Hotgirl mukbang received a diamond button when she made a comeback with a "thick face" after announcing her retirement

An NhiJun 11, 2024 at 15:33

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For food lovers in particular, the term " mukbang" is no longer strange. This is one of the video genres that dominates YouTube, with content that captures the scene of people consuming a "mountain" of food with an average duration of 30 minutes.

These people often use a special type of mic, capable of capturing the slightest sound to help the audience hear the sound of eating noodles or crispy fried chicken. This creates an atmosphere that allows the audience to "feel" what food the mukbanger is eating.

One of the most famous mukbangers in the world is Tzuyang.

Tzuyang, whose real name is Park Jeong Hyeon, born in 1996, is one of Korea's most popular mukbang YouTubers, with more than 10 million subscribers. She is in the top of the rare YouTubers who own diamond buttons in the land of kimchi.

Hotgirl mukbang received a diamond button when she made a comeback with a thick face after announcing her retirement - Photo 1

Each video uploaded by Tzuyang to the YouTube channel attracts from hundreds of thousands to millions, even tens of millions of views. She stunned the audience with her ability to eat without limits. The amount of food she consumes in each video is many times higher than that of ordinary people. She is known as the healthiest g.irl in Korea.

Hotgirl mukbang received a diamond button when she made a comeback with a thick face after announcing her retirement - Photo 2

Previously, she was known as a beautiful streamer, with her own community on Afreeca TV since 2018. But in August 2020, Tzuyang was involved in an unnecessary controversy. Tzuyang once announced his retirement after being affected by the "sweep", the anger of netizens for "underground" advertising behaviors, hiding sponsorships, deceiving viewers...

Under pressure from viewers, the female YouTuber hid all her old videos, closed her channel and announced her retirement. Because the pressure was too great, Tzuyang also affirmed that "even if he dies, he will not come back".

Hotgirl mukbang received a diamond button when she made a comeback with a thick face after announcing her retirement - Photo 3

However, just 3 months later, she apologized on her YouTube channel and said: "I came back for the m.oney. I'm sorry. From now on, I will live better, I hope everyone will support me." In front of the audience's affection, she felt motivated and decided to return, promising to be more steady, meticulous, and full of enthusiasm for the fans who always support her. Besides, Tzuyang will also ignore antifans, bad comments, negative news...

Although she is a small g.irl, Tsuyang's eating power is impressive. According to a recent video that she uploaded, when visiting a Thai restaurant, she ate 120 plates of conveyor belt hotpot, or 112 bowls at a sushi restaurant... She proudly shows off her "talent". Despite "eating and drinking", Tzuyang is not overweight. On the contrary, she has a small, cute appearance.

Hotgirl mukbang received a diamond button when she made a comeback with a thick face after announcing her retirement - Photo 4

With continuous efforts, Tsuyang won many valuable awards and gained a huge number of followers. With nearly 740 videos posted on YouTube, every product has garnered hundreds of thousands to millions of views, she was a great success after being determined to make a comeback.

In early 2023, M.oney Today, a South Korean ramen noodle company, said that the cost of a one-time product advertisement on Tzuyang's channel is on par with signing contracts with top stars.

The company plans to include their products in Tzuyang's mukbang videos, where she will process and eat 10 packets of noodles while displaying the brand name in the video. The cost of a video that is at least 15 minutes long is estimated at $76,000 (nearly 1.8 billion VND).

According to Koreaboo, advertising contracts with brands of actor Gong Yoo or athlete Kim Yuna are about $767,000 a year. To receive this remuneration, the above celebrities must participate in many media campaigns, including advertising on television, social networks and other forms on the Internet.

Hotgirl mukbang received a diamond button when she made a comeback with a thick face after announcing her retirement - Photo 5

Meanwhile, YouTubers like Tzuyang earn the same amount of m.oney from food and beverage brand contracts without being tied to long-term contracts.

That's why in 2023, Tzuyang bought his parents a new car and a new car from the "huge" income earned by eating.

Hotgirl mukbang received a diamond button when she made a comeback with a thick face after announcing her retirement - Photo 6

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