Nam Em changed his name again, bored with Tam Uyen, Tam An, "imitated" like 1 post-Vbiz girl

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Nam Em is still a name that has caused a stir on social media all this time. Constantly having shocking statements, recently, the beauty of Tien Giang origin caused boredom when continuing to change her new name after 2 previous names Tam Uyen and Tam An.

Recently, Nam Em is a controversial name on social media. She constantly has livestreams talking about her private life, exposing hidden corners of the artist world that make people talk. During a livestream with her fiancé Bui Huu Cuong, Nam Em suddenly made a remarkable statement. After the two names Tam Uyen and Tam An, the beauty Tien Jiang suddenly changed her new name to Tianan.

"Hello, I'm Tianjin, nice to meet you. How are you guys? I'm Thien En, not Nam Em," Nam Em said at a livestream.

Nam Em changed his name again, bored with Tam Uyen, Tam An, imitated like 1 post-Vbiz g.irl - Photo 1

Notably, Nam Em's new name reminds fans of a popular Miss Vbiz, Doan Thien An - Miss Peace Vietnam 2022. Although it is not clear the truth behind the new name assigned to him by Nam Em, this move still made fans sigh "bored".

Nam Em changed his name again, bored with Tam Uyen, Tam An, imitated like 1 post-Vbiz g.irl - Photo 2

Earlier, Nam Em suddenly revealed on the live broadcast of social media that he quit the profession last year and wanted to give up his birth name. "Actually, I quit the profession last year. I don't want to do anything anymore. Now I just want to live a different life. Or even if anyone calls me Nam Em, I'm cranky. On the street, someone asked me, "You look so much like Nam Em." I said no, you're wrong. My name is Tam Uyen," Nam Em said.

Nam Em changed his name again, bored with Tam Uyen, Tam An, imitated like 1 post-Vbiz g.irl - Photo 3

From the end of 2023 until now, Nam Em has always been a name causing a stir. In addition to her attention-grabbing statements, she also surprised netizens when she fought directly with her fiancé on livestream. The couple even announced their split. But, then the two quickly "healed the broken mirror" leaving the public confused.

Not only that, the beauty also announced to lock the channel after a series of markets. I thought this was going to go on for a long time, but I didn't. After only a few days, Nam Em set up a new social media account, continued to livestream and interact with the audience.

Nam Em changed his name again, bored with Tam Uyen, Tam An, imitated like 1 post-Vbiz g.irl - Photo 4

One of the things that caught netizens' attention to Nam Em was her appearance recently. Once in the top 8 in the Miss Earth 2018 contest, Nam Em's beauty slipped without brakes, causing many people to be disappointed.

In addition to worrying signs of mental health, Nam Em's physique is deteriorating. Netizens believe that the reason why Nam Em's appearance is increasingly slipping is because of the frequency of staying up late too much to livestream.

Nam Em changed his name again, bored with Tam Uyen, Tam An, imitated like 1 post-Vbiz g.irl - Photo 5

Notably, because of a series of statements on social networks, Nam Em was also invited to work with the HCMC Department of Information and Communications. HCM. After that, the Department issued a decision to sanction administrative violations against Nam Em up to VND 37.5 million. However, Nam Em still carelessly livestreamed on social media.

Nam Emwas born in 1996, 1m71 tall, Tien Giang village. Before becoming a famous person in the entertainment industry, the beauty participated in playgrounds such as Miss Vietnam 2014 (Top 40), Miss Mekong Delta 2015 (Crowned), Miss Universe Vietnam 2015 (Top 10), representing her hometown in Miss Earth 2016 (Top 8), Miss World Vietnam 2022 (Top 10).

Nam Em changed his name again, bored with Tam Uyen, Tam An, imitated like 1 post-Vbiz g.irl - Photo 6

In 2018, she began to gain a lot of attention through participating in gamesshows and acting as a singer. However, Long-legged was also involved in a love scandal with Changjiang at this stage, causing Nam Em's career to plummet without brakes.

Nam Em changed his name again, bored with Tam Uyen, Tam An, imitated like 1 post-Vbiz g.irl - Photo 7

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