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Miss Universe 2022: Explosive controversy "revealed" the final result right from the semi-final night

Kim Lâm14:00:01 16/02/2024
Miss Universe 2022 was one of the beauty arenas that caught the eye at the time. This is the first year Thai billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip has taken over the competition, and the noise about the final result has also caused controversy.

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Miss USA 2024 is in danger of discontinuing, will the 1st runner-up in 2023 compete in MU 2024?

Minh Lợi07:04:35 05/01/2024
As of now, the state pageants of Miss America have not been scheduled. Many beauty fans are skeptical whether the Miss USA 2024 pageant will take place.

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A beauty was crowned Miss Universe despite being accused of buying the a.ward, closely related to the sponsor, BGK

Uyển Đình09:54:12 05/10/2023
In the history of the Miss Universe beauty pageant, there are many queens when crowned when the issue of the a.ward caused a stir. Accordingly, 1 Miss has caused a lot of controversy when she was accused of cheating by her fellow contestants.

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Miss International 2023: The beauty queen who was stripped of her crown in the Philippines is about to surpass Phuong Nhi

Snow16:26:48 20/09/2023
Having been stripped of her crown and now returning to compete at the international beauty playground, all information related to this queen is of special interest to beauty fans, including Phuong Nhi fans.

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Miss Universe lifts age regulation: So U40 and 50 women can also compete?

Nguyễn Tuyết21:05:08 13/09/2023
The beauty fan community was abuzz with the sudden change announcement from the Miss Universe organizers, it is entirely possible that Miss Universe 2024 has teenage or middle-aged beauties crowned.

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Miss Universe 2022 overwhelmed Ngoc Chau on the reunion day, Huong Ly was kicked out of the Miss Universe Vietnam rankings

Nguyễn Tuyết17:07:12 11/09/2023
As previously reported, among about 350 guests attending designer Do Manh Cuong's show in the US, Miss Ngoc Chau will reunite with her old friend Miss Universe 2022 R Bonney Gabriel.

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Miss Ngoc Chau "shows off" the new school she is about to attend, people fall back because of this!

Snow10:55:59 29/07/2023
More than half a year, since representing Vietnam at Miss Universe 2022, Miss Ngoc Chau officially returned to the lecture hall to continue her unfinished education.

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The reigning MU slipped the title of Timeless Beauty, Mr. Nawat immediately declared MG as number 1

JLO11:53:00 29/06/2023
Until the next appointment, after the beauty contests in turn found the Miss for the new season, the fans eagerly await the owner of two extremely attractive titles: Timeless Beauty and Miss of the Flowers. voted by 2 beauty experts.

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MU Philippines 2023 is likened to a copy of Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2022 lost to the old lady U80

JLO13:40:08 15/05/2023
Recently, the final of Miss Universe Philippines 2023 (Miss Universe Philippines) officially ended with the convincing victory of beautiful Michelle Dee, from Makati province. Not only possessing beautiful beauty, she also made the whole audience take off their hats with...

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Bao Ngoc expressed her attitude when Thao Nhi Le was at home, Lan Khue's side responded to UNI, Huong Ly revealed evidence of the MU exam?

JLO09:50:43 31/03/2023
After Miss Universe Vietnam released a press release confirming that Thao Nhi Le was not officially allowed to attend Miss Universe 2023, it surprised the insiders and the Viet Kieu runner-up herself, including Miss Bao Ngoc. Accordingly, CEO Bao Hoang responded quite strongly...

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Nam Em, Ngoc Chau were called by a designer, "unmasked" how to work: No wonder they are always poor

Đức Trí10:06:09 23/03/2023
The two queens Ngoc Chau and Nam Em recently caused a stir in the online community by a designer's comment, saying that if you keep this attitude, you will still be poor. Miss Nam Em and Miss Ngoc Chau are two beauties who have a huge fan base, receive a lot of attention and...

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Ngoc Chau cried because of public opinion: When she lifted her shirt to show her waist, she was criticized, when she smiled, "the lips looked a bit strange"

Hoàng Anh15:13:50 14/03/2023
Returning to the country since the Miss Universe 2022 contest, Ngoc Chau continuously encountered unnecessary incidents. Being dug by fans for not having graduated from university, until the suspicion of interfering with the waist cutlery and most recently, the lips are a bit...

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Miss Grand VN met a deadline: Minh Tu struggled for the title of Miss, a national costume design was stoned

KENG07:33:08 11/03/2023
One of the beauty arenas that receive the most attention of Vbiz is Miss Grand Vietnam (Miss Peace Vietnam). Recently, the contest has started to collect profiles of young designers to find national costumes for the new Miss International contest at the end of October 2023...

