Miss Universe Cambodia begins to splint, South Africa enjoys privileges, Ngoc Chau can't even dream

Minh LợiDec 26, 2022 at 17:46

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Miss Universe Cambodia Manita Hang constantly releases photos showing her increasingly attractive beauty. She is one of the contestants who are attracting attention in Southeast Asia, a factor that Ngoc Chau should be wary of.

Cambodia has only recently participated in beauty contests, but in a short time, they have begun to make a strong impression on the international public. In Southeast Asia, the country's representative at Miss Universe 2022, Manita Hang, is also expected by the audience to be the first beauty to bring Cambodia sash into the most fierce beauty arena on this planet.

Miss Universe Cambodia begins to splint, South Africa enjoys privileges, Ngoc Chau can't even dream - Photo 1

Manita Hang is 24 years old this year, she won the 2nd runner-up title at Miss Tourism Metropolitan and is fluent in 3 languages Khmer, French and English. The queen also spends time training in the Philippines like Ngoc Chau, so it is expected to be an unpredictable unknown at Miss Universe 2022. Recently, she and her crew entertained fans with new sets of photos before the event. contest, received many compliments for the French hybrid beauty that is increasingly ranked, well-proportioned b.ody, ready to enter the upcoming crown race.

Miss Universe Cambodia begins to splint, South Africa enjoys privileges, Ngoc Chau can't even dream - Photo 2

The fact that Manita Hang was crowned Miss Universe Cambodia 2022 was not unexpected by the audience because she was an outstanding candidate from the beginning. The queen owns a height of 1m67, which is considered not too prominent compared to the beauties from countries around the world. However, in recent years, beauty contests, especially Miss Universe, have gradually changed their criteria and height is no longer an important factor. The beauties of modest height still make impressive achievements, such as Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, who is only 1m66 tall.

Miss Universe Cambodia begins to splint, South Africa enjoys privileges, Ngoc Chau can't even dream - Photo 3

Although she does not have an outstanding height, in return, Manita Hang is considered to have an impressive profile and rich beauty contest experience. With her impressive achievements, Manita Hang is considered to be a potential candidate that cannot be underestimated by Ngoc Chau - Vietnam's representative at Miss Universe this year.

Miss Universe Cambodia begins to splint, South Africa enjoys privileges, Ngoc Chau can't even dream - Photo 4

In addition to Manita Hang, Miss Universe 2022 also appears many terrible warriors. Including Miss South Africa (Miss South Africa 2022) Ndavi Nokeri.

Ndavi Nokeri 23 years old, 1.73 m tall, a face that creates sympathy for the opposite person. She was born in an ordinary family in Limpopo, now lives and works in Tzaneen. Ndavi was introduced as a consultant for a property management company in Cape Town.

Miss Universe Cambodia begins to splint, South Africa enjoys privileges, Ngoc Chau can't even dream - Photo 5

According to the announcement of the organizers of Miss South Africa, Ndavi must participate in all 3 beauty arenas Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Supranational. In the case of being crowned Miss Universe, the beauty queen will not need to f.ight in the other two contests.

Similarly, if you fail Miss Universe and become Miss World, Ndavi will give up the opportunity to compete at Miss Supranational for someone else.

Miss Universe Cambodia begins to splint, South Africa enjoys privileges, Ngoc Chau can't even dream - Photo 6

According to Ewn, in the history of Miss South Africa there has never been this precedent. This is considered a bold move, making it difficult to represent their country.

According to Missosology, for many years, South Africa has been a prominent country on the international beauty map when representing their country continuously in the top, or crowned beauty contests.

Recently, Lalela Mswane - South African 2nd runner-up Miss Universe 2021 - gained attention when giving up the title and participating in Miss Supranational 2022. As a result, she won.

Miss Universe Cambodia begins to splint, South Africa enjoys privileges, Ngoc Chau can't even dream - Photo 7

Before that, Miss South Africa is often sent to attend Miss Universe or Miss World, the remaining runner-ups will also be sent to participate in international competitions. However, in recent years, the organizers of Miss South Africa have constantly changed their decisions, surprising many people.

Most recently, Miss South Africa 2020 Shudufhadzo Musida was sent to Miss World 2021 while 2nd runner-up Natasha Joubert was sent to the Miss Universe arena. This was a controversial decision and in the end, both of these beauties did not achieve high results.

Perhaps after this defeat, the Miss South Africa organizers have shown their determination that the person who wins the highest title in their national competition will have to represent the country to the most prestigious beauty arenas to win. increase your chances of w.inning the crown.

Miss Universe Cambodia begins to splint, South Africa enjoys privileges, Ngoc Chau can't even dream - Photo 8

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