Ngoc Diep: Miss was cheated by a billionaire, now a single mother raising 3 children, becoming a famous tiktoker

Hoàng PhúcJul 20, 2023 at 16:50

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Although she is no longer famous in the showbiz world, Miss Sea - Ngoc Diep has received a lot of attention on social networks, especially she is also a genuine h.ot TikToker.

Vu Ngoc Diep, born in 1984 is a "long-legged" Hanoian who is quite "familiar" with Vietnamese showiz. She leaves an impression on the opposite person with tanned skin and bright smile.

In 2006, she participated in the Miss Ocean Ba Ria - Vung Tau contest and was crowned the highest.

Ngoc Diep: Miss was cheated by a billionaire, now a single mother raising 3 children, becoming a famous tiktoker - Photo 1

After w.inning at this beauty contest, Ngoc Diep became the exclusive model of Elite Vietnam modeling agency. In the same year, she was sent to compete at Miss International in Japan but returned empty-handed.

With the title of Ba Ria - Vung Tau beach flower 2006, Ngoc Diep was sent by the contest organizers to become an ambassador to promote the image of the tourism industry of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. However, since the coronation, Ngoc Diep is more famous in the fields of model, presenter... And the people of Ba Ria - Vung Tau have only once met Miss again in the art show. The only art at the Provincial Gymnastics Gymnasium held in 2006.

Ngoc Diep: Miss was cheated by a billionaire, now a single mother raising 3 children, becoming a famous tiktoker - Photo 2

The reason that Hanoi beauty is quite "familiar" with Vietnamese showbiz is because she used to participate as a model to introduce products in collaboration with showgame Choose the right price on Vietnam Television when this program was born.

Besides, in addition to her role on the fashion catwalk, Ngoc Diep also encroached on the singing stage. She joined the singing group F-Diamond with four other "long legs", including female singer Maya (real name Thu Huong) - Ngoc Diep's colleague in the program Choose the right price.

Ngoc Diep: Miss was cheated by a billionaire, now a single mother raising 3 children, becoming a famous tiktoker - Photo 3

In 2008, sharing with an online newspaper, Miss Sea confided that F-Diamond had built up an image and began to have her own shows. Some time later, music lovers mentioned Ngoc Diep more when the song "mixed Vietnamese and Japanese" called "Curse" that she performed with male singer Akira Phan suddenly became "hot".

At the end of 2008, Ngoc Diep's name became more "popular" after the "popular" wedding with a set of supercars that made Hanoians stunned about the grandeur. A procession of about 30 terrible drivers of the most luxurious brands in Vietnam such as Bentley Continental GT, Porsche Cayenne, Lamborghini Murcielago, Chrysler 300C limousine ... "lined up" and then paraded around the main streets in Hanoi. Hanoi on the way from Linh Dam urban area to the 5-star Sheraton hotel.

Ngoc Diep: Miss was cheated by a billionaire, now a single mother raising 3 children, becoming a famous tiktoker - Photo 4

After getting married and giving birth to her first daughter, Ngoc Diep left the catwalk and "retired" to take care of her small family.

Not in the press, not participating in events, away from the limelight for a long time and no one knows much about Miss's family life. Suddenly, in mid-2011, information appeared that Ngoc Diep was cheated of billions of dollars for buying land.

Ngoc Diep "re-exported" with the "Miss Sea cheated with 1 billion VND" rumor with Phuc An Thinh Construction & Trading Joint Stock Company. Because of trusting the words of "scam giants" - director of Phuc An Thinh company Truong Ngoc Dung, the beauty bought a plot of land in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM on paper.

Ngoc Diep: Miss was cheated by a billionaire, now a single mother raising 3 children, becoming a famous tiktoker - Photo 5

Specifically, according to the denunciation of Ngoc Diep, on August 10, 2010, at the headquarters of Phuc An Thinh Company in Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Diep and the Company signed a deposit contract to transfer the project land use right in the area. residential 174ha Thanh My Loi (phase 2), District 2, HCMC.

The deposit contract clearly states that Party A (Phuc An Thinh Company), transfers to Party B (Vu Ngoc Diep) 2 houses with a transfer price of 18 million VND/m2, a total of more than 4.5 billion VND. copper. After that, Ms. Diep made a deposit of 1 billion VND for Phuc An Thinh Company.

According to the contract, by January 31, 2011, Phuc An Thinh Company must complete all procedures for Ms. Diep's name to be directly on the land allocation decision of the 2 land plots. However, by May 2011, the contract period was too long, but the Company had not yet assigned the two land plots in the contract to Ms. Diep.

After a long time of waiting, seeing no action from Phuc An Thinh Company, Ngoc Diep found the land he ordered. After arriving, Ngoc Diep "fired" when he discovered that he had been "sweetly cheated" because the land he ordered was already used by another owner.

She sent a denunciation to the Investigation Agency - City Police. Ho Chi Minh City and the authorities about the sign of "scam to appropriate property" of Phuc An Thinh Construction & Trading Joint Stock Company. Surprisingly, in addition to Miss, "giant" Truong Ngoc Dung also "scammed money" with many other people with particularly large sums.

Ngoc Diep: Miss was cheated by a billionaire, now a single mother raising 3 children, becoming a famous tiktoker - Photo 6

After the above incident, Ngoc Diep continued to hide. Recently, Vu Ngoc Diep has just reappeared in showbiz, active on social networks. In particular, she is also a h.ot TikToker when she often has "transformation" from a simple style at home and "dresses up" beautifully when going out with her daughter.

After 3 births and at the age of U40, Ngoc Diep still has a slim b.ody, smooth and flawless skin. Her aura is still like a professional model. Many people also think that the young and stylish way of dressing helps Ngoc Diep look like her sister.

Ngoc Diep: Miss was cheated by a billionaire, now a single mother raising 3 children, becoming a famous tiktoker - Photo 7

It is known that Miss Sea 2006 has divorced her husband, now she takes care of the children alone. Vu Ngoc Diep said that in addition to modeling, she also entered the business field. In addition to the restaurant business at this time, she also worked with famous sisters: Singer Maya, MC Thuy Duong to develop more cosmetic, functional foods and perfumery business systems...

Ngoc Diep: Miss was cheated by a billionaire, now a single mother raising 3 children, becoming a famous tiktoker - Photo 8

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