Nam Em's fiancé accused his ex-wife of plotting to harm him, "revealing" his true self and using cunning tricks

Thiên DiDec 16, 2023 at 16:32

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Nam Em and her husband-to-be have recently made fans bored by constantly creating drama on social networks. Not long ago, the singer's fiancé even announced that he was living in hiding and recently posted a letter to denounce his ex-wife.

Late yesterday, Nam Em's boyfriend suddenly made a long post on his personal page accusing his ex-wife of plotting to harm him and his girlfriend. In the letter, he expressed frustration that his ex-wife had intentionally colluded with a group of people to fabricate and slander with the aim of destroying Nam Em's life. He said he didn't want to bury his ex, but his ex-wife's outrageous actions were like a drop in the bucket, forcing him to take strong measures.

Nam Ems fiancé accused his ex-wife of plotting to harm him, revealing his true self and using cunning tricks - Photo 1

This guy said: "She came to destroy Nam Em with the name Bui Huu Cuong on Facebook. The more she didn't speak up, the more she did too much. She slandered my documents issued by the Intellectual Property Department as fake, disregarding the law. I raised my voice to teach her morality because without me she would no longer exist, you can contact her to ask... She deliberately embellished everything, in the past I did not know Nam Em She already doesn't like Nam Em. Every time she watches Nam Em, she says this and that. And now the opportunity has come and she's made up all kinds of tricks to defame her. I have enough evidence to sue...turn around while you haven't yet. late...".

Nam Ems fiancé accused his ex-wife of plotting to harm him, revealing his true self and using cunning tricks - Photo 2

Besides, Nam Em's boyfriend also revealed that his ex-wife had a chaotic life and was not clean in making m.oney. He once offered to give his ex-wife m.oney to take their daughter home to raise but was refused. He said his ex-wife's trick was to keep the c.hild with her to gain sympathy from others for the purpose of borrowing m.oney. To prove what I said, Nam Em's boyfriend released a list of messages with his ex. Both of them used a lot of harsh words towards each other, making the audience feel bored.

Nam Ems fiancé accused his ex-wife of plotting to harm him, revealing his true self and using cunning tricks - Photo 3

In recent days, the story of Nam Em announcing her upcoming marriage and publicly revealing the identity of her fiancé has attracted the attention of a large audience and the media. It was thought that the beauty had found a peaceful place after many emotional "turbulences" in the past, but unexpectedly this time she continued to get entangled in another noisy incident.

Accordingly, her fiancé was "scandalized" by netizens as having a bad past. Many people accused him of having 2 wives and 3 children, doing business but defrauding customers of m.oney and currently owing many debts.

Following that, a series of dramas denouncing Nam Em were posted on social networks. It is noteworthy that the stories of terrible harm that Nam Em shared on social networks are all empty words and do not include any evidence to show their authenticity.

Nam Ems fiancé accused his ex-wife of plotting to harm him, revealing his true self and using cunning tricks - Photo 4

Among them are FC Bach Cong Khanh, Miss Bui Quynh Hoa, Nam Em's adoptive mother and now the ex-wife of Nam Em's boyfriend, all of whom are believed to be the ones behind the m.urder of the Tien Giang beauty. Currently, the post accusing Nam Em's ex-wife has been deleted or hidden by him on his personal page.

Nam Ems fiancé accused his ex-wife of plotting to harm him, revealing his true self and using cunning tricks - Photo 5

Recently, the beautiful Tien Giang suddenly apologized for making the public upset with her recent actions. She wrote: "I can't listen to toxic words. And according to my own self-defense ability, I will f.ight back against incorrect words about me. I hope that if anyone still loves me, they will Please give me your feedback gently and calmly, because there are things that only insiders can understand the story.

Once again, I would like to sincerely apologize for the recent time I have caused your family to be upset. And I hope the world is always gentle with you. So I can continue to sing. Continue to serve the audience with your voice. Thank you and sorry."

Nam Ems fiancé accused his ex-wife of plotting to harm him, revealing his true self and using cunning tricks - Photo 6

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