Han So Hee 'revealed' a strange look on her face, admitting to having a 'cutlery' touch?

Vân AnhDec 02, 2023 at 08:01

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Constantly being subjected to a series of plastic surgery questions to improve her beauty, Han So Hee did not hesitate to admit it. The actress revealed the reason for the rhinoplasty that took the audience by surprise.

On the afternoon of December 1, Koreaboo newspaper reported that famous actress Han So Hee was suddenly suspected of plastic surgery recently. According to the source, the current nose shape of the Marriage World beauty is said to become taller and more delicate than before. Since then, 1 part of netizens has questioned that the actress surnamed Han has interfered with "cutlery" to make her face more perfect and attractive.

Han So Hee revealed a strange look on her face, admitting to having a cutlery touch? - Photo 1

Recently, Han So Hee has officially spoken out about the plastic surgery rumor that caused a stir in an interaction with fans in 1 group chat. Specifically, when talking to fans, the beauty born in 1994 did not hesitate to admit to touching "cutlery" in the nose. However, she also dismissed the editing for beauty purposes. Besides, the actress surnamed Han revealed why she did this. She said that because she had difficulty breathing, she could only breathe through 1 side of her nose, so she decided to ask for medical intervention.

Han So Hee revealed a strange look on her face, admitting to having a cutlery touch? - Photo 2

Han So Hee shared details about the condition of her nose, "My nose now looks taller than before due to the doctor's straightening. There was no way I had silicone rhinoplasty. In the past, the tip of my nose was completely normal. But over time, I developed a crooked nasal septum and the tip of my nose suddenly dropped. This condition caused me to breathe only on 1 side of my nose and snore when I slept. That's why I decided to go to the hospital for surgery."

Han So Hee revealed a strange look on her face, admitting to having a cutlery touch? - Photo 3

"The results of the surgery are only temporary. In the future, the tip of my nose may still be beaten down. But at the moment, I feel very happy that I can breathe normally," the beauty further revealed about the results of the surgery.

Han So Hee revealed a strange look on her face, admitting to having a cutlery touch? - Photo 4

The actress born in 1994 possesses a perfectly beautiful face, luxurious temperament, porcelain white skin, large round sparkling eyes, a high nose bridge and charming lips. This makes Han So Hee "beautifully balance" all shapes, always standing out anywhere.

Han So Hee revealed a strange look on her face, admitting to having a cutlery touch? - Photo 5

This December, the actress will have a new project in collaboration with actor Park Seo Joon. The drama is called "Gyeongseong Creature", which is already the most awaited blockbuster this year. After many days of "neck fatigue", the audience finally enjoyed the story of Park Seo Joon and "female hunter" Han So Hee.

Han So Hee revealed a strange look on her face, admitting to having a cutlery touch? - Photo 6

Gyeongseong Creature is set in the 1940s. Park Seo-joon plays Jang Tae Sang, the wealthiest and sexiest man in the Bukchon area of Gyeongseong City. He has a quick ability to improvise, sharp analysis and is very good at communicating.

Han So Hee revealed a strange look on her face, admitting to having a cutlery touch? - Photo 7

Han So Hee takes on the character of Yoon Chae Ok, a famous todugun (searching for missing victims). From a very young age, Yoon Chae Ok traveled from Manchuria to Shanghai with his father. She is proficient in the use of machines, and has excellent g.un and knife skills.

10 years ago, Yoon Chae Ok's mother went missing. To find her, Yoon Chae Ok travels to Gyeongseong. There, she meets Jang Tae Sang. Together, they trace the truth behind a series of mysterious disappearances only to discover extremely scary things.

Han So Hee revealed a strange look on her face, admitting to having a cutlery touch? - Photo 8

Han So Hee's fans are extremely excited for this comeback of the idol because it can be seen that this is a role, a kind of character that is quite new to the actress. Moreover, in the film there will be a lot of action scenes of the heroine. Han So Hee has acted in an action movie with many quality f.ight scenes. So the audience is extremely looking forward to the day of airing.

Han So Hee revealed a strange look on her face, admitting to having a cutlery touch? - Photo 9

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