The man who knows the past Ngoc Trinh, is publicly loved by the beauty

Thiên DiJun 11, 2024 at 14:30

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Ngoc Trinh has always been a name that has received a lot of attention from the online community. Fringe relationships involving her always attract attention. Among them is the most important man in Ngoc Trinh's life, always trusted and loved by her.

Ngoc Trinh is typical of the type of celebrity who rose from poverty, from "duck to swan". She came from an ordinary background, even poor, and did not finish high school. But in the end, the current life of the long-legged Tra Vinh native makes many people jealous. Not only possessing a physique that is considered one of the beauty standards in Vietnam, Ngoc Trinh also has a huge fortune, which can take care of the whole family.

The man who knows the past Ngoc Trinh, is publicly loved by the beauty - Photo 1

One of the most important men in Ngoc Trinh's life that the female model always believes in love with is Mr. Tran Tong - or often called Mr. Bay Tong by Ngoc Trinh. It is known that Ngoc Trinh grew up in a family with difficult economic conditions when her mother died early due to a serious illness, her father had to learn all kinds of jobs to support 4 children to study.

The man who knows the past Ngoc Trinh, is publicly loved by the beauty - Photo 2

Ngoc Trinh once witnessed the scene of her father having to sell l.ottery tickets, run a motorbike taxi, help with housework and pick up every penny people threw on the ground. It was that circumstance that made her decide to quit school (even though she was very good at school - Ngoc Trinh's father said) from the 9th grade to work part-time to help her family.

The man who knows the past Ngoc Trinh, is publicly loved by the beauty - Photo 3

From low-income jobs and unable to help her family get out of poverty, Ngoc Trinh decided to go to Saigon to set up a career and have obvious turns in life. The amount of remuneration Ngoc Trinh earns thanks to showbiz activities helps her cover the difficult life in her family's countryside, pay off the debts of relatives and build a spacious house for her biological father.

The man who knows the past Ngoc Trinh, is publicly loved by the beauty - Photo 4

Mr. Tong lives in Tra Vinh, takes a car to Saigon every weekend to visit his children. Every time he comes, both he and his stepwife (Sau Phuong) cook hometown dishes and even clean the house for Ngoc Trinh with their own hands because they understand that their children's work is busy.

In an interview with Thanh Nien newspaper, Mr. Tran Tong once revealed quite a lot about his daughter.

"When he was a c.hild, he was very ugly. Black skin, just wearing clothes that look like... "two rices". Now when I look at the picture of him as a c.hild, I definitely can't recognize it. It was he who looked back at the picture when he was a c.hild and exclaimed: "Why were you so bad at that time". But when they grow up, they "ripen" and "pluck springs", so they are more beautiful and whiter.

He was orphaned by his mother less than a year old, and on the day of his mother's funeral, he innocently said "why is my house so crowded", Mr. Tong recalled.

The man who knows the past Ngoc Trinh, is publicly loved by the beauty - Photo 5

Talking about Ngoc Trinh's work, her father confessed that he only knew that his son was a model, sometimes he had to dress boldly, even take off his clothes. But he respected his son's work, only advised Ngoc Trinh to "know how to hold on to yourself, don't do bad things".

As a father, when he heard that his daughter was prosecuted and detained, Mr. Tong was definitely the most heartbroken. During Ngoc Trinh's time in prison, her father visited and encouraged her children regularly. On February 2, 2024, Ngoc Trinh received a suspended sentence, Mr. Tong could not hide his joy and hurriedly called his relatives to pick up his daughter back.

The man who knows the past Ngoc Trinh, is publicly loved by the beauty - Photo 6

The man who knows the past Ngoc Trinh, is publicly loved by the beauty - Photo 7

The image of this U70 man emaciated and worried during his daughter's trial once made netizens very emotional to share. The moment Ngoc Trinh hugged her father when she was able to go home also brought many tears from netizens.

The man who knows the past Ngoc Trinh, is publicly loved by the beauty - Photo 8

For Mr. Tran Tong, Ngoc Trinh has always been a daughter to be proud of. He once shared: "I'm proud of it. Because his family was poor, he sacrificed himself and decided to quit school to take care of his family. Thanks to it, my house is more superficial and fully equipped. Thanks to it, I no longer have to run a motorbike taxi. Then, thanks to him, instead of driving, his brothers and sisters are now the owners of fashion stores and spa salons. Not to mention that it won a series of model awards here and there."

The man who knows the past Ngoc Trinh, is publicly loved by the beauty - Photo 9

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