Gia Ky is afraid of being called a rich kid. She's transgender, and buying a house is like buying vegetables

Thanh PhúcApr 13, 2024 at 17:32

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Rich kid Gia Ky shares his thoughts on life after suddenly becoming famous online for a clip of flying business class with Ngoc Trinh many years ago. Determined to live true to his gender, Gia Ky is now more modest and afraid of being called a rich kid.

Rich kid Gia Ky (born in 2003) is not a strange name to young people. Recently, Gia Ky has had a "transformation" that has surprised everyone. Instead of appearing with the image of a "warm boy" like before, Gia Ky in the present prefers the image of "banh beo". Previously, at the end of 2019, Gia Ky spent 100 million to sit next to Ngoc Trinh on a flight. This Richkid also made many people admire when he used a powerful "black card" as a ruler or had a "frosty" dinner of more than 20 million VND.

Gia Ky is afraid of being called a rich kid. Shes transgender, and buying a house is like buying vegetables - Photo 1

Having caused a stir many times by spending heavily to buy branded goods and experience a luxurious life, however, recently, Gia Ky suddenly affirmed that "there is no more m.oney now" and reminded everyone not to call Gia Ky. is a "rich kid" too. "Don't be a rich kid anymore, calling Gia Ky is enough. Calling Ky makes me happy", suddenly rich kid is very tired. There are no idols at all, remember, remember, there are no rich kids. Besides, being a rich kid requires a lot of m.oney, right now I don't have any m.oney left, I only have the love between my sisters," Gia Ky spoke up.

Gia Ky is afraid of being called a rich kid. Shes transgender, and buying a house is like buying vegetables - Photo 2

Gia Ky currently has long, feminine hair, dresses, and makeup that many people don't recognize. It is known that Gia Ky is currently studying abroad in Portugal but occasionally returns to Vietnam to visit her mother. Living an independent life, Gia Ky is increasingly growing up, cooking and taking care of life herself. Not only that, rich kid in District 7 also embarked on his own business path.

Gia Ky is afraid of being called a rich kid. Shes transgender, and buying a house is like buying vegetables - Photo 3

Born in a wealthy family, Gia Ky's life since childhood was jokingly called by netizens "born at the finish line". Rich kid born in 2003 once made many people admire when he showed off living in the most expensive villa in Ho Chi Minh City, located in the rich area of Phu My Hung (District 7). Not only that, he also used a black card and drove Maybach since he was only 17 years old. But now, in addition to support from her mother, Gia Ky also has her own income from her business so she can pay her own tuition and living expenses while in the West.

Gia Ky is afraid of being called a rich kid. Shes transgender, and buying a house is like buying vegetables - Photo 4

Recently, Gia Ky revealed her home buying KPI, which made the online community admire. Accordingly, Gia Ky said that from the beginning of the year, he had set out a plan to buy a house. Because everyone in the Phu My Hung area has a fairly similar way of spending m.oney to "relieve bad luck". Gia Ky believes that if it's an unlucky year for you, you should use the m.oney to repair the house or buy a house, this will limit many risks like "money just flies away".

Gia Ky is afraid of being called a rich kid. Shes transgender, and buying a house is like buying vegetables - Photo 5

Because of this, Gia Ky said that during the past Tet, he and his mother bought a very big, beautiful and spacious house in District 7. Gia Ky expressed that this is an extremely satisfactory house, in accordance with her preferences. personal likes. Even though we only quickly filmed a few corners of the house, it was enough to see how grand this villa of Gia Ky is with 2 spacious kitchen areas, living room, and dining room.

Gia Ky is afraid of being called a rich kid. Shes transgender, and buying a house is like buying vegetables - Photo 6

Not stopping there, most recently, Gia Ky revealed more good news when she bought a second house. According to sharing, this house was accidentally seen by Gia Ky's mother in Vietnam, and she found it beautiful and suitable. So I "put down the money" to finalize it, letting Gia Ky take the title.

Gia Ky is afraid of being called a rich kid. Shes transgender, and buying a house is like buying vegetables - Photo 7

Before that, Rich kid born in 2003 "turned around" and no longer admired Ngoc Trinh because of the idol's noise that surprised many people. However, Gia Ky disputed this. According to Gia Ky, she doesn't talk much about Ngoc Trinh right now, not because she has stopped liking her, but because she is in a sensitive period, so Gia Ky doesn't want to talk too much and then "get caught".

Gia Ky is afraid of being called a rich kid. Shes transgender, and buying a house is like buying vegetables - Photo 8

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