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Nam Em has a "cool" business, revealed that he earns more than 1 billion/month, and boldly said one sentence

Nguyễn Kim14:23:49 26/04/2024
After a series of noise on social networks, Nam Em has now left the city to return to his hometown to live and do online business with his boyfriend Bui Huu Cuong. Recently, the beauty from Tien Giang revealed her revenue, surprising many people.

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Nam Em changed his name again, bored with Tam Uyen, Tam An, "imitated" like 1 post-Vbiz g.irl

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:07:30 03/04/2024
Nam Em is still a name that has caused a stir on social media all this time. Constantly having shocking statements, recently, the beauty of Tien Giang origin caused boredom when continuing to change her new name after 2 previous names Tam Uyen and Tam An.

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Nam Em - Que Van are in love after a noisy break, are they about to "reveal" someone's secret?

Kim Lâm13:34:02 11/03/2024
Recently, the sisters Nam Em - Que Van, who were close, suddenly ignored each other, causing many people to wonder. Until recently, the two had a reunion on livestream and spoke up about taking advantage of and clinging to fame.

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Nam Em - Nam Anh suffered hurt caused by his parents, now the treatment is unexpected

Thiên Di13:36:57 07/03/2024
After the criticism on social media, Nam Em's past gradually became interested in people, especially family matters. Having suffered many injuries caused by their parents, Nam Anh - Nam Em sisters make many people curious about how their attitude towards their biological mother appears.

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Nam Em gradually "woke up" after a series of noises, still holding this on social media

Thiên Di06:49:16 04/03/2024
Nam Em's latest image has attracted the attention of many netizens. No longer listless, the beauty of Tien Giang origin has gradually calmed down after the drama series. At the same time, many people noticed one thing on her personal page.

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Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc "usurped" Nam Em in a program, netizens were delighted

Nguyễn Kim09:33:29 21/02/2024
Once a famous beauty of Vbiz, Nam Em is currently sliding downhill with a series of scandals in her private life. She continuously livestreamed, loudly publicizing many shocking information, touching famous faces in the entertainment world, making fans bored and angry.

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Nam Em holds the b.aby after suspected miscarriage, affirming that this is "motivation" every day

Kim Lâm10:24:29 17/01/2024
Recently, a clip about Nam Em caused a stir on social networks. Specifically, the beauty born in 1996 is carrying a cute-looking b.aby. At the same time, she happily shared something that made everyone choked up.

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Nam Em happily shows off her new member after being suspected of losing her c.hild, revealing her extremely adorable appearance

Kim Lâm10:37:13 26/12/2023
Nam Em's new move after the previous suspicion of losing her c.hild has attracted attention from the online community. Not only did she publicize the image of her new member, the female singer also gave sweet words, wishing this for her c.hild.

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