Ngoc Trinh was different after being released from prison, and her relatives were shocked to r.eveal the change

Đức TríMar 14, 2024 at 09:37

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Model and actress Ngoc Trinh has a different lifestyle after being detained. Close people were also surprised, r.evealing a different lifestyle that Ngoc Trinh had never tried.

After 3 months of experiencing a major event, the beauty originally from Tra Vinh has diligently updated her work and life on social networks. People more or less realize that she is having many changes compared to before, both in appearance and lifestyle.

Recently on her personal page, Thuy Kieu - Ngoc Trinh's close assistant also posted a status confirming that her "president" pursues a discreet style. Having been in the profession for nearly 20 years, netizens know Ngoc Trinh as a free-spirited and s.exy g.irl, but now the beauty has become more loving and gentle.

Ngoc Trinh was different after being released from prison, and her relatives were shocked to r.eveal the change - Photo 1

The photos that Ngoc Trinh recently shared are all dressed discreetly, neither r.evealing nor showing off her curves. At the same time, her hair is kept long and black, her makeup is light, and she wears less branded jewelry. According to the beauty, in 2024 she wants to pursue a lifestyle: Minimalist, gentle, pursuing happiness and warmth in simple, small things.

Previously, Ngoc Trinh said that she is currently trying to catch up with work and get used to the camera lens again. In the comeback photo shoots, Trinh also asked the stylist to keep the style light, not "disturbing" or s.exy.

Ngoc Trinh was different after being released from prison, and her relatives were shocked to r.eveal the change - Photo 2

When returning to her previous life, Ngoc Trinh showed her personal change by bringing many positive messages to fans. She rarely participates in entertainment events but focuses on her business and sales career on social networks.

Ngoc Trinh was born in 1989, from Tra Vinh. Starting her career as a model, in 2016, she played the main role in her first movie Waist 56 (directed by Vu Ngoc Dang) - inspired by her life. At the end of 2023, Ngoc Trinh was prosecuted for disturbing public order and detained for more than three months. At the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City, the jury sentenced her to one year in prison but granted her a suspended sentence and probation for two years.

Ngoc Trinh was different after being released from prison, and her relatives were shocked to r.eveal the change - Photo 3

Regarding the noise of being detained, Ngoc Trinh said she was grateful that after the period of detention, she had the opportunity to return to daily life to fulfill her unfinished dreams and work. "Trinh also wants to sincerely apologize to those around her who were affected by Trinh's actions," she confided.

Ngoc Trinh said the detention period was an opportunity for her to reflect on herself. She confided: "Every thing that happens in life has losses and gains. But Trinh still sees it in a positive way that she is loved more, she understands many more precious things in this life." Therefore, Trinh does not think much about the things she has lost, but will appreciate what she has right now, right now."

Ngoc Trinh was different after being released from prison, and her relatives were shocked to r.eveal the change - Photo 4

After the incident, Ngoc Trinh said she would try to improve herself and bring positive values to the community. "Trinh will try harder to build a healthy image, contributing to bringing positive things to society ," she expressed.

Ngoc Trinh was different after being released from prison, and her relatives were shocked to r.eveal the change - Photo 5

Ngoc Trinh said that the first night after returning home, she stayed up until morning to read everyone's comments. She was surprised to be loved by many people and saw it as motivation to recover from the noise. "How lucky and happy I am to have you all by my side. In the future, Trinh will try to bring a healthy image as well as positive energy to spread to society," she shared.

Ngoc Trinh was different after being released from prison, and her relatives were shocked to r.eveal the change - Photo 6

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