Nam Em - Nam Anh suffered hurt caused by his parents, now the treatment is unexpected

Thiên DiMar 07, 2024 at 13:36

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After the criticism on social media, Nam Em's past gradually became interested in people, especially family matters. Having suffered many injuries caused by their parents, Nam Anh - Nam Em sisters make many people curious about how their attitude towards their biological mother appears.

Nam Em is currently the most stormy name at the moment. All stories about Miss Mekong Delta in 2015 are of interest to the people. In addition to the controversial stories, old stories about the sisters Nam Anh - Nam Em are also re-noticed.

Both make people both hate and love. Hate for romance scandals, livestreams. Sorry for past traumatic experiences that involve the families of two 9x beauties.

Nam Em - Nam Anh suffered hurt caused by his parents, now the treatment is unexpected - Photo 1

Nam Em and his older sister Nam Anh had unhappy childhoods. Not as fortunate as others, Nam Em and Nam Anh have not been able to live with their parents since childhood, even when they go to school to find out who their parents are.

Despite having a difficult childhood and lack of love, Nam Em and Nam Anh never fell out of love for their parents. The artist couple also had a grudge against their parents for not worrying about themselves, letting their children be scolded and shunned. But in the end, they both always loved their parents.

Nam Em - Nam Anh suffered hurt caused by his parents, now the treatment is unexpected - Photo 2

"Sometimes I also think about why I have a past that every time I think about it, I feel sad. I can't tell you all about what I've been through. But I never resented my parents. Because those are things that I don't understand, I don't experience, so I can't understand them all. I just regret that when I started 12th grade, I thought I'd try to take my dad to a parent's conference, because he never did that for us. But that fateful day came. Three lost.

Nam Em - Nam Anh suffered hurt caused by his parents, now the treatment is unexpected - Photo 3

And even once in my sister's life, my dad went to a parent's conference, I never did. After Dad died, Mom left everything to go back, live with us and worry about us, offering him rice every meal until now. Looking at my mother, at the married women in the countryside who keep drinking and squirming their wives, I am terrified of falling in love with a man. I don't know how people will treat me, like they say a woman's life is on the inside. I was really scared," Nam Anh shared.

Nam Em - Nam Anh suffered hurt caused by his parents, now the treatment is unexpected - Photo 4

When sharing about his family in the livestream, Nam Em also admitted to being angry, blaming his parents but still loving: "In the old days, my father was the same, society overspoke, but when he died, he mourned. I, too, never told him but I was responsible, blaming him for not worrying about me. But when he died, I felt sad, and since then my spirit has been down, so it's hard to say."

In 1 TV show, Nam Em also said that all her life she may not be able to call her biological mother mother. "Mrs. Eight, I'm sorry Mrs. Eight for giving birth to me all my life, but I only call her Mrs. Eight. It's not that I don't have feelings for Mrs. Eight, but we have too much distance, from now on I will learn to call Mrs. Eight mother," Nam Em shared.

Nam Em - Nam Anh suffered hurt caused by his parents, now the treatment is unexpected - Photo 5

Most recently, while livestreaming, Nam Em still could not contain his emotion, sobbing and singing the song "Burden Mother". Maybe because the content of this song touched Nam Em's heart or she found her condition in the song, so when singing, the beauty born in 1995 could not hold back her tears.

Nam Em - Nam Anh suffered hurt caused by his parents, now the treatment is unexpected - Photo 6

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