Xuan Ca becomes more and more bold, interrupting Ngoc Trinh's noisy "friendship kiss"

Tuyết NgọcApr 22, 2024 at 16:49

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Recently, people have noticed that Xuan Ca takes great care in wearing revealing clothes, showing off her s.exy curves more than before. The brutality of this h.ot TikToker is said to surpass even Ngoc Trinh's.

In recent days, Xuan Ca became the center of attention on social networks when his name was called into a love drama. After the name-calling video with content claiming that she was interfering in your relationship, many users continuously searched for keywords such as: "Xuan Ca scandal", "Xuan Ca drama"... causing them to climb to the top of hotsearch on the TikTok platform.

Xuan Ca becomes more and more bold, interrupting Ngoc Trinhs noisy friendship kiss - Photo 1

Faced with the wave of public opinion, Xuan Ca chose to block all comment features on his personal channel to prevent negative words. Until recently, the female TikToker had feedback about the scandal that damaged her reputation.

Xuan Ca first explained the reason for being silent all this time because he had just undergone a surgery. At the same time, I apologize to everyone, including my girlfriend, for affecting this person's private life.

Xuan Ca becomes more and more bold, interrupting Ngoc Trinhs noisy friendship kiss - Photo 2

More importantly, the former SGO48 member corrected and summarized the emotional "roundabout" between him and the other couple as follows: "Xuan Ca and his girlfriend are not close friends, they have never known each other before. Xuan Ca and his girlfriend are not close friends. Ca and her male friend met for the first time on February 24, 2024, at that time the male friend confirmed that he was SINGLE.

After that, the male friend proactively texted Xuan Ca and on March 1, he texted: I broke up, so we both entered the courtship phase like other couples. On the evening of March 4, Xuan Ca and his male friend went to the club and had an intimate act with each other. She affirmed that she did NOT use banned substances as some pages said.

Xuan Ca becomes more and more bold, interrupting Ngoc Trinhs noisy friendship kiss - Photo 3

On the evening of March 4, the female friend texted Xuan Ca and 2 hours later the group of friends came to meet her to talk. The whole group went out to solve the problem - this is the clip that was spread on social networks. Here, Xuan Ca and his female friend discovered that the male lead lied to both of them.

Accordingly, the female friend said that they are still lovers but they are both angry with each other and there is no reason to break up. Meanwhile, the male friend still claimed that he and the female friend had broken up, so Xuan Ca learned that the male lead lied to both girls. Xuan Ca and his girlfriend decided to resolve the matter amicably, resolve the misunderstanding and apologize to each other right then and there.

Xuan Ca becomes more and more bold, interrupting Ngoc Trinhs noisy friendship kiss - Photo 4

Currently, the h.ot TikToker has posted his correction recording on all platforms and opened comments. Below the posts, netizens continue to leave many comments about the incident.

Xuan Ca's full name is Vo Ngoc Xuan Ca, born in 2001 in Binh Thuan, once a member of the g.irl group SGO48. After pursuing a lovely, innocent image, she recently completely transformed into a h.ot g.irl with a s.exy style and vibrant dance moves.

Xuan Ca becomes more and more bold, interrupting Ngoc Trinhs noisy friendship kiss - Photo 5

Xuan Ca's TikTok channel has more than 2.5 million followers, 66.8 million likes and is constantly "causing a storm" with s.exy dance clips. Her sudden transformation from c.hild angel to s.exy hot TikToker made her attract great attention from netizens.

Many people commented that with her delicate face, healthy skin and big round eyes, Xuan Ca has outstanding beauty compared to most h.ot girls. Besides, she also has a balanced height and b.ody with perfect measurements that many people admire.

Xuan Ca becomes more and more bold, interrupting Ngoc Trinhs noisy friendship kiss - Photo 6

In particular, her slim waist and long, slim legs are attractive highlights that help the Gen Z TikToker stand out among a series of famous beauties. On TikTok, Xuan Ca often stirs up excitement with s.exy, energetic dance clips. She does not hesitate to wear all kinds of outfits from crop tops to short skirts, showing off her smooth figure and fiery curves.

When wearing a tiny swimsuit, the h.ot g.irl born in 2001 exudes even more s.exy beauty, bringing "a storm of eyes" to those around her. Many netizens commented that Xuan Ca's liberal style is not inferior to any beauty, especially Ngoc Trinh - the famous l.ingerie queen in showbiz.

Xuan Ca becomes more and more bold, interrupting Ngoc Trinhs noisy friendship kiss - Photo 7

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