The woman who gave birth to Nam Anh - Nam Em, why can't both of them call her mother?

Hướng DươngFeb 26, 2024 at 11:37

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Going against the majority, over the years, Nam Em and her sister have not called the woman who gave birth to them their mother but "Mrs. Tam". It may not sound pleasant, but the reason behind it is hidden in a heartbreaking corner.

In recent days, Nam Em has become a phenomenon causing noise on social networks with many uncontrolled statements and "unusual" actions. Many people believe that the beauty queen has psychological problems.

The woman who gave birth to Nam Anh - Nam Em, why cant both of them call her mother? - Photo 1

Some netizens who followed the beauty's journey expressed even more sympathy because she had an unhappy childhood, was shunned and faced many difficulties in her love life.

"I am the product of an unhappy family, so no matter how hard I try and have the success I have now, I still feel lonely and hurt. People often say I'm c.razy.

In fact, my madness is a process, not something that just broke out now. People thought I was c.razy so they cursed me. But if everyone knew my reproductive and living history, they would sympathize," Nam Em confided.

The woman who gave birth to Nam Anh - Nam Em, why cant both of them call her mother? - Photo 2

In particular, in the program Facing Emotions, in addition to the sharing about each other by the two sisters Nam Anh - Nam Em, the audience was also extremely surprised by the twins' statement about their biological mother.

Accordingly, the beauty queen asked her sister: "Do you trust your father? Do you love your mother?" Nam Anh hesitated and then replied heavily: "Yes. But I think neither you nor I can get close." close to Mrs. Tam".

The woman who gave birth to Nam Anh - Nam Em, why cant both of them call her mother? - Photo 3

At that time, sympathizing with the situation of the two sisters, as an emotional connector, MC Quyen Linh suggested that Nam Anh and Nam Em send a message to their mother to help the family become more connected. At the male MC's suggestion, the twins smiled awkwardly but finally decided to say a few words to their mother together.

Smiling crookedly, Nam Em looked straight into the camera and said to her mother: "Mrs. Tam, I'm sorry Mrs. Tam for giving birth to me all my life, but I only call you Mrs. Tam. It's not that I don't have feelings for you." We have such a long distance between Mrs. Tam and from now on I will learn to call Mrs. Tam my mother."

The woman who gave birth to Nam Anh - Nam Em, why cant both of them call her mother? - Photo 4

As for Nam Anh, she choked up before saying: "Let's try to cherish the remaining time, because each person's life is very fragile. The past is over, let it go, let's Let's build a better future. Mom!".

After that, the two sisters sobbed as they sang the song "For Con" with the lyrics: "Dad will be the bird's wings for you to fly far away, mom will be the flower branch for you to wear on your chest. Mom and Dad are the shields." , protect me for the rest of my life."

The woman who gave birth to Nam Anh - Nam Em, why cant both of them call her mother? - Photo 5

And at that very moment, they hugged each other and that was also the moment when the audience's emotions really burst, they couldn't hold back their tears because they were so heartbroken for the situation of Nam Anh - Nam Em.

It can be seen that being separated from a young age has greatly affected the relationship between the two beautiful Tien Giang sisters and their biological mother. Even in the program Sao Voice, Nam Em once shared that when she was in school, every time she wrote an essay describing her mother, she got a bad grade, because in her memory there was no image of her.

The woman who gave birth to Nam Anh - Nam Em, why cant both of them call her mother? - Photo 6

The beauty queen admitted that she always longed to be loved. "Since childhood, I have been seriously deprived of affection. I have no family meals, no pleasant words. I only listen to unpleasant words from people around me, gradually it becomes habit," she confided.

From that past, Nam Em sees himself as a brute. She tries to learn how to be soft so as not to hurt those around her. "In the future, if I have a family and have children, the first thing I will teach myself is how to speak gently and be responsible for protecting my family," the beauty confided.

The woman who gave birth to Nam Anh - Nam Em, why cant both of them call her mother? - Photo 7

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