Ngoc Trinh revealed photos hugging and kissing Vu Khac Tiep after rumors of separation, what is the truth?

Bút MựcMay 21, 2024 at 06:49

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Recently, Vu Khac Tiep and model Ngoc Trinh were rumored to have broken up and stopped playing after more than 2 decades of being together. The reason is because netizens no longer see the two appearing side by side or posting pictures together on social networks.

Recently, the moment when Vu Khac Tiep appeared with Ngoc Trinh was suddenly shared by netizens. In the video, the Tra Vinh-born model wears a purple two-strap dress showing off her slim figure. Vu Khac Tiep also continuously had intimate and affectionate actions such as hugging her waist, puckering his lips, and looking passionately at her.

Ngoc Trinh revealed photos hugging and kissing Vu Khac Tiep after rumors of separation, what is the truth? - Photo 1

This clip made netizens stir, thinking that the two had mended their relationship after a long break from playing. However, in reality, this is just an old clip when Ngoc Trinh appeared at the "boss's" birthday party in December 2022.

Ngoc Trinh revealed photos hugging and kissing Vu Khac Tiep after rumors of separation, what is the truth? - Photo 2

In a livestream interacting with fans, Vu Khac Tiep responded about not appearing with Ngoc Trinh after the pet chicken incident. The "long-legged tycoon" affirmed that their relationship has always been good, they have never been angry with each other, they are just close friends who have just gone through something unpleasant, so he wants her to take time to balance her emotions and life.

Vu Khac Tiep shared: "You and Trinh have never been angry with each other. Ngoc Trinh is still the same. Why do I see you and Ms. Trinh this time... well, Ms. Trinh just had an incident so she rarely communicates and She rarely appears. Ms. Trinh is now at home and very happy."

Ngoc Trinh revealed photos hugging and kissing Vu Khac Tiep after rumors of separation, what is the truth? - Photo 3

Besides, Vu Khac Tiep also gave a "winged" comment to his friend: "Ngoc Trinh is one of the girls up to now, he rates her character the highest among all beauties. that he once managed, about lifestyle and ethics".

Vu Khac Tiep and Ngoc Trinh are famous friends of Vietnamese Showbiz. Under the guidance of Vu Khac Tiep, Ngoc Trinh gradually became a famous beauty of Vietnamese showbiz. She pursues a seductive style and at the same time wins a beauty contest in America.

Ngoc Trinh expressed that, besides work, Vu Khac Tiep deeply loved and took care of her during the first period of their relationship. That makes her appreciate the feelings of her seniors. On the contrary, the 'long-legged tycoon' appreciates Ngoc Trinh for her efforts, gentle personality, sincerity and gratitude. He sees her as his life's soulmate sister.

Ngoc Trinh revealed photos hugging and kissing Vu Khac Tiep after rumors of separation, what is the truth? - Photo 4

The strong bond also caused the two to face doubts about their feelings many times. Especially through kisses and affectionate actions in crowded places. Even Ngoc Trinh's boyfriends felt jealous. However, they affirm that they are simply brothers and colleagues.

Compatible personalities and favorable work are the keys to helping the couple's relationship become closer over the years. Not to mention, the famous boss is very protective of his 'pet chicken'. 'For many years in the profession, even though I was surrounded by so many scandals, Mr. Tiep never abandoned me. Not only me but also all the models in the company, Mr. Tiep treats me so well. Without Mr. Tiep, my life would no longer be happy,' the beauty said.

Ngoc Trinh revealed photos hugging and kissing Vu Khac Tiep after rumors of separation, what is the truth? - Photo 5

Later, when Ngoc Trinh created her own position, Vu Khac Tiep also respected her thoughts and professional opinions. 'At work, whatever price I give is the right price to do. Mr. Tiep previously advised me to accept this or that, but once he understood my personality, there was no need to ask anymore,' she said.

In January 2024, information that Ngoc Trinh was prosecuted with a penalty of 2 - 7 years in prison after 3 months of detention caused a stir in public opinion. On social networks, Vu Khac Tiep attracted attention when he reposted old photos with Ngoc Trinh. Along with the article, he praised his close friend: "A g.irl with a good personality that I admire and respect."

Ngoc Trinh revealed photos hugging and kissing Vu Khac Tiep after rumors of separation, what is the truth? - Photo 6

After the Tay Ninh beauty was released from prison, she returned to photography, charity activities and gatherings with close friends. However, it is worth noting that Ngoc Trinh has met many groups of friends, crew... but has not publicly disclosed any moments with Vu Khac Tiep even though the two have known and traveled together for more than 2 decades. .

In particular, Ngoc Trinh also had an attention-grabbing post: "The way to always keep a happy attitude is to stay away from unnecessary people. Life and time are limited, so, you Just pay attention to people with the same outlook on life, people with similar goals, and spend time with people you like, people who can understand you well."

Ngoc Trinh revealed photos hugging and kissing Vu Khac Tiep after rumors of separation, what is the truth? - Photo 7

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