Ngoc Trinh Apologizes

Topic: Ngoc Trinh Apologizes

Ngoc Trinh stopped being bold and did not take provocative photos because of the consequences after 3 months of detention

Nguyễn Kim13:28:56 24/02/2024
After the events in her personal life, Ngoc Trinh gradually changed herself, lived simply and was accepted by many people. Returning to work, the female model also limited herself from taking s.exy photos and instead took gentle, private images.

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Ngoc Trinh shows off her "red love" and will have a new boyfriend in the near future?

An Nhi11:25:22 22/02/2024
Although she is no longer as active on social networks as before, every move and latest image of the beauty quickly receives attention from a large audience.

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Ngoc Trinh recalled something from the motorbike accident, calling it a "small matter"

Châu Anh11:13:11 19/02/2024
Returning home after 3 months of detention, Ngoc Trinh gradually lived a quiet life and reflected on the events. Recently, she has opened up about the scars from the motorcycle accident, from which to draw lessons worth pondering.

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Ngoc Trinh's daughter wrapped in tangerines after 3 months away from her mother, emotional moment

Nguyễn Kim08:06:44 09/02/2024
After 3 months of detention and trial on charges of disrupting public order, Ngoc Trinh was able to return home to reunite her family. In particular, her emotional moment with her young daughter made many people pay attention and be touched.

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