"Miss Universe Vietnam 2022" Ngoc Chau was restored to round 1?

Thư KỳJun 27, 2022 at 10:48

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Immediately after becoming the new Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, Ngoc Chau became the name that was more interested than anyone. Because of that, the past of beautiful Tay Ninh people is also more looked at by netizens than anyone else.

Ngoc Chau is a name of showbiz activity for many years and has won many awards at contests such as Vietnam model, is the champion of Vietnam's Next Top Model 2016, Miss Supranational Vietnam 2018, Miss. Asian Supranational 2019, Top 10 Miss Supranational 2019,...

But after being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, the name Ngoc Chau turned to a new page. She became more widely known, her fan base also increased rapidly.

"Miss Universe Vietnam 2022" Ngoc Chau was restored to round 1? - Photo 1

Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022: 1st runner-up Thao Nhi, Miss Ngoc Chau and 2nd runner-up Thuy Tien (from left to right).

Right from the moment she decided to register for the Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 contest, Ngoc Chau was evaluated as a bright candidate for the crown. Owning a height of 1.74 m with 3 rounds measurement: 81-63-92.5 cm. In this year's contest, 9x is one of the few contestants who have all the factors: beauty, b.ody shape, performance skills, ability to communicate in English to become someone who is ready to represent Vietnam in the Miss contest. Universe 2022 at the end of the year.

"Miss Universe Vietnam 2022" Ngoc Chau was restored to round 1? - Photo 2

Besides the title of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, earlier in the semi-final night, Ngoc Chau Cungx ddax received the Best B.ody award. Besides, she also won the Top 4 Brave Beauty with the title of Environmental Ambassador. Before that, she entered the Top 10 Best Performances, Top 10 Most Beautiful Faces, Top 11 Best English Skills.

With her growing physique, 1.74m height and rich experience that she has accumulated in the past, the title of Miss Universe Vietnam is said to be completely worthy of her. Immediately after the coronation, all images and information about the new Miss in the past were "super soi".

"Miss Universe Vietnam 2022" Ngoc Chau was restored to round 1? - Photo 3

Accordingly, Miss Tan was born in a poor family, her father died early, and her mother had to support the whole family. Besides, from a young age, Ngoc Chau had a dream to stand on the catwalk, which inspired Ngoc Chau. With her relentless efforts, Ngoc Chau wishes to do something meaningful.

"Miss Universe Vietnam 2022" Ngoc Chau was restored to round 1? - Photo 4

"I was born and raised in a small family in the Southeast region of Vietnam. When I was 5 years old, my father passed away from cancer. I myself wanted to change reality, but no force, unable to do anything.

The older I get, the more I realize that there are many people out there fighting cancer. They also need a family, a social side to help and share. That's why I chose to study Biotechnology, in order to equip myself with knowledge to improve public health," Ngoc Chau once shared.

"Miss Universe Vietnam 2022" Ngoc Chau was restored to round 1? - Photo 5

Besides a difficult childhood, Ngoc Chau's beauty is also said to have many changes in appearance. Especially the first round has the most obvious change in the present and the past. Also with this unusual change, many netizens have questioned whether to have a s.exy and healthy b.ody Ngoc Chau has upgraded her "peach mounds" to make them more attractive.

Specifically, in the photos at the time Ngoc Chau competed for Miss Supranational in 2018 Ngoc Chau was said to be quite skinny and a modest 1st round. Until the Miss Universe contest, Ngoc Chau's three-round measurements were: 84 - 58 - 94cm, the first round bloomed unexpectedly.

"Miss Universe Vietnam 2022" Ngoc Chau was restored to round 1? - Photo 6

Ngoc Chau's first round in 2018 and at the time of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, there was a marked change. This has raised many doubts.

"Miss Universe Vietnam 2022" Ngoc Chau was restored to round 1? - Photo 7

The first round is somewhat modest with Ngoc Chau's unmodified b.ody at the competition many years ago.

In addition, unlike the sharp, s.exy and seductive looks in the competition or on the fashion catwalk, Ngoc Chau in real life prefers a simple style with many quite discreet, feminine outfits and light makeup. gentle, young.

Even many fans discovered that before "life turns a new page", Ngoc Chau played the role of Lily - a luxurious, powerful but very rational g.irl in the movie Try Love and Know. Although it is her first role, Ngoc Chau is highly appreciated, even said to be the ace of the male lead, even though she does not appear much.

Or, Ngoc Chau also "encroached" on the music stage when participating in Troi Sinh Mot Pair season 5, a double wave with singer Ai Phuong.

"Miss Universe Vietnam 2022" Ngoc Chau was restored to round 1? - Photo 8

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