Ngoc Chau missed the top 16 MU regretfully, Thailand - Philippines shared the same fate, Laos made a miracle

Hoàng PhúcJan 15, 2023 at 10:17

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In the 71st Miss Universe finale, Miss Ngoc Chau was not named to the top 16. Although she could not keep the top 16 for Vietnam for 5 consecutive years, the recent journey of the beautiful Tay Ninh was She tries her best and the audience at home is always proud of her.

On the morning of January 15 (Vietnam time), the final of Miss Universe 2022 took place in the US with the competition of more than 80 beauties. Before that, the girls had 2 weeks to participate in side activities such as closed interviews, national costume contest and semi-finals. Some representatives are highly appreciated, capable of competing for the crown such as Curacao, Venezuela, Thailand, Philippines, USA...

Ngoc Chau missed the top 16 MU regretfully, Thailand - Philippines shared the same fate, Laos made a miracle - Photo 1

The representative of Vietnam at this year's contest is Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau, born in 1994, from Tay Ninh. The beauty is impressed by her sweet beauty, attractive b.ody with a height of 1.74 m, three-round measurements of 81-63-92.5. Before "bringing the bell to f.ight abroad", Ngoc Chau had time to train with experts in the Philippines and the US. The beauty hopes to put her name in the top 3 at Miss Universe 2022.

At the beginning, Miss Ngoc Chau and the contestants performed and shouted their names in the cheers of the audience. The beauty from Vietnam appeared last, wearing a pink dress, confidently chanting "Vietnam" in the cheers of the audience. Unlike the high-tie hairstyle in the semi-final, Ngoc Chau chose a straight, parted hairstyle for the opening part.

Ngoc Chau missed the top 16 MU regretfully, Thailand - Philippines shared the same fate, Laos made a miracle - Photo 2

After the performance, the girls returned to the stage to listen to the announcement of the top 16 results. According to the program's format, there will be 15 contestants who will enter the next round thanks to the judges' scores. The other g.irl won the vote on the Miss Universe 2022 system.

16 girls were named, continuing their journey to conquer the highest position of Miss Universe 2022 including Puerto Rico, Haiti, Australia, Dominican Republic, Laos, South Africa, Portugal, Canada, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago , Curacao, India, Venezuela, Spain, USA and Colombia.

Thus, despite the expectations of many viewers, Ngoc Chau did not make a miracle. She slipped to the top 16 in the audience's regret. Many highly regarded representatives such as Thailand, Philippines... are also suddenly absent from this list.

Ngoc Chau missed the top 16 MU regretfully, Thailand - Philippines shared the same fate, Laos made a miracle - Photo 3

Meanwhile, the appearance of the Lao representative surprised many people. This year is the first year that Laos has a contestant in the top of the Miss Universe arena. Before the final, the representative of Laos maintained the number one position in the ranking of the most favorite contestant of the audience.

Ngoc Chau missed the top 16 MU regretfully, Thailand - Philippines shared the same fate, Laos made a miracle - Photo 4

Thus, Ngoc Chau's 10-day journey to reaching the Universal dream has come to an end. There will certainly be tears of regret, regrets for the competition or regrets for what has passed, ... However, instead of being sad, let's look back at what the representative of Vietnam has done at Miss Universe 2022. She has always worked hard for the colors of the flag, waking up very early every day to have the best appearance in front of the public as well as the organizers.

Ngoc Chau missed the top 16 MU regretfully, Thailand - Philippines shared the same fate, Laos made a miracle - Photo 5

During his days in Vietnam, Ngoc Chau plunged into intense training sessions and rigorous bodybuilding exercises. Not only taking time to complete the mission of a Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, she also had the opportunity to train abroad in the Philippines and in the US before officially participating in the contest for a few days. With serious investments and will and determination - Ngoc Chau absolutely deserves the love and support from the audience.

Ngoc Chau missed the top 16 MU regretfully, Thailand - Philippines shared the same fate, Laos made a miracle - Photo 6

At this time, there were some comments complaining about Ngoc Chau having broken Vietnam's 5 consecutive years of entry at Miss Universe. Perhaps, sometimes the audience at home gets used to it, this is the most fierce beauty arena on the planet, anything can happen. Not being in the top 16 does not mean that Ngoc Chau's ability is weak. It only reflects the current form of the moment, in the future, the beauty of Tay Ninh will surely be even more successful with her choices.

Ngoc Chau missed the top 16 MU regretfully, Thailand - Philippines shared the same fate, Laos made a miracle - Photo 7

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