Ngoc Chau is advised to "imitate" the Philippines to do this if you want to enter the top 5!

Minh LợiJan 07, 2023 at 09:01

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So Miss Ngoc Chau has entered the 4th day at the Miss Universe 2022 contest. Although she is a private person, Ngoc Chau is very hard to update her image for the audience in her hometown. But recently, netizens suddenly emerged arguing whether the contestants should use social networks too much or not.

Specifically, every year in the Miss Universe season, the global beauty fan community has the opportunity to be as busy as a "festival". This is not only a crown race between beauties from many countries but also an underground battle between fans, who all want to represent the country to be noticed and shine. But the disparities also stem from what they see through videos and images on social networks - therefore, in order to fully focus on the competition, contestants can only temporarily live away from media platforms. a time.

This is quite noticeable in the Filipino beauties when participating in an international beauty contest. The closest is Ngoc Chau's opponent in Miss Universe 2022, she rarely updates her personal activities as well as articles and images related to the contest on her social network accounts. Fans in this country are very "thirst" for the queen's information, but they fully support her doing it - there are many cases of contestants swearing on livestream, accidentally r.evealing sensitive images, recording lack of clarity. economy or many other possible risks.

Ngoc Chau is advised to "imitate" the Philippines to do this if you want to enter the top 5! - Photo 1

In contrast, the Vietnamese representative is quite comfortable in sharing about himself and his journey in the US with the audience. Tay Ninh beauty always spends her free time every day to livestream to interact with fans, talk about the contest and r.eveal important information that makes fans stand still. Not only that, she regularly updates photos between herself and other contestants, shoots videos as well as interacts with them on her personal page.

Ngoc Chau is advised to "imitate" the Philippines to do this if you want to enter the top 5! - Photo 2

Ngoc Chau is advised to "imitate" the Philippines to do this if you want to enter the top 5! - Photo 3

Ngoc Chau is advised to "imitate" the Philippines to do this if you want to enter the top 5! - Photo 4

Therefore, a part of the Vietnamese audience expressed concern and hoped that Ngoc Chau could learn from Celeste Cortesi - the representative of the Philippines to spend less time on social networks and focus more on the competition. Not only that, many comments said that last year this country entered the top 5 thanks to Beatrice Gomez not falling into the media but only aiming to conquer the crown.

Ngoc Chau is advised to "imitate" the Philippines to do this if you want to enter the top 5! - Photo 5

In fact, there is no rule that contestants are not allowed to use social networks or the like, if used, they will not be able to achieve high rankings in the contest. The proof is that Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza posts 7749 stories on her personal page every day, but she still won the prestigious crown. The fact that candidates need to pay attention is that they should only use their phones in their free time, avoid livestreaming talking about other representatives, they can completely use social networks, but that also depends on their consciousness and spirit. Every g.irl's fighting god.

Ngoc Chau is advised to "imitate" the Philippines to do this if you want to enter the top 5! - Photo 6

As Ngoc Chau shared at the Send-off session before leaving for the US, she will enjoy the time but not forget the task of bringing the first crown to Vietnam.

The public believes that the beauty born in 1994 will know how to properly use social networks, experience and keep good memories at Miss Universe 2022 as well as be responsible for the sash series that she is carrying on her shoulders. .

Ngoc Chau is advised to "imitate" the Philippines to do this if you want to enter the top 5! - Photo 7

Audience comments:

- It doesn't matter if I see it up or not. If you don't upload, then tape it intop?

- Should use social media less to avoid reading negative comments

- Up stories a lot or not has never affected the results

- If you have the ability, you can only enter the top, not everyone who posts a few posts will also get to the top. This theorem is a bit funny, other countries rarely post what they want their representatives to do

After 4 days of participating in Miss Universe 2022, Miss Ngoc Chau has left many impressive moments for the beauty fan community.

Ngoc Chau is advised to "imitate" the Philippines to do this if you want to enter the top 5! - Photo 8

If you follow the journey of Tay Ninh beauty in this international playground, the audience can clearly see the spectacular makeover of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 compared to the time of the coronation in the country. Therefore, the queen is expected by many fans to make a story at this year's contest.


Ngoc Chau is advised to "imitate" the Philippines to do this if you want to enter the top 5! - Photo 9

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