Ngoc Trinh treats Thuy Kieu like a "queen", removing the title of president and serving as her assistant

Châu AnhMar 16, 2024 at 10:57

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Ngoc Trinh and her assistant Thuy Kieu have long admired many people for their close relationship like sisters. After the incident, the female model still maintained the same attitude towards her female assistant, she was not afraid to indulge and pamper her to the fullest.

Experiencing an event that severely affected both her life and career, Ngoc Trinh completely changed her image. No longer appearing with a seductive appearance and boldly cut outfits creating the "lingerie queen" brand like before. Ngoc Trinh pursues a discreet, gentle and elegant style.

Ngoc Trinh treats Thuy Kieu like a queen, removing the title of president and serving as her assistant - Photo 1

During this time, she was wholeheartedly cared for and supported by her close assistant, Thuy Kieu. The relationship between Ngoc Trinh and Thuy Kieu is not simply "celebrity - assistant" but sometimes as close as sisters in the house, sharing joys and sorrows with each other.

Ngoc Trinh treats Thuy Kieu like a queen, removing the title of president and serving as her assistant - Photo 2

In a new video shared on her personal page, Ngoc Trinh surprised people when she dedicatedly took care of her assistant while on vacation. Specifically, Thuy Kieu lies down to enjoy herself on a chair next to the swimming pool, while Ngoc Trinh thoughtfully takes care of her skin. The female model from Tra Vinh also humorously said: "Thuy Kieu's day at work is quite leisurely."

Ngoc Trinh treats Thuy Kieu like a queen, removing the title of president and serving as her assistant - Photo 3

Ngoc Trinh treats Thuy Kieu like a queen, removing the title of president and serving as her assistant - Photo 4

While Ngoc Trinh was detained for more than 3 months for disturbing public order, Thuy Kieu lost nearly ten kilograms due to anxiety and loss of appetite and sleep. On the day she appeared in court, Ngoc Trinh's female assistant revealed her haggard face.

As soon as Ngoc Trinh was given a suspended sentence and sent home, Thuy Kieu was extremely happy and said she would cook many delicious dishes to nourish the "president".

A few days ago, Ngoc Trinh's assistant admitted: "Now my president has a discreet style." Tra Vinh beauty likes a peaceful life and simple dressing style. Ngoc Trinh said that her current joy is living happily with her family, spending time taking care of and playing with her grandchildren.

Ngoc Trinh treats Thuy Kieu like a queen, removing the title of president and serving as her assistant - Photo 5

She is having many changes compared to before, both in appearance and lifestyle. Images of luxury, wearing branded goods, and driving billions of dollars are also limited by Ngoc Trinh to be posted on social networks. Many people compliment the current beauty and enjoy the positive change of the long-haired model from Tra Vinh.

Awakening from her mistakes, Ngoc Trinh promised the audience that she would convey positive, healthy information to society and not repeat old mistakes. Ngoc Trinh apologized to the audience and learned a profound lesson about life.

Ngoc Trinh treats Thuy Kieu like a queen, removing the title of president and serving as her assistant - Photo 6

The beauty expressed: "The past time has also been an opportunity for Trinh to reflect on herself. Every thing that happens in life contains 'loss' and 'gain'. But Trinh still looks at it in the same direction. Positively, I 'be' loved more, I understand more very valuable things in this life.

Therefore, Trinh does not think much about the things she has lost but will appreciate what she has right now, right now. Trinh realized that it was not because of passion that she ignored the effects and consequences it could cause."

Ngoc Trinh treats Thuy Kieu like a queen, removing the title of president and serving as her assistant - Photo 7

Ngoc Trinh was born in 1990, she is widely known to the public as a model, actress, and businesswoman. The model was once crowned Miss Vietnam Global 2011 and participated in films such as Waist 56, Vu Quy Dai Noo, Sister Mother Learns to Love, Sister Sister Sister 2.

Previously, Ngoc Trinh was famous for her bold dressing sense, often r.evealing skin on social networks. In 2023, the beauty was arrested for "Disturbing public order" for driving a motorbike in dangerous positions and posting it online. At the trial on February 2, the court found that Ngoc Trinh violated the law for the first time but had a repentant attitude and had many actions to contribute to society, so she was given a suspended prison sentence for 1 year.

Ngoc Trinh treats Thuy Kieu like a queen, removing the title of president and serving as her assistant - Photo 8

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