The Japanese beauty was accused of being mean and oppressed, making Thu Ky miserable at the event

Bút MáyMay 29, 2024 at 16:42

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Recently, social networks in the country of billions of people were stirred up by the image of Liu Yifei and Thu Ky being oppressed by Japanese actress Hikari Mori at a Bvlgari brand event. Among them, Thu Ky was the one who had to endure Hikari Mori's less-than-sophisticated behavior throughout the entire time attending the event.

Specifically, when global brand ambassadors Anne Hathaway, Liu Yifei, Shu Qi, Priyanka Chopra... sat in a row to take photos, Hikari Mori - brand ambassador in Japan - played a trick. spotlight. spotlight.

The Japanese beauty was accused of being mean and oppressed, making Thu Ky miserable at the event - Photo 1

Because she wanted to be in the frame of international media, the Japanese actress deliberately leaned in and sat close to Thu Ky, causing the Chinese star's shoulders to shrink, leaving almost no space to comfortably pose for photos. like Liu Yifei or Anne Hathaway. Faced with Hikari Mori's unlucky actions, Thu Ky still maintained her professionalism and happily interacted with the camera.

The Japanese beauty was accused of being mean and oppressed, making Thu Ky miserable at the event - Photo 2

On May 21, Bvlgari's Weibo posted photos introducing the brand's four global ambassadors. Mori sat next to him but only showed his shoulder, not appearing in the frame. Although he understood that Mori was eliminated because he was only a national ambassador, this move calmed angry fans. Hikari Mori did not respond to the above allegations. However, the actress blocked the comments section on Instagram, seemingly to avoid attacks.

The Japanese beauty was accused of being mean and oppressed, making Thu Ky miserable at the event - Photo 3

Hikari Mori (born 1992) is a famous Japanese model. She comes from a family with a tradition of working in the fashion industry. She is the granddaughter of famous designer Hanae Mori - the person who paved the way for Japan to enter the world of high-end fashion. She is also the first Asian to be on the member list of Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture - France's leading fashion organization.

The Japanese beauty was accused of being mean and oppressed, making Thu Ky miserable at the event - Photo 4

Hikari's mother - Pamela Mori - was also famous as a model, born in California, USA. She came to Japan at the age of 16 to perform at a fashion show. Hikari's eldest brother - Ken Mori - is the president of M. Entertainment. Her second brother is fashion designer Ben Mori. Hikari's two older sisters both followed their mother's modeling career.

Being with women who are active in the fashion industry has enabled Hikari to soon determine the path she wants to pursue. She also had the opportunity to attend big events early.

The Japanese beauty was accused of being mean and oppressed, making Thu Ky miserable at the event - Photo 5

While in her third year of high school, Hikari Mori actively participated in school events related to performance. Between 2012-2014, while still a university student, she became an exclusive model of CanCam and began working in the entertainment field.

In 2018, Hikari was the first person of Japanese descent to attend the prestigious Met Gala. She often appears in the front row at fashion weeks and film festival red carpets.

With a beautiful face and good figure, she has the opportunity to cooperate with many famous brands such as Shiseido, Tiffany & Co., Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana as well as appear on the covers of Vogue and Grazia. In terms of style, Hikari is partly influenced by her grandmother.

"She taught me a lot about elegance. She often got mad when she saw me r.evealing skin or dressing tomboyishly. The issue of maintaining elegance was of concern to her. I think my Japanese roots helped." I'm going in a good direction," she shared.

The Japanese beauty was accused of being mean and oppressed, making Thu Ky miserable at the event - Photo 6

Although she respects her opinion, the female supermodel still wants to o.ff her legs on appropriate occasions. She thinks it's a good balance. In Japan, fashion is clearly classified. When going out in Roppongi - a vibrant entertainment district in Japan, people will wear tight clothes.

"I have two sides. I can be both energetic and strong but also shy and reserved. My multi-faceted personality is my mixed heritage. I feel like I am the most Japanese in my family. I stay in Japan while my siblings go to school in America," Hikari commented about herself.

The Japanese beauty was accused of being mean and oppressed, making Thu Ky miserable at the event - Photo 7

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