Nhat Trung: Author of the once famous song Half Moon, had a beautiful but incomplete love

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As a diverse musician whose forte is youth songs, Nhat Trung possesses many famous compositions of the past. In addition, he is also known as a singer when he sings a duet with his "partner" La Suong Suong.

Nhat Trung was born in 1969 in Ho Chi Minh City, is a musician with many impressive compositions in the youth music genre such as: Green Moss Street Corner, Falling Moon Beside the Lake, Half Moon,... Coming from a family An artistic family, whose father is musician Huu Xuan and mother is artist Xuan Nhung, he studied piano music at the age of 5.

Nhat Trung: Author of the once famous song Half Moon, had a beautiful but incomplete love - Photo 1

At the age of 14, Nhat Trung started his career and worked in Hanoi. After moving to Saigon, the male musician collaborated with famous musicians such as: Y Van, Quoc Dung, Bao Chan... He studied classical piano for 16 years, at the Hanoi Conservatory of Music and then at the Hanoi Conservatory of Music. Ho Chi Minh City Institute.

Upon graduating from University with honors, Nhat Trung went to the US in 1998 to continue studying pop music and studio classes at Holly Name School in Oakland, California. Here, he collaborated with the former Diem Center, followed by Thuy Nga Center.

Initially, he worked as a side job with musician Tung Chau composing harmonies for songs presented in the Paris By Night programs. Coming to Paris by Night 64, Nhat Trung appeared as a singer with the song "Like Chiec Diem" by musician Tu Cong Phung.

Nhat Trung: Author of the once famous song Half Moon, had a beautiful but incomplete love - Photo 2

The musical work that is considered the most successful and famous of musician Nhat Trung is "Half the Moon". This song was performed for the first time on the stage of Paris By Night No. 68 through the voice of female singer Nhu Quynh. Later, many other famous singers chose to perform such as Tran Thu Ha, Dam Vinh Hung,...

Although he composed little, Nhat Trung was one of the most popular song composers and arrangers in the early period of Vietnamese youth music. In 1997, when the country's music industry was about to enter its most golden period, he went to study abroad.

Returning to the country after 10 years away from home, when Vietnamese showbiz entered the saturation phase, Nhat Trung started everything from scratch. He worked hard in the studio with quite quality albums for Thanh Long Bass and Minh Huyen. , Tung Duong, Ngoc Quynh... With those experiences, the male musician has a lot of thoughts about his country's music.

Nhat Trung: Author of the once famous song Half Moon, had a beautiful but incomplete love - Photo 3

Nhat Trung is a diverse musician, his forte is young music with fast, clear tempos, but he also experiments with many different styles of new music, from the classical style with the ca tru sound of "Moon Roi Beside the Lake", to "" contemporary folk songs" like Cho Doi, rich in narrative like One Life I Find Me...

The song "Half the Moon" can be considered the most popular and loved Japanese song, performed by many famous singers such as: Dam Vinh Hung, Hien Thuc, Nhat Tinh Anh and Khanh Ngoc... .

In 2007, Nhat Trung was voted as one of the 10 favorite musicians of the Green Wave. In 2008, the male musician released the CD "Half the Moon" with the participation of many young vocalists such as: Tan Minh, Xuan Hieu, Pham Thanh Thao,... Also in this year, he was invited to be a composer. Music practice for the Golden Apricot A.ward ceremony.

Nhat Trung: Author of the once famous song Half Moon, had a beautiful but incomplete love - Photo 4

In addition to being a musician, Nhat Trung is also known as a singer when he duets with a number of female singers such as: Minh Tuyet, Hoai Phuong and especially his good partner - La Suong Suong.

La Suong Suong's real name is Do Thanh Trang, born on May 13, 1972 in a family of nine children in Ho Chi Minh City. The female singer is described as having artistic talent, often doing her own hair, sewing performance costumes, and being good at housework and cooking.

Since coming to the United States, La Suong Suong has released a total of 15 music records, some of which she sang alone and some with other singers. She chose the stage name La Suong Suong after a character in a Taiwanese drama.

Nhat Trung: Author of the once famous song Half Moon, had a beautiful but incomplete love - Photo 5

In 1991, when she was 19 years old, she participated in Vo Thanh Television and achieved fourth place out of more than 1,000 contestants. In the same competition and with the same score as her, Nhu Quynh took home the final special prize.

Also on this occasion, the 7X singer became acquainted with Nhat Trung - the person who accompanied her on the piano to sing in this contest and later became her husband, staying close to her for the rest of her life.

The two have dueted many times on stage as well as in the studio with the songs: Buried According to Forgetfulness, Unruly Love, Cold Heart, Spring Love,... However, their beautiful love story The couple encountered an unexpected incident.

Nhat Trung: Author of the once famous song Half Moon, had a beautiful but incomplete love - Photo 6

In May 2005, La Suong Suong discovered she had kidney pain, forcing her to go to China to have it replaced. Thinking she had recovered, in October the female singer held a launch event for a new CD (CD Nuoi Tioi One Lip - Fading Love) and together with Nhat Trung sang for Thuy Nga's Spring music program with the song "Love in the Season". Spring" in Paris by Night 80: Tet Everywhere.

This was also Suong Suong's last public performance because after that, her health deteriorated and she had to go to the hospital in Fountain Valley for treatment. At the end of 2005, the female singer received a second kidney transplant in the US but was also unsuccessful.

Nhat Trung: Author of the once famous song Half Moon, had a beautiful but incomplete love - Photo 7

Due to the kidney transplant and weak liver, La Suong Suong had to have her liver replaced twice, but her condition did not improve and she was exhausted. Following the doctor's advice, the family decided to remove the life support tube, and she died at 5 a.m. on January 24, 2007 at UCLA University Hospital, Los Angeles, California.

After that, the female singer was buried on January 30 at Oak Hill Cemetery, San Jose. When his partner, singer La Suong Suong, passed away, Nhat Trung retreated backstage and rarely appeared in public.

Nhat Trung: Author of the once famous song Half Moon, had a beautiful but incomplete love - Photo 8

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