Nam Em declares his ability to repay debts, pushing all responsibility to his fiancé

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Despite turning to business, Nam Em said she could no longer afford to repay her debts and this responsibility would fall to her guardian, her fiancé Bui Huu Cuong.

Accordingly, on the evening of May 7, Nam Em made people confused when he posted a Facebook story announcing his debt situation and health. Specifically, Miss born in 1996 wrote:

"Please keep your adoptive mother's story brief. Over the past few months, I've been working hard to make enough m.oney to pay off the debt I once considered my godmother. I didn't think about my mental health, but despite trying to get it back quickly because for me, I didn't want this pain to last every minute of it.

Nam Em declares his ability to repay debts, pushing all responsibility to his fiancé - Photo 1

It was more than enough hurt for the b.aby inside me. I admit that I am not physically or mentally fit at the moment, so I will not go live at this time. My guardian is Bui Huu Cuong. Please call him about the debt issue. Thank you."

Nam Em declares his ability to repay debts, pushing all responsibility to his fiancé - Photo 2

It is known that at the end of January 2024, Nam Em is entangled in the noise of owing his adoptive mother VND 4 billion. After that, the singer quickly explained that the amount of VND 4 billion was voluntarily given by her adoptive mother, but because the relationship between the two was no longer good, the beauty born in 1996 took the initiative to send it back.

Nam Em declares his ability to repay debts, pushing all responsibility to his fiancé - Photo 3

However, at the present time, both her mental and physical health are unstable because she has worked too hard to pay off debts, so Tien Giang beauty decided to push her debt responsibility to her fiancé Bui Huu Cuong and also the singer's current guardian.

Earlier, Nam Em also revealed that her fiancé was rich and pretended to be poor to test her heart.

Specifically, Nam Em said: "He (Bui Huu Cuong - PV) always said that he had no m.oney, his house had conditions but no m.oney. Then by the time I started running out of m.oney, he started nowhere to go. He spends on house repairs, house building and more. I was like, 'This guy is really taking me.' That's it, let's see if it's honest. If you're really poor, do you love me? Wait until you don't have a penny left. One of them asked, 'Is there m.oney left for you to transfer.' I also put a lot of question marks. It turned out he had a black fund."

Nam Em declares his ability to repay debts, pushing all responsibility to his fiancé - Photo 4

"From dinner I have spent too much, but I have no m.oney to spend. Since I decided to go to Dalat, I have not had any m.oney left. I only hold one gold tree to come up here to live and survive. Since I started my business with him, I have nothing left. Since then he has taken care of everything, I have always been careless," Nam Em honestly said.

Nam Em declares his ability to repay debts, pushing all responsibility to his fiancé - Photo 5

After this statement of Nam Em, people suddenly dug up the story that the beauty Tien Giang once "sealed" her fiancé from refusing to work, letting her be the economic breadwinner in the family. The beauty born in 1996 even asked to break up, recruit a new manager to replace Bui Huu Cuong's job. The Haiphong-born businessman probably almost received a humiliating ending when his girlfriend was too straight. However, in the end, Nam Em still "turned the car" and stuck with her fiancé until now.

Nam Em declares his ability to repay debts, pushing all responsibility to his fiancé - Photo 6

In addition to m.oney, Nam Em is also entangled in litigation with Ngan 98. Luong Bang Quang's girlfriend at the end of April went to the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications. HCMC to file a lawsuit against Nam Em for livestreaming derogatory remarks against female DJs. Later, Ngan 98 was about to pause because he felt that the South had learned to be silent and apologetic. However, the response of Miss Mekong Delta's fiancé made his girlfriend Luong Bang Quang decide to do it to the end.

Nam Em declares his ability to repay debts, pushing all responsibility to his fiancé - Photo 7

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