and recognized by history books.

Tay Thi's 2,000-year injustice was resolved thanks to something found in Pham Lai's tomb! - Photo 10

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