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Mexico was changed owner to hold the copyright of Miss Universe, the audience was fed up with "changing b.lood" too much

Thanh Phúc12:44:42 13/02/2023
Mexico is the next country that will be changed by Miss Universe (Miss Universe World) to hold the copyright of the contest after Puteri Indonesia. became president, worried that the quality of the contestants would be reduced from next season. Miss Universe beauty arena - Miss...

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Miss Universe 2020 "criticized" Ngoc Chau, Thailand made a spectacular makeover, presented English to "eat off" Engfa

Hoàng Phúc07:17:21 09/01/2023
Miss Universe - Miss Universe 2022 is taking place and occupies the center of the world beauty village. After only a few days of launch, not only many international beauty websites and forums but also influential figures have gradually made their own predictions. Recently, Miss...

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Ngoc Chau is advised to "imitate" the Philippines to do this if you want to enter the top 5!

Minh Lợi09:01:43 07/01/2023
So Miss Ngoc Chau has entered the 4th day at the Miss Universe 2022 contest. Although she is a private person, Ngoc Chau is very hard to update her image for the audience in her hometown. But recently, netizens suddenly emerged arguing whether the contestants should use social...

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Miss Universe is pregnant with a handsome reporter, a controversial Vietnamese-speaking Miss Grand Thai

KENG10:06:50 30/12/2022
Recently, Ryan Antonio - Andrea Meza's boyfriend - has a remarkable share on social networks. He suddenly announced that his lover was pregnant. This information is currently receiving the attention of global beauty fans. Specifically, on the story, posting pictures of Andrea...

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Mr. Nawat was "challenged" by the opponent and Catriona Gray, Miss Universe announced the 150 billion crown to eat off MGI

Hoàng Phúc09:32:51 08/11/2022
Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip - the new owner of Miss Universe - opened a press conference in Bangkok, Thailand to announce interesting information about the contest. The appearance of former Misses and side stories are attracting the attention of the beauty fan community...

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Mr. Nawat "green face" because the new owner Miss Universe "played dangerous", Engfa could not save Miss Grand?

Hoàng Phúc07:20:02 07/11/2022
The decision to invite a series of former Miss Universe to appear at the upcoming press conference of Miss Universe 2022 (taking place in Thailand) by billionaire Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip is attracting the attention of the media. After all the controversy between two fans of...

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Andrea Meza - Beauty won the "Miss of Miss" a.ward, Vietnam stopped in the top 20

Nam Phương13:33:36 15/11/2021
It is a pity that once again the representative of Vietnam - Miss Khanh Van was "beaten" by the Mexican beauty and stopped in the top 20 final position. Miss Grand Slam (roughly translated: Miss of the Miss or World Beauty Queen) is a prestigious and symbolic beauty title. This...

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