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Miss Universe: Miss Universe 1974 gave up the throne but no one accepted it, 1 country has not competed in 60 years before enteringp

Minh Lợi15:38:52 09/03/2023
Miss Universe is considered the most prestigious and prestigious beauty playground in the world thanks to the fierce competition of the contestants. However, behind that flashy look there are many stories, both interesting and "unique". "Miss Perseverance" named the...

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"Aunt" Anne Miss Universe proudly shows off making a lot of m.oney, sarcastic beauty fans: Must be durable!

KENG19:12:07 05/03/2023
Ms. Anne's company, JKN, a global group, achieved a net profit of 583 million Thai Baht (about 16.7 million USD) in 2022. In 2022, this unit spent more than 20 million USD to buy Miss Universe. On March 2, transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip posted on her personal page the...

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TOP 3 MU 2022 "caused trouble" in Vietnam, CEO Bao Hoang struggled to keep the name Miss Universe

Tin14:12:12 25/02/2023
CEO Bao Hoang affirmed: "We always want to be able to close the changes calmly and open a new good journey for all parties". After more than half a month of w.inning the international title at the Miss Universe 2022 (MU) beauty arena, the cult following has begun a monumental...

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The reigning Miss has just come to Vietnam to do this, the owner of MU is satisfied with an action of Lan Khue

Krant12:51:39 24/02/2023
In the past few days, the event that the Miss Universe brand name changed to a new owner, has led to many disturbances and the attention of fans. Recently, the owner of Miss Universe - Anne Jakkaphong went to Vietnam to sign the copyright and announce the new national director...

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Miss Universe 2022 expressed her attitude when "meeting" Ngoc Chau in Vietnam, UNI looking for new opportunities for Thao Nhi Le?

Hoàng Phúc12:47:45 24/02/2023
The reigning Miss Universe R'Bonney Gabriel has officially arrived in Vietnam after more than a month of being crowned. The queen was surprised when she landed at the airport and "met" her best friend, Miss Ngoc Chau. On the evening of February 23, the reigning Miss Universe...

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Crystle Stewart: Miss fell during the MU exam, lost the right to run Miss USA because she was holding Miss Universe 2022

Hoàng Phúc16:19:51 20/02/2023
Crystle Stewart is no longer a strange name in beauty contests. She represented the United States at Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam and entered the top 10 finalists. Even, Crystle also worked as the country director for Miss USA, but was dismissed because of her bias as the...

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Miss Grand lost to Miss Universe, Mr. Nawat immediately ordered Engfa to kiss the same s.ex to pull fans?

Hoàng Phúc10:07:05 17/02/2023
On the afternoon of February 16, the beauty site Global Beauties continued to announce the top 5 list of Miss Grand Slam - Miss of Miss 2022. The audience was extremely surprised because 3 out of 5 positions belonged to contestants. from the Miss Universe contest - Miss Universe...

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Ngoc Chau reaches the international level, Thanh Thanh Huyen is sure to be the runner-up, 1 Miss Charm contestant is accused of plagiarism?

Hoàng Phúc09:07:03 16/02/2023
Criticized by domestic audiences as cheesy, Ngoc Chau's catwalk style at Miss Universe 2022 caused an international media storm. Beauty site Thaisashes recently discovered an international beauty queen who recreated the image of Lotus Walk of the Vietnamese representative...

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The reigning MU caused a "s.hock" in Indonesia, causing Thuy Tien to be "squeaked", the clutter is increasingly tense?

pipi16:07:40 12/02/2023
Miss Universe 2022 is currently becoming the focus of controversy because of the noisy copyright dispute. Having a "not very good" business trip to Indonesia, the reigning Miss Universe - R'Bonney Gabriel was also recently suddenly compared with Thuy Tien. Miss Universe 2022 -...

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Miss Universe 2021 revealed a skinny, emaciated photo, the new owner made a lot of m.oney after Ngoc Chau's out top?

Hoàng Phúc11:58:04 11/02/2023
Harnaaz Sandhu - Miss Universe 2021 surprised many people with her current beauty after transferring the crown to R'Bonney Gabriel. Before that, the queen from India almost fell on the stage when performing the final walk. After Miss Universe 2022 ended, the beauty audience had...

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Engfa Waraha was accused of "stealing" the idea of Miss Universe 2007, the new Miss was also "harmed" tragically?

pipi09:52:08 08/02/2023
The runner-up Miss Grand International - Engfa Waraha recently continued to be entangled in controversy when blatantly plagiarizing the idea of Miss Universe 2007. Besides, the reigning Miss Universe - Gabriel also attracted attention when she was "harmed" by the team. Recently...

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