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Cbiz actor pays dearly for "non-standard" actions involving Lisa, identity causes outrage!

Bảo Tiên14:47:00 07/10/2023
The actor now pays a heavy price for his actions as he is constantly battered and smeared badly by netizens. Many comments claim that he is trying to earn fame from Thai female idols.

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Enemy Le Heatba shocked when rebellious, turned into a "woman" in love with a series of popular male beauties Cbiz

Mưa11:02:27 19/08/2023
Recently, information appeared online that the film project Van Tra Trieu Hoang is about to start filming. Previously, the female lead role in the film was said to be definitely played by Le Heatbo.

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Nham Gia Luan disappointed fans with the news of a.dultery when his wife was pregnant, "small tam" f.orced a divorce

Nắng13:45:10 26/12/2022
Recently, many bloggers posted information that a famous actor has divorced, shocking Cbiz. Blogger revealed more specifically, this male star's name has 3 words, had an affair while his wife was pregnant and now has a new love. When participating in activities of a high-end...

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Tran Phi Vu was exposed to suspicious actions for Truong Tinh Nghi after the end of the film: Cbiz welcomed the good news?

Nắng14:31:24 03/12/2022
After many days of stirring up the small screen, the new film of Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi - The Lighter and Princess Dress officially closed the curtain on November 30, with a happy ending for the couple. the main Ly Tuan - Chu Yun and the secondary couple Cao Kien Hong...

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Chen Feiyu was exposed to his rogue past while occupying the Cbiz airwaves with Zhang Jingyi

Nắng11:34:56 23/11/2022
Lighter And Princess Dress is the film that is receiving the most attention today with Chinese movie lovers. After only a few days of release, the drama has achieved a Douban score of 7.5 and owns a huge viewership that increases with each episode. Along with the popularity of...

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Luong Son Ba - Ha Nhuan Dong: Working hard because of business, infertile even though day by day longing to have children with his wife

Nắng15:53:30 08/11/2022
According to Sohu, after getting married, the actor gradually limited his acting. He spends time with his wife, enjoying life with her. Married since 2016, the couple longs to have children but so far there is no good news. Ha Nhuan Dong said that the couple was always looking...

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Huynh Xiaoming 'followed' Dang Luan, Trieu Vy, in danger of ruining his career because of tax evasion?

Nắng10:04:47 26/10/2022
According to Chinese media reports, recently, the Management Committee of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone announced that a joint-stock technology company of Huynh Xiaoming was listed in the list of unusual activities due to lack of recognition. publish the...

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The emerging Vuong Hec Di "kicked" Tieu Chien to make a great achievement

An Nhi12:14:18 05/10/2022
Although there is no official broadcast schedule, but Vuong Hac Di's "Phu Do Duyen" has achieved great results, surpassing Tieu Chien's film, which is considered a potential film in the near future. After the success of Thuong Lan Quyet, the information that Vuong Hac De's film...

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Nham Gia Luan silently did 1 thing to f.ight Duong Duong and was mocked by netizens?

An Nhi11:18:30 30/09/2022
The Chinese social network is spreading rumors that Nham Gia Luan invites a lecturer to teach how to read dialogue on film to compete with Duong Duong. Accordingly, so far, the beautiful man of the Nham family has been criticized by the audience about the radio. Nham Gia Luan is...

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Vuong Nhat Bac suddenly encountered a big change, his film career was in danger of 'exploding'

Nắng09:53:52 28/09/2022
Fans of Vuong Nhat Bac are standing still waiting for a satisfactory answer from the producer Truong Khong Chi Vuong. After achieving certain successes in the television segment, Vuong Nhat Bac decided to encroach on the film industry. He is constantly collaborating with veteran...

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Nham Gia Luan has a question of b.uying s.ex, fans rush to find evidence that the idol is clean

An Nhi08:13:49 14/09/2022
The Chinese social network is constantly buzzing with the news that Nham Gia Luan is the next male star to be exposed to b.uying s.ex. Immediately, fans rushed to give evidence to prove that Nham Gia Luan was not related to Ly Dich Phong's s.ex purchase. In recent days, the Asian...

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Ly Dich Phong - From the hottest A-list star in Cbiz, the peak career collapsed after only one day

Nắng17:15:56 12/09/2022
After many "mirrors", Ly Dich Phong is the next Chinese idol star "falling off a horse" because of a chaotic lifestyle. Along with Ngo Dich Pham, Duong Duong and Loc Ham, Ly Dich Phong is classified in the "Four Great Traffic" group of Chinese showbiz. This group consists of 4...

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Vuong Hac De lost his reputation after Thuong Lan Quyet, it was difficult to surpass Vuong Nhat Bac

An Nhi09:58:04 09/09/2022
Thanks to the success of Thuong Lan Quyet, Vuong Hac De's reputation rose like a kite in the wind. However, right after the project ended, the actor suddenly cooled down quickly, no longer keeping his charm as before. After the explosive performance in Thuong Lan Quyet, Vuong...

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Truong Han - Ex-lover Trinh Sang plays a "trash" movie, criticized for acting poorly with women

An Nhi10:56:09 08/09/2022
Actor Truong Han suddenly became the focus of controversy because of a scene in the drama Gentlemen Attention Please. Accordingly, many people find it difficult to understand when former love Trinh Sang participates in this project. Gentlemen Attention Please is a movie with...

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Ho Ca secretly married and gave birth to children after repeatedly 'rejecting' Trieu Le Dinh, the g.irl's mother was an acquaintance?

Nắng07:34:32 31/08/2022
While friends of the same age have been married and have children in turn, Ho Ca is still single at the age of 40. The famous Chinese male god makes fans impatient instead when he has no dating news. Recently, the social network spread rumors that Hu Ge was secretly married and...

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Truong Lang Hac - Male god Cbiz "makeover" thanks to weight loss, likened to the new generation Tieu Chien

An Nhi13:09:23 29/08/2022
In order to have the male look like the present, Truong Lang Hac had to make a lot of efforts to lose weight. Not many people know that before entering showbiz, he used to weigh up to 100kg. Truong Lang Hac has a handsome appearance with outstanding height. He easily conquered...

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Lam Canh Tan: The talented male beauty of Cbiz, changing his lover like changing clothes, dating Yoona (SNSD)?

Nắng16:45:35 13/08/2022
Born into a traditional Chinese family, since childhood, he has had a strong passion for acting. In 2007, Lam Canh Tan officially enrolled at the Shanghai Drama Academy majoring in acting to pursue his passion. Career In 2009, he joined the cast in the movie project The Blue...

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Nghiem Khoan - An ancient male god who used to lose sleep because he was asked by a rich woman to take care of him for 350 billion?

An Nhi08:22:59 19/07/2022
As a famous Chinese man, Nghiem Khoan is the dream prince of thousands of girls. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when there are rumors that he was once a rich woman who spent more than 350 billion to support him. Fans of the Chinese film industry are no stranger to...

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Duong Duong and Vuong So Nhien revealed the love scene behind the scenes, the fans quickly "rowed the boat"

An Nhi12:00:11 05/07/2022
Behind-the-scenes moments r.evealing the "extremely sweet" scenes of Duong Duong and Vuong So Nhien in Smoke and Fire of My Human World are causing a fever in the online community because they are so beautiful together. Smoke and Fire My Human World, starring Duong Duong and...

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Tieu Chien caused outrage when he surpassed Duong Duong and Vuong Nhat Bac in the latest chart

Nắng13:59:01 27/06/2022
Tieu Chien is the actor ranked at the top of this chart. With a series of famous works such as Tran Tinh Lenh, Oh! My Majesty the Emperor, His Highness Lang, it is not impossible for Xiao Zhan to reach the top. Recently, the traffic ranking of Chinese male actors suddenly...

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Nham Gia Luan: Not following the flow path, but the human spirit is still increasing

Nắng09:24:25 13/03/2022
Nham Gia Luan is the clearest proof for the saying "As long as you have the strength, you will definitely not be afraid of being left behind!". Up to now, Nham Gia Luan has had at least 6 years of working with acting. During this time, the actor also went through a lot of ups...

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Lam Chi Dinh "reverse aging" at the age of U50: Standing next to his wife and thinking that she was a sister

Hoàng Phúc11:43:13 17/12/2021
The beauty of the actor and his wife attracted attention. On the evening of December 15, Lam Chi Dinh posted on his personal Instagram page two photos with his wife Tran Nhuoc Nghi, with the caption: "Dear Kelly, happy birthday". In the photo, the famous Taiwanese couple (China)...

